Sick Day…

So, by the title of this post it is a sick day for me, and that’s going to be solely me staying in bed all day. I’ve come down with a cold and I feel dreadful guys, I hardly had any sleep my dog kept me most of the night too. I’m too warm then too cold. It’s not very good.

I rung up work sick, which I really hate doing by the way. Anyway, it’s 12:20pm right now and I’m laid in bed, on my laptop about to read ‘Type Matters’. This is one of the 5 books I ordered and had next day delivery on them. I believe I ordered these on Wednesday, and they did in fact come next day. Yay for Amazon!

Anyway I have pictures below of all the books that I ordered. I did actually order 6 Graphic Design books to help with my second year at University. However, the 6th was a pre-order as that book doesn’t come out until September sometime. So I’m going to give you a run down of the books that I ordered:

Type Matters,

The Typography Colouring Book

The A-Z of Visual Ideas

Typography Sketchbooks

The Crafter’s Guide to Papercutting

And the book that comes out in September is In Progress,

Then after I got my parcel I was ecstatic. I was really excited to get these books and read them and just be in awe of the books. Strange, but true. Anyway my order came on Thursday and I opened the door and the man with the parcel said “Here’s your order”, and then “Can you hold it? It’s heavy?” – dude, I may be a 19 year old girl but I can assure you, I can hold a box with 5 books in it! Sir.

But truth be told, the box was really heavy, which I wasn’t expecting to be honest. Silly girl. After that, I brought the box upstairs and dropped it on the bed and ripped off the stick all the way around to open my goodies!

Upon opening I was so happy to see the books in the box. The correct books. All beautiful. I believe that my favourite to be the Type Matters, as I love the history of typography, sounds lame but trust me it’s pretty impressive… I also cannot wait to use the typography colouring book! I need some colours, really. I have loads but where? I do not know…

I also cannot wait to get the book that comes out in September, I’m glad I’ve pre-ordered it! It’s by one of all time favourite Graphic Designers and beautiful illustrator – Jessica Hische. Now, if you do not know who Jessica Hische is she is a fabulous designer just go to her website it’ll be fantastic and who knows you may like her that much and get her new book too!

ALSO!! In other news, I got my other order! Right now! The door knocked and there was my local mail man with a parcel for me and two letters, intriguing… The parcel I knew would be my Print Isn’t Dead magazines! Which I am so excited about!! Also I received a letter from STACK // Magazine! Then another letter which has nothing to give away on the outside… Anyway I think this wraps up this post… I’ll do some more maybe later? Not too sure but I’ll be back with another post real soon!

Love Tara, xoxo


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