Pictures from London!

This has again, been well overdue however now after a few weeks I have finally decided to get back into blogging again! It’s been a good two or three weeks, since my last post and I have today purchased a diary (Post about this to come in the later days) – so I can keep on track of things!

However, today’s / tonight’s post it all to do with my pictures from London with Joe for his 21st. Just a quick recap if you haven’t read my post from London, then you should because I talk of some rather interesting things that we did. If you have read it then well done for you! I’m proud and I welcome you to look at my pictures!

So, I have a lot of pictures and some of these are not in the correct order which is really annoying and it’s really annoyed me, and I spent a while trying to re-sort them and it completely crashed and then they were not in the order in which I took them.

I will be re-ordering these images soon as it’s quite annoying not having images in order of when you took them, etc. Just to note…

These next photos will not be in order as they messed up and now I cannot be bothered to sort through over 100+ pictures at this moment in time…


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