Most beautiful Waterstones??

Yesterday on the 28th July Joe had a job interview and before that we went into Waterstones in Bradford. I had never, ever been in that store. If you are unfamiliar of that store it was used as an old wool trading centre in the 19th Century. The outside is of the gothic style and it beautiful.

Obviously the building has not been in use for wool-trading since the 1960’s. However, this building has now been created for a Waterstones shop to reside there. The best views of the interior are available from the coffee shop on the mezzanine floor. Modern plate-glass windows on this side of the building let in plenty of natural light: something that would have been lacking in the days of wool-trading.

For more than 15 years, coffeehouse chain Starbucks occupied the space on the mezzanine floor. Though in February of 2013, they closed this branch and Waterstones then replaced it with their own ‘Café W‘ brand which opened in March 2013.

As well as this stunning Waterstones and Café W, the building also currently hosts a newsagents, pizza restaurant, panini shop, employment agency and the Exchange Ale House.

As I had never stepped foot into this Waterstones I was simply blown away by how beautiful the interior and even the exterior was. I was just in awe. I loved how old everything looked inside, from the beautiful gothic ceiling to the open windows. I took so many pictures inside, I was thinking if anyone saw me, they’d find me strange… I loved it in there. We spent so long just browsing books and eating the coffee shop above.

In the coffee shop I was going to order a standard cookie dough bar. However, Joe then persuaded me to a slice of cake. The cake was a Hazelnut and Caramel cake and I couldn’t say no to caramel!

I decided to buy a slice at £2.50, I didn’t find the price too high at all really. The cake was delicious, we shared the cake and we both found it beautiful and moist. The hazelnuts on top were crunchy and delightful. The caramel buttercream and the caramel through the bottom of the cake was heaven. It was a really nice cake, and I don’t normally even eat cake, unless it’s Chocolate Fudge Cake… yum.

Anyway this wraps this little post up I thought that it would be nice to show off this beautiful store by uploading the pictures below!

Love, Tara xoxo,

11749755_10153446301513815_901085946_n 11780374_10153446301088815_1431751168_n11793241_10153446301823815_259917666_n11824055_10153446299868815_2134980203_n11793240_10153446300573815_199249593_n11798165_10153446298713815_1335141729_n11816041_10153446299038815_1878170723_n11787470_10153446296988815_1609345885_n



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