TOKYO GHOUL is of the manga style of art, and this comic is about a World in which there are humanoid like beings which are called Ghouls, that coexist with humans. Ghouls are like ordinary people however, for their diet they have to survive on human flesh.
Below is the cover for the Chapter 31.5 of TOKYO GHOUL.
The main character of the comic is Kaneki, he was originally a human however due to an accident involving a Ghoul he also ended up becoming half Ghoul and half Human, after being implanted with Ghoul organs.
The image below is of Haise’s interpretation of how he view’s Kaneki.
Kaneki in recent chapters has lost his memory due to being stabbed in the brain, now Kaneki has been given the name and the persona of Haise (which is still Kaneki, just without his memories).

I really like the cover art for this chapter. I love how sweet and young Kaneki looks however that is what this chapter wants you to think.
I love this style of art, I’ve always been fascinated with anime and manga so when I was first shown TOKYO GHOUL, I found it to be really well drawn.
In the Anime Adaptation and the manga we see Kaneki’s eye changes to that of a Ghoul eye. The pupil stays black, whereas the Iris changes to that of  red, and then the whites of the eye turn black. (IMAGE BELOW)
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Joe got me onto Tokyo Ghoul, I wasn’t really too interested with it to be honest. I gave a go one night and I was hooked instantly. I love the intro, style of art etcetera. I also just recently purchased the first book from AbeBooks, which is a great website for cheap books!! Please try it out and let me know what books you got.

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