My most recent purchases!

Hey guys! I’m back with a new-ish sort of post!

Today’s blog post is as you can guess, of my most recent purchases so far this month. To be honest I have only bought around five things this month! However, I will be making two more recent purchases maybe at the end of this post or even later on in the month…

So the first purchases I bought this month were from Urban Outfitters, I was looking online at the sale items and I saw a beautiful pair of jeans. These were supposed to be £55 and then on the sale they were £25. I thought that was okay, as the jeans I buy from Topshop cost over £40, so I was like yeah I am going to buy these jeans! I need more black jeans!

When they came in the mail along with my other purchases (will be said below), I tried the jeans on and they felt a little tight. But I suppose they were high waisted jeans, which I really like. My mum doesn’t particularly, she thinks they remind her of Grease (which I think is cool!) / But yeah, I also got the longest pair of pants too which wasn’t so bad, I just have to roll them up. But I really do like these jeans. They’re really nice jeans. They’re by a brand on Urban Outfitters, called Light Before Dark, if you are interested!

The second thing I bought from Urban Outfitters was a Tangle Teezer. I bought this on a whim to be honest I didn’t believe that it would work very well.. I also don’t normally brush my hair (It’s not a big deal for me, brushing my hair. It just hurts as I do get really knotty hair from time to time) so I decided to take a whim and go for it and buy this unique brush. I got the colour in pink and purple, which I thought this was a really cute brush colour! They have very different colours so I like the diverse range that you can get.

The colours are, black, white and pink, pink and purple, blue and pink, yellow and orange, and just plain pink. My other favourite was the plain black, looked so slick and very beautiful. These retail at £10 which I didn’t really mind, I don’t normally buy brushes etc so I wasn’t that bothered about the price of the brush.

Again, I didn’t believe that this brush would do as it says, buy ‘not pulling on hair’ or ‘doesn’t drag’ I was like okay, I’m going to give it a go and actually see for myself if it works. To my surprise it worked. I was thoroughly impressed that it works through my long, tangly hair. It doesn’t pull on my hair which if I used a normal everyday brush it would pull and tug on my hair and then I would have massive clumps of hair falling out!

I really love this brush, I love the colour I chose too. It works a treat. It makes me fall asleep when Joe uses the brush on my hair it’s so cute!

Even Joe loves the brush!

The last purchase from Urban Outfitters was a nude bra, I really loved this bra. It was quite cheap too! YAY! The specific name for the bra was ‘Harper Lace Triangle Bra in Nude and Mint‘ It was supposed to be £22 but on the sale for £12, which I definitely jumped at the chance to buy!

What really drew me to the bra was that it was nude with blue mint straps. I got this bra in a medium too, as they only had medium and large in this bra size. The way the the lace looks it reminds me of ‘For Love and Lemons‘ – who I love!!

Overall I really liked all the purchases I made from Urban Outfitters, they came really quick too and I don’t regret the decisions I made especially for the jeans! Even though they were long in the leg, I’m not bothered about rolling them up once in a while when I wear them.

Another purchase I made quite recently was for these Bose headphones that my dad bought in America sooooo long ago! However, my brother took the headphone and my dad never saw them again. Now I found them recently so I decided that I am now making my move and taking the headphones! I tried to use the headphones however they wouldn’t work so I thought well, I’ll buy a new jack to jack lead and hopefully that works.

I bought them on Sunday I believe? Maybe Saturday? Not too sure and they literally came the next day so maybe Monday… Yeah positive they came Monday. I tried them in the headphones and they worked! I love the headphones I remember using them in America and they were great really good at blocking out background noise! HOORAY for Bose Headphones!

My utter most recent purchase was a tote bag from a Danish Company called RAINS – I love this company right now! I’ve only recently heard about them as I saw there bags on Urban Outfitters, actually however they were expensive on their website. The bag that I wanted was £50, on the Danish website it was 399 Danish Krona. Which was like £39? Something like that, so at least around 10 pounds cheaper!

I got the bag in the post today at 12? 1? I was so happy when it came!I really love the bag I like how big it is etc, I’ll take some pictures and upload them at the end of the post.  I also got the bag in black and it is beautiful. It is a really perfect bag.

The main reason as to why I bought the bag was so I that I could have a beautiful black bag for University, and also for my holiday for when me and Joe go to Prague. It’s a really well built bag, and really sturdy and has a lot of room in the bag itself too. I’ll also post pictures as what I fit inside it etc and how it looks styled with a typical outfit that I’d wear.

The two other hopeful purchases I may buy today is a book which has a photograph in Ireland which I took myself. I entered into a competition to have my work viewed at the Louvre in France and it was in the digital screening which I was very excited about! The photograph was in the Architecture category I’ll also show that picture at the end of the post too! Incase if anyone wants to know what my photograph looks like? – So yeah, I have to pay for the book which is £39 which is a lot for a photography book however I think I’ll buy it specifically because it has my own photograph inside!

The other purchase I want to buy is the Until Dawn, game. I cannot stop watching clips of people playing it on PlayStation Live, or on Youtube. It’s such an interesting game and looks so fun and scary and awesome. Yeah, I’m really excited about it. I would like to have the Steelbook edition, as it looks beautiful. The casing etc just makes it look brilliant. I’ve been waiting since October for this game and now it’s out I’m really desperate to buy it! However, again it’s a little pricey as all new games are now adays! The Steelbook Edition on GAME is £47.99 which I suppose isn’t too bad but I’m not sure if I want to pay that much…

I’m not too sure, maybe I’ll wait for payday and decide then…

Anyway guys, that’s it for today! Hopefully you kind of enjoyed the post? It’s a little different as I’m just explaining / describing my most recent purchases from Urban OutfittersAmazonRains. Hope you all have an excellent afternoon / evening wherever you’re from in the World!

Bye Guys!

Tara xoxo

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.17.24

Mine is the one that obviously says my name! >.< No it’s of an Abbey in Ireland, for all girls I believe


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