~~ New Job ~~

Hi, everyone! The time has now come to talk about my new job! I’m so excited to tell you about how I came to get this exciting new start in a job I have not much experience in!

So a bit of backlog, I’d been at WHSmith on the M62 for two years! I started back in 2014 and I was a timid girl that wanted to keep to herself. During my time there, I opened up so much and was more relaxed in having a job. I felt like I knew what I was doing when I got to work etc. But until recently I got a little tired of the same day in and day out kind of work, even though I was only doing two days a week. It bored me. But I still enjoyed working there.

I then decided to look for job vacancies around where I live, so I started looking on Indeed.co.uk / and was looking for places to work in these areas:

Brighouse, Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford.

And as always, there wasn’t really anywhere hiring where I was looking. It sucked.

I then took a punt and searched in Leeds, and low and behold I found a new shopping center opening up. I took a look to see what shops were hiring there and I came across one for Anthropologie. Now I’d heard of this store before but I knew that it wasn’t anywhere that I could get to frequently. I believe the closest really, is in London. I live like far away from London (obvs) / However, I decided to go for it, and I soon applied for a job with their company.

A day later, I got an email asking to go for an interview. I was really shocked. I literally had no idea what to say. I replied back saying YES! I was really over the moon with this but also really scared.

For the interview, I wore a mustard turtleneck jumper from Urban Outfitters, I then wore these black overalls from New Look, and I wore these quirky socks that I bought in Japan and for shoes, I wore my very pastel trainers. I also wore my Forest Green and Pink Kanken. I didn’t really feel like I dressed for their store, however, I dressed to show my style and that it was fun and really unique.

Pictures of my interview outfit:


20160615_084914 <– I basically wore this black ‘overall’ with the mustard jumper, these trainers, and my kanken 🙂


I then had like the most agonizing wait ever. I was filled with paranoia, to be honest. I felt so nervous if I hadn’t gotten the job. Then a few days later I received an email saying that I had got the job etc. I was so happy. Honestly, I cannot wait to start working there and I love their homeware section. I mean I love their clothes and shoes, but their homeware give me life!


To be honest, I don’t really know the entire purpose of this post, however, it is something new in my life, and I thought I would share that with you! Also, if you planning on going to an interview for Anthro, just be your charming self and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. That’s what’s more important!

Bye Guys!




Friday 4th September,

Hi lovelies!

Tonight’s post is about yesterday’s shopping adventure with Joe! And today’s little visit to the fair! *located at the bottom of this very long post*

As he got paid from both of his jobs we both decided that we would venture to Leeds, and just do a light spot of shopping, have some food and come home, as Joe had to work at 7pm.

We got ready around 10am, and left at 11am. We had to go down to the nearest bus stop to get the X6 to Leeds. This bus journey normally lasts for a good hour or so. It has to get into Bradford, then journey on from there to Leeds.

I believe that we got into Leeds at 12pm, I noticed that by the town hall there was some kind of Beerfest, which looked rather interesting I said to Joe let’s go there at some point! However, long story short on that part, we didn’t. We were just so busy shopping that we forgot about it. Oops. Sorry Beerfest, but next time we’ll ‘ave ya!

Going onto the shopping side of things, I just wanted to go and spend a little bit of money on new clothes, make up, shoes etc, things that I knew I wanted to buy but didn’t necessarily need.

We ventured into a few shops, I went into Harvey Nichols first purely because I wanted to cry at the beautiful things in the store and be wowed! As I normally do when venturing into a high class shop like that. I was trying not to weep walking past the makeup of Chanel, NARS, MAC and Benefit!

We then went upstairs and up again looking at a variety of things, ranging from Christian Louboutin Nail Varnish (Scarabee Collection is beautiful!), Yves Saint Laurent bags (which crazy that I could have afforded one!), Moschino etc. I had to walk back out because I knew I would have bought something. I decided not too however, save that money for a rainy day!

Christian Louboutin Nail Varnish

Christian Louboutin Nail Varnish

After there, we went into Topshop and I didn’t really see much to be honest. I saw a few beautiful suede skirts but as usual they were really pricey £79 to be exact! I thought it’s coming up to Autumn, cannot really wear a skirt in the fall! Well, you could with tights but not a £79 skirt, thank you very much!

I also went to the LAST CHANCE TO BUY section, and I normally at least find a few good bargain buys, however this time.. none. I was so surprised! That I could find nothing of interest to me.. I thought this trip is surely wasted….

We then went to Trinity, now I loooove the Trinity Centre in Leeds, jam packed full of good stores and food and drinks aka The Alchemist!

I wanted to go into Urban Outfitters, just as I thought they’d have some okay sale items. As soon as I went in I was drawn to the beautiful turtle neck jumper. It was in a mustard tone and I loved it! As I’m so pale however, I wondered if it would look okay on my pale skin, so I decided that I would try it. I got the jumper in a medium..

After I bought the jumper I had another quick look around and again, didn’t really see much. I saw a beautiful yellowy / mustard lumberjack shirt which was really nice again I think it was quite pricey. I also saw some other A-Line Skirts and they were a lot cheaper than Topshop! These being £39!

I also looked at the quirky books that Urban Outfitters have and me and Joe had a little giggle….





Also I took their latest magazine!

After Urban Outfitters, we hunted down Krispy Kreme! As they had been given a shop in the Trinity Centre, we or at least I expected it have an actual store like that of the restaurants where you can sit in and eat your doughnut and drink of choice. However, not here it was really small like it was just the counter and it only had one door. I thought that it was a little silly especially only having one way of escape! / On the plus side I’m happy I got a doughnut!

I got 2 Salted Caramel Cheesecakes, and Joe got the Biscoff doughnut (both divine)

After scoffing the doughnuts, I wanted to go into Lush so we did. Joe’s a trooper! ❤ Yeah, so we went into lush and I bought the Experimenter bath bomb which I cannot wait to use! I’m a hoarder really when it comes to Lush bath bombs, I very rarely use them! I should get round to using them but there so beautiful!

I think on our Anniversary this month only 8 months but hey! It counts for something right!? Hopefully Joey takes me out and we can use the bath bomb! Here’s hoping!

I also bought the Refresher. I wasn’t really aiming to buy this! I asked the lady near us what the one with “Lemon Sherbet” is called. I completely had no idea really, I went with the first choice of what she said as it sounded vaguely familiar. So I purchased the Refresher, shower jelly. It cleanses the body and leaves you smelling of sherbet lemons which is a major plus for me!

I love Sherbet Lemons they are my fave go too sweet! Especially for planes!

I did however, want to buy the Sherbet Lemon Powder, but I’ll buy that another time! I also took the latest copy of the Lush Magazine which gets me so excited each time!

Then we headed for food and ended up at Five Guys again! I really love this burger joint, it’s great and you get a lot for your money. We again opted for the Sprite Cherry drink again, soooo good!

Once we had devoured our food, Joe took me back to Urban Outfitters to be me one of the skirts that I really liked! I was so surprised! He asked which skirt I preferred and I chose one, and he said get your size. I obliged not really getting at what he was saying. Then he took and paid for it. I obviously got out my student discount NUS Card to get it a little cheaper for him. But I was so in shock really. I wasn’t expecting it. I was so happy though.

The skirt is beautiful!

Also today we walked through a “FUNFAIR”

It didn’t look any fun to us though, however the pictures I got look very interesting and really showing the un-funfair…

haha! This is really long and I’m sorry guys. I just felt the need to share our great day today and yesterday!

Thanks you guys!

Love Tara, xoxo