~~ New Job ~~

Hi, everyone! The time has now come to talk about my new job! I’m so excited to tell you about how I came to get this exciting new start in a job I have not much experience in!

So a bit of backlog, I’d been at WHSmith on the M62 for two years! I started back in 2014 and I was a timid girl that wanted to keep to herself. During my time there, I opened up so much and was more relaxed in having a job. I felt like I knew what I was doing when I got to work etc. But until recently I got a little tired of the same day in and day out kind of work, even though I was only doing two days a week. It bored me. But I still enjoyed working there.

I then decided to look for job vacancies around where I live, so I started looking on Indeed.co.uk / and was looking for places to work in these areas:

Brighouse, Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford.

And as always, there wasn’t really anywhere hiring where I was looking. It sucked.

I then took a punt and searched in Leeds, and low and behold I found a new shopping center opening up. I took a look to see what shops were hiring there and I came across one for Anthropologie. Now I’d heard of this store before but I knew that it wasn’t anywhere that I could get to frequently. I believe the closest really, is in London. I live like far away from London (obvs) / However, I decided to go for it, and I soon applied for a job with their company.

A day later, I got an email asking to go for an interview. I was really shocked. I literally had no idea what to say. I replied back saying YES! I was really over the moon with this but also really scared.

For the interview, I wore a mustard turtleneck jumper from Urban Outfitters, I then wore these black overalls from New Look, and I wore these quirky socks that I bought in Japan and for shoes, I wore my very pastel trainers. I also wore my Forest Green and Pink Kanken. I didn’t really feel like I dressed for their store, however, I dressed to show my style and that it was fun and really unique.

Pictures of my interview outfit:


20160615_084914 <– I basically wore this black ‘overall’ with the mustard jumper, these trainers, and my kanken 🙂


I then had like the most agonizing wait ever. I was filled with paranoia, to be honest. I felt so nervous if I hadn’t gotten the job. Then a few days later I received an email saying that I had got the job etc. I was so happy. Honestly, I cannot wait to start working there and I love their homeware section. I mean I love their clothes and shoes, but their homeware give me life!


To be honest, I don’t really know the entire purpose of this post, however, it is something new in my life, and I thought I would share that with you! Also, if you planning on going to an interview for Anthro, just be your charming self and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. That’s what’s more important!

Bye Guys!




~~ Bullet Journal Flip Through ~~

A few weeks back I published a post all about receiving my new Bullet Journal and what I was going to be keeping it for etc. However, I have not posted my findings on with dealing with my purchase.

If you can cast your minds back, or go back and look at my post, I gave a warm, welcome reception to my Bujo. I went onto Reddit and became a subscriber for the Bullet Journal subreddit. I went to Boho Berry’s website religiously and became a member of her tribe on FaceBook. I still pin things to my board on Pinterest.

Overall, the Bujo community are a bloody lovely bunch. I have got so much inspiration for how others use their Bujo’s and how I can get the full use out of mine.

From July, it’s been a rocky start. I really had no idea what I was going to use this for, apart from just planning my every day to day spreads. I really like having the habit and mood trackers as I like to understand how I’ve done throughout the month. I’ve even adapted a TV tracker to my Bujo so I can obviously keep tabs on what series’ I’m watching and what episode I should be on!

Probably a pointless page for most is the Sims 4 Hotkey’s list that I put in, I used this because I really have no clue of the hotkeys for the Sims 4. I’m an avid Simmer but getting me to understand hotkeys is terrible.

I’m an avid Simmer but getting me to understand hotkeys is terrible. Therefore I needed to list these into my Bujo so whenever I need to know how to do something I can. Simple.

Then moving onto August, I kept it pretty simple. Even in July, I think I kept my Bujo pretty plain. I’m not one for drawing all over or colour, even though I love other people’s Bujo’s for the colouration and doodles etc, I just like mine to be really plain Jayne.

I incorporated a reading list too, to my Bujo. I love this because again, it helps me keep track of the books I’m reading/want to be reading this month. I also put in a “Things to buy” page which is roughly 4 pages long. But we need to keep lists of what we need to buy right?

I know I do, or else I’ll forget what I want to bloody buy!

The last thing I’ve done so far today was to create a new entry on a “Bedroom Layout” – as yesterday I went to IKEA and I’ve thoroughly planned how I would love to have my bedroom kitted out. It’s not full to scale (obvi) but I’m just thinking of which would look the best layout for now…

I’ve created a page on Word for all the useful pages I need to create in my Bujo which is helping me a lot.

If you’re on Reddit you can find me at W0lfQueen, so sub to me!

Recent Post Items

Hi guys! / I haven’t done a post recently as nothing of interest has really happened in my life, at this present moment.

However, I finally got three things in the post this week, and these were as follows:

The Outpost Magazine by Stack, (Magazine Subscription Service)

The See Me Exposure Award Book (With my own photograph inside)

Then most recently “In Progess” by Jessica Hische

So the first piece of post that came to me was the magazine by stack. I was really excited when I got this as my brother told me all about this company and I thought that it would be good for University.

This magazine was called The Outpost. I’ve never even heard of this magazine. In the package this is what came with it:

First was two postcards, one was “A print surprise from Paul Willoughby” – Never heard of him either so I felt really bad however the print is really interesting. The second postcard was a free ticket to the design shows in London. Which is a shame really, as I can’t go down to London in such short notice, as I would need a place to stay for a day.

I would obviously really like to go down, but too not sure yet.

Then was the magazine which is beautiful! Then a piece of paper of saying welcome to the September edition from Stack. Then goes into detail about the magazine of choice for this months edition.

So the information I received about the magazine The Outpost, was this:

Based in Beirut, and it is a biannual magazine which is dedicated to exploring life in the Arab world. I’ll link pictures here underneath so you can see for yourselves how interesting this magazine and all the other good bits are!

12033512_10153561955653815_1391739242_n 12033626_10153561955748815_1756844336_n 12030828_10153561955818815_117922667_n 12032332_10153561955803815_993137277_n 12029034_10153561955723815_560059232_n

The next piece of mail and to post about is the Exposure Photography book!

I was super excited when this book came through the mailbox, I couldn’t believe that my own photograph was inside this book!

It is now pride of place in my little bookshelf, however I have got it back down to talk about it. So, a couple months ago back in April maybe, there was a competition from the Exposure Award, SEE ME. I was thoroughly intrigued and wanted to know more. It is obviously about photograph and at one point in my life I really wanted to be a photographer, then it changed to be in print.

That being book design, magazine design and web design etc.

What I mean is, you’re outlook on what you want to do in your life changes. Mine changed and I felt bad about it etc, however going back to the subject at hand. I wanted my photographs to be included in this wonderful thing. I sent in around 4-5 photographs that I thought would be good enough.

They sent an email back saying which one that the judges liked the most and honestly, I was thrilled. I didn’t expect anything really! They said they liked this photography of a place in Ireland which me and family looked at. So I obviously took pictures to remind myself later on and remember the beautiful places where we went on our holiday.

Then it was picked to go in the photography book! They wanted to use my picture! In a book! I couldn’t believe it. I nearly cried, it was such a big achievement for me. Now when people ask what my greatest achievement is, I can say “Having one of my photographs in a book!” — it makes me feel great! Also the book is beautiful, bound in black and looks really beautiful. Simple, yet beautiful. As soon as I received it in the post I went to my nan’s and showed her.

Below are the pictures of this amazing book, and such an amazing thing to be a part of!

And the last but not least piece of mail I received was the amazing book by Jessica Hische, which I have been waiting for, for around a month! I am super stoked to read and vast in the knowledge that Jessica presents for her work.

She inspired me. For my personal statement for university I even talked about her as being a fabulous designer and that her work makes me in awe.

Anyway! Enough of being really *creepy* on her, however her work is amazing! Please if you don’t know her already please, please, please go check out her work! You will not regret looking at her illustrations, book covers, penguin drop caps, anything it’s great! DO IT!

/ Again, the book is amazing I love it! The cover, the contents inside just makes go “UGH” ’cause it’s just that good. Now again, if many of you don’t know Jessica Hische is a type designer, and letter etc.

I first looked at her work in college I believe and was super impressed with the way she dealt with her design work. It really inspired me to become a type designer in fact. I remember seeing her Starbucks work and I thought to myself that this is superb and I would like to be able to create beautiful works like this. In the book she talks through a range of things like:

The Process,

— The tools, analog and digitally,

— Software and Services

— Research and also brainstorming ideas

— Thumbnails

— Sketches – The skeleton, the body and then the clothes.

— Vector Drawing – these also have multiple pages.

The Work,

— Editorial

— Books

— Advertising

— Logos

— Miscellaneous

// Honestly, I believe that this book will help me so much throughout my second year at University studying Graphic Design. Sounds very surreal to say that I am now going into my second year of University. I’m really proud thus far however I know that I need pull my socks up this year and hopefully make a better grade!

Below are the pictures of this wonderful and amazing book!


TOKYO GHOUL is of the manga style of art, and this comic is about a World in which there are humanoid like beings which are called Ghouls, that coexist with humans. Ghouls are like ordinary people however, for their diet they have to survive on human flesh.
Below is the cover for the Chapter 31.5 of TOKYO GHOUL.
The main character of the comic is Kaneki, he was originally a human however due to an accident involving a Ghoul he also ended up becoming half Ghoul and half Human, after being implanted with Ghoul organs.
The image below is of Haise’s interpretation of how he view’s Kaneki.
Kaneki in recent chapters has lost his memory due to being stabbed in the brain, now Kaneki has been given the name and the persona of Haise (which is still Kaneki, just without his memories).

I really like the cover art for this chapter. I love how sweet and young Kaneki looks however that is what this chapter wants you to think.
I love this style of art, I’ve always been fascinated with anime and manga so when I was first shown TOKYO GHOUL, I found it to be really well drawn.
In the Anime Adaptation and the manga we see Kaneki’s eye changes to that of a Ghoul eye. The pupil stays black, whereas the Iris changes to that of  red, and then the whites of the eye turn black. (IMAGE BELOW)
3c1de56d0934540553c3561928256376 11181560_10205495523081995_793706349_o
Joe got me onto Tokyo Ghoul, I wasn’t really too interested with it to be honest. I gave a go one night and I was hooked instantly. I love the intro, style of art etcetera. I also just recently purchased the first book from AbeBooks, which is a great website for cheap books!! Please try it out and let me know what books you got.

My most recent purchases!

Hey guys! I’m back with a new-ish sort of post!

Today’s blog post is as you can guess, of my most recent purchases so far this month. To be honest I have only bought around five things this month! However, I will be making two more recent purchases maybe at the end of this post or even later on in the month…

So the first purchases I bought this month were from Urban Outfitters, I was looking online at the sale items and I saw a beautiful pair of jeans. These were supposed to be £55 and then on the sale they were £25. I thought that was okay, as the jeans I buy from Topshop cost over £40, so I was like yeah I am going to buy these jeans! I need more black jeans!

When they came in the mail along with my other purchases (will be said below), I tried the jeans on and they felt a little tight. But I suppose they were high waisted jeans, which I really like. My mum doesn’t particularly, she thinks they remind her of Grease (which I think is cool!) / But yeah, I also got the longest pair of pants too which wasn’t so bad, I just have to roll them up. But I really do like these jeans. They’re really nice jeans. They’re by a brand on Urban Outfitters, called Light Before Dark, if you are interested!

The second thing I bought from Urban Outfitters was a Tangle Teezer. I bought this on a whim to be honest I didn’t believe that it would work very well.. I also don’t normally brush my hair (It’s not a big deal for me, brushing my hair. It just hurts as I do get really knotty hair from time to time) so I decided to take a whim and go for it and buy this unique brush. I got the colour in pink and purple, which I thought this was a really cute brush colour! They have very different colours so I like the diverse range that you can get.

The colours are, black, white and pink, pink and purple, blue and pink, yellow and orange, and just plain pink. My other favourite was the plain black, looked so slick and very beautiful. These retail at £10 which I didn’t really mind, I don’t normally buy brushes etc so I wasn’t that bothered about the price of the brush.

Again, I didn’t believe that this brush would do as it says, buy ‘not pulling on hair’ or ‘doesn’t drag’ I was like okay, I’m going to give it a go and actually see for myself if it works. To my surprise it worked. I was thoroughly impressed that it works through my long, tangly hair. It doesn’t pull on my hair which if I used a normal everyday brush it would pull and tug on my hair and then I would have massive clumps of hair falling out!

I really love this brush, I love the colour I chose too. It works a treat. It makes me fall asleep when Joe uses the brush on my hair it’s so cute!

Even Joe loves the brush!

The last purchase from Urban Outfitters was a nude bra, I really loved this bra. It was quite cheap too! YAY! The specific name for the bra was ‘Harper Lace Triangle Bra in Nude and Mint‘ It was supposed to be £22 but on the sale for £12, which I definitely jumped at the chance to buy!

What really drew me to the bra was that it was nude with blue mint straps. I got this bra in a medium too, as they only had medium and large in this bra size. The way the the lace looks it reminds me of ‘For Love and Lemons‘ – who I love!!

Overall I really liked all the purchases I made from Urban Outfitters, they came really quick too and I don’t regret the decisions I made especially for the jeans! Even though they were long in the leg, I’m not bothered about rolling them up once in a while when I wear them.

Another purchase I made quite recently was for these Bose headphones that my dad bought in America sooooo long ago! However, my brother took the headphone and my dad never saw them again. Now I found them recently so I decided that I am now making my move and taking the headphones! I tried to use the headphones however they wouldn’t work so I thought well, I’ll buy a new jack to jack lead and hopefully that works.

I bought them on Sunday I believe? Maybe Saturday? Not too sure and they literally came the next day so maybe Monday… Yeah positive they came Monday. I tried them in the headphones and they worked! I love the headphones I remember using them in America and they were great really good at blocking out background noise! HOORAY for Bose Headphones!

My utter most recent purchase was a tote bag from a Danish Company called RAINS – I love this company right now! I’ve only recently heard about them as I saw there bags on Urban Outfitters, actually however they were expensive on their website. The bag that I wanted was £50, on the Danish website it was 399 Danish Krona. Which was like £39? Something like that, so at least around 10 pounds cheaper!

I got the bag in the post today at 12? 1? I was so happy when it came!I really love the bag I like how big it is etc, I’ll take some pictures and upload them at the end of the post.  I also got the bag in black and it is beautiful. It is a really perfect bag.

The main reason as to why I bought the bag was so I that I could have a beautiful black bag for University, and also for my holiday for when me and Joe go to Prague. It’s a really well built bag, and really sturdy and has a lot of room in the bag itself too. I’ll also post pictures as what I fit inside it etc and how it looks styled with a typical outfit that I’d wear.

The two other hopeful purchases I may buy today is a book which has a photograph in Ireland which I took myself. I entered into a competition to have my work viewed at the Louvre in France and it was in the digital screening which I was very excited about! The photograph was in the Architecture category I’ll also show that picture at the end of the post too! Incase if anyone wants to know what my photograph looks like? – So yeah, I have to pay for the book which is £39 which is a lot for a photography book however I think I’ll buy it specifically because it has my own photograph inside!

The other purchase I want to buy is the Until Dawn, game. I cannot stop watching clips of people playing it on PlayStation Live, or on Youtube. It’s such an interesting game and looks so fun and scary and awesome. Yeah, I’m really excited about it. I would like to have the Steelbook edition, as it looks beautiful. The casing etc just makes it look brilliant. I’ve been waiting since October for this game and now it’s out I’m really desperate to buy it! However, again it’s a little pricey as all new games are now adays! The Steelbook Edition on GAME is £47.99 which I suppose isn’t too bad but I’m not sure if I want to pay that much…

I’m not too sure, maybe I’ll wait for payday and decide then…

Anyway guys, that’s it for today! Hopefully you kind of enjoyed the post? It’s a little different as I’m just explaining / describing my most recent purchases from Urban OutfittersAmazonRains. Hope you all have an excellent afternoon / evening wherever you’re from in the World!

Bye Guys!

Tara xoxo

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.17.24

Mine is the one that obviously says my name! >.< No it’s of an Abbey in Ireland, for all girls I believe

Sick Day…

So, by the title of this post it is a sick day for me, and that’s going to be solely me staying in bed all day. I’ve come down with a cold and I feel dreadful guys, I hardly had any sleep my dog kept me most of the night too. I’m too warm then too cold. It’s not very good.

I rung up work sick, which I really hate doing by the way. Anyway, it’s 12:20pm right now and I’m laid in bed, on my laptop about to read ‘Type Matters’. This is one of the 5 books I ordered and had next day delivery on them. I believe I ordered these on Wednesday, and they did in fact come next day. Yay for Amazon!

Anyway I have pictures below of all the books that I ordered. I did actually order 6 Graphic Design books to help with my second year at University. However, the 6th was a pre-order as that book doesn’t come out until September sometime. So I’m going to give you a run down of the books that I ordered:

Type Matters,

The Typography Colouring Book

The A-Z of Visual Ideas

Typography Sketchbooks

The Crafter’s Guide to Papercutting

And the book that comes out in September is In Progress,

Then after I got my parcel I was ecstatic. I was really excited to get these books and read them and just be in awe of the books. Strange, but true. Anyway my order came on Thursday and I opened the door and the man with the parcel said “Here’s your order”, and then “Can you hold it? It’s heavy?” – dude, I may be a 19 year old girl but I can assure you, I can hold a box with 5 books in it! Sir.

But truth be told, the box was really heavy, which I wasn’t expecting to be honest. Silly girl. After that, I brought the box upstairs and dropped it on the bed and ripped off the stick all the way around to open my goodies!

Upon opening I was so happy to see the books in the box. The correct books. All beautiful. I believe that my favourite to be the Type Matters, as I love the history of typography, sounds lame but trust me it’s pretty impressive… I also cannot wait to use the typography colouring book! I need some colours, really. I have loads but where? I do not know…

I also cannot wait to get the book that comes out in September, I’m glad I’ve pre-ordered it! It’s by one of all time favourite Graphic Designers and beautiful illustrator – Jessica Hische. Now, if you do not know who Jessica Hische is she is a fabulous designer just go to her website it’ll be fantastic and who knows you may like her that much and get her new book too!

ALSO!! In other news, I got my other order! Right now! The door knocked and there was my local mail man with a parcel for me and two letters, intriguing… The parcel I knew would be my Print Isn’t Dead magazines! Which I am so excited about!! Also I received a letter from STACK // Magazine! Then another letter which has nothing to give away on the outside… Anyway I think this wraps up this post… I’ll do some more maybe later? Not too sure but I’ll be back with another post real soon!

Love Tara, xoxo

My Design Books;

I’m going to apologise in advance for this post as I believe that it will probably rather long. I will try and make it quite short but I do feel as though it will be over 1,000 words of the topic of today’s choice which is my list of all the Design Books that I own. (Seen as though I’m hopefully getting some delivered later, I’ll do another post on them**)

On Monday, I purchased 3 magazines from People of Print and these were:

Print isn’t dead element #003 & Nous Magazine, The Panic Issue (together these were on a deal, £15.00 instead of £18.00)

Print isn’t dead element #002 Limited Edition, (This was £20.00)

I’m really happy with these purchases and I cannot wait to receive them. That being said I got an email last night saying that they have been dispatched, I’m hoping they come today!**

My second selection is that of “It’s nice that 2014 annual“. This book is immaculate and perfect. It has many design elements, I love the book I love the way that it has been created. The cover is blue, which is rather different. Also so are the pages they are blue. IT’s a very blue book however I think it’s great. My brother got me this book for Christmas I believe, as he knew I was really into design. They have different editions of this book all having a postcard in the front by a designer / illustrator and photography I think.

Mine is from Gwendal Le Bec, and it’s an illustration of shoes / trainers. Some of the pages actually in the book are either blue or white which I think has a nice feel towards it. I would really recommend this book to other aspiring designers. It’s beautifully put and is a well bound book. The It’s Nice That Annual is really one of my favourites.

Wild Art by Phaidon

This book was another that I had received for Christmas, this actually was the first design book that my brother ever bought me. I remember being upset at Christmas thinking why on Earth did my brother waste his money buying me this. However, I truly love it. It’s a great design / art book. It’s a really thick book too and I remember just reading through and looking at all the pages in this book thinking wow. That it some amazing photography work, or that’s beautiful graffiti art etc. I would recommend this book no doubt about it, it’s a great starting off point. It shows all kinds of art within it, which I will post in picture sets below.

Cereal magazine is all for ‘Travel & Lifestyle’, this magazine gets published twice a year and is devised into city-specific chapters. With each chapter, it comprises different features on places, people and products, also this magazines is showcased with beautifully visually striking photography. An interlude section is also included in every volume, this features a selection of style, and culture articles.
Cereal magazine also offers a range of city guides, they provide the reader with a tightly edited selection of their favourite places in a variety of different cities around the world. Each of these guides is published online, and come with an introduction to the city, as-well as alongside essential information, and also features anywhere from 10-20 different locations. This city guide also comes with exclusive photography which is taken by their team, and has been laid out in an editorial style. They also produce printed guide books for select cities.
The select Cities for these guide books, are as follow:
  Austin, Charlestown, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Seoul, Bath, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Vancouver. 
I purchased this magazine on the 02 May, after waiting a week to buy it. I couldn’t find this magazine in other WHSmith shop, apart from the one I work in, on weekends. I first noticed this magazine however, on a shift as I was routing through design magazines to help with my work.
As I was looking I noticed the title ‘ C | E | R | E | A | L’, I quite liked the way that this was laid out and thought I would give it a quick scan through. On the front cover, it is very minimal and basic, something I think what you’d expect from a Travel and Lifestyle magazine. Underneath the title, is clearly states that this is from the travel and lifestyle genre of magazines. Also, is states that this is VOL 8, which clearly says that there is eight volumes within this type of series.
I would recommend Cereal, although it is a pricy magazine/ bookazine it is perfect.

YCN Student Annual 13/14
I got given this book as my brother was working on this book. He was on the editorial side of creating this wonderful design book. When I received it I was really intrigued as well as thinking what is it? I wasn’t knowing at the time I think of what it was that I wanted to do once I finished College. Either photography or graphic design. I was on the fence about that.
I really think that this book gave me a brilliant insight to what graphic design can do and how you can make beautiful art from it.
I do think this book is great. The colour of the book is orange and has orange pages within it, however it is on more white pages than that of the It’s Nice That Annual. I do believe that it is just the contents pages that are on the orange pages. Another reason why I really like this book is that it’s about graduate designers. It shows their work and where they studied, who they had for tutors etc. I really liked this aspect. I remember seeing some in here that went to Huddersfield University and I got excited and thought wow! They went to the place where I am going to study. It made me excited as a designer for what I could accomplish there.
Design Books

Design Books


It's Nice That

It’s Nice That

Wild Art

Wild Art