Today’s post is a little different.

I am in a new setting writing this right now.. I’m in Starbucks aka typical White gurrrrl. Anyway, yeah.. so Joe has a job trial at Wetherspoon’s and next door is a Starbucks yayayay. So I’m like sat in this corner typing away listening to Son Lux’s new album that came out in June I believe. Not too sure, but check it out yh, it’s so good and calming I love it. U go Son Lux.

Today’s post well, this mornings post is just about little things recently in my life and what is next to me while I’m here in Starbucks. So, the main thing is that Joe has a job trial which makes me so happy! He’s like next door and I’m so tempted to go in and be like ‘iya’ but I know I can’t… Don’t want to distract him.

UPDATE* Judgemental girls jus walk in yeyeye aka anxiety mode…*

So, I’m just sat in Starbucks, I’ve had a cuppa and a triple cheese toastie which are heaven. I thought it was far too early for a Frappe, however I will be getting one soon. The time currently is 09:29 am. Right now. I’m tired. So, yeah writing this, looking on Facebook, and Insta. Also listening to Son Lux. Great… Doing this until 11am. I need interaction!

I also brought my book with me to just read as you do, duh! Yeah, the book is Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which I haven’t read before… I’ve seen the Series up until season 7 then my Netflix ran out. I got them on DVD for Christmas however, I started watching it then I forgot about it for months. I’ve only just started re-watching it with Joe like Friday night ahaha. I could really do with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts right now though. OH MY GOD.

I also really need to like start a schedule for blog posts right? I’m just posting whatever whenever and just hope and pray that people read it. This post sounds drab but I thought that I’m here I thought I’d post as it’s a different setting to my bedroom or Joe’s.

Currently, I’m people watching it’s a terrible habit of mine. Probably other people too, however I’m really bad for it. I people watch at work and I shouldn’t. It’s rather annoying but I cannot help it. It’s just a thing I do. But, I thought I’d just talk about my day so far and at around 10? Maybe, I’m off next door to Wetherspoon’s and get a drink of Lemonade mmmm.

I also decided for change this week. I changed my background on my Macbook for the first time since getting it! I got this is October last year! But that’s going to be on a separate post is my Macbook! It deserves its own post. It’s so bloody good!

Also, what’s everyone’s fav drink at Starbucks, as it is specific for Coffee lovers I wondered what people’s fav drinks are! As I don’t really like coffee, I tend to go for the Caramel Cream which is divine. So yeah, comment on this saying yours and let’s just have a chat! It will be nice to just talk to other bloggers about anything! Come on, let’s get a conversation going!

Well, I’m off to read for a little bit I think. I need to sit down with this serial killer and fully understand his story. Bye guys!

Love Tara, xoxo


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