Okay, so I’m really bad at posting at the moment, please note that this will be really long, around two-thousand words but it’s worth it!

(Pictures to come following this post – it’s long enough already)

This post has been well over due, it has been a week since we celebrated Joe’s 21st, and with that we went to London!!

DAY 1!

It was amazing! We went on Thursday at 1:00pm for the Coach it took us around 7 hours to get to London. We didn’t even stop at a services along the way! We ate before getting on the coach, however it was something light, like a pizza and a sausage roll.

We obviously initially thought that we were going to be stopping at a services so we could all get something to eat, however it didn’t. It made me really annoyed, to be honest. We didn’t get to eat till around 8pm that night!

Prior to eating however, as soon as we got off of the coach at Victoria Coach Station, we hunted down a cabby! As one does when in London, we thought it would be a scenic route and wouldn’t take us long to get to our hotel. We called a cab and immediately set off to our hotel, which was The Hub – By Premier Inn.

We went past Buckingham Palace, which of course in the nighttime was lit up and looked beautiful. It felt like something out of a film for me, they way that I looked at everything going by, then looking at Joe. It felt wonderful.

After finally managing to get to our hotel, and spending a while in traffic our taxi (cab) cost us around £13 / £14. Which was crazy! We could have most definitely walked, however we didn’t really know how long that would be and we probably would have got lost! When approached to the hotel and it was stunning! It was right in the heart of Covent Garden. The hotel was amazing.

As stated above, we stayed at a Premier Inn, and this was one of their newer hotels called The Hub. This particular hotel, was very techy. It had a beautiful little panel right by the bed to adjust lighting arrangements, to the DO NOT DISTURB and DO NOT MAKE ROOM. I really like this feature, it was something that amazed us each day. Sad but true.

Upon checking in however, it was all done on that of an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, check in was simple and quick. I really liked that it was done within 2 minutes of arrival. We had a brief chat with the hotel staff and then went to our room.

The room was quite small, but for us two it wasn’t a big deal. The bed was a huge double bed and it had a separate room with a rainfall shower, and a sink and toilet. It was the perfect, spacious room. There was also more storage containers under the bed too, which was really nice. I like having all my stuff secretly hidden out of sight!

After just refreshing ourselves from the long perilous journey of the coach, we went and met up with my brother and his girlfriend. I hadn’t seen him for a good year? Or so? And I had never met his girlfriend so it was really nice to meet! We met at a pub by our hotel called The Globe, this was just a 3 minute walk from our hotel so it was really nice!

We met and said hello, and had a brief chat. They asked if we wanted a drink first or to go to for food first. We obviously said that we did want to go for food before anything as we hadn’t eaten since 1! They were apologetic and asked why and immediately headed off in the search for food!

In the end we ended up at a burger joint called Meat Market, apparently these are really nifty and have a few other franchises, called Meat Mission and Meat Liquor. I really like the names for burger joints it sounds really like underground and unusual. We all obviously, had burgers and mine was a Dirty Hippie burger. I don’t why it was called that or what was on it or anything. I just know, that it was a damn good burger. The fried had the dirty hippie sauce on too, so it was really nice.

Then after eating we went back to the globe, for a drink and to talk some more. In the end we didn’t leave there till around 10 – 11? We just headed straight back to the hotel and wind down really. It was nice to just chill out for the first day. We both enjoyed just walking around the city at night, such a different atmosphere.

Day 2!!

On the second day was Joe’s birthday yayayay! His glorious 21st birthday, it was really funny as he feels so old now! Come on lad! – He’s still got a cute baby face! Anyway, on this day we literally just walked around, we went and walked all the way to the Shard, as we knew we would need to come here later on.

After walking all that way from Covent Garden, to the Shard! We weren’t really that knackered! You think we might have been but honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was a simple walk when you’re not bothered about time or anything like that. After this though, we went to Regent Street and did a light spot of shopping. We didn’t buy much to be honest. Even I didn’t! Which surprised me and my mother!!

The only thing I bought from Regent Street was something I particularly desperately needed from LUSH! This was the Showder – Lemon Sherbet! I really badly had to have this beautiful little thing! The packaging is what grabbed me! It’s so kitsch and cute. This little beauty did come with a hefty little price tag of £12.50, but I suppose that’s what you get from LUSH! I was so happy to have got it though! It smells like that of the Refresher Shower Jelly, so I knew I was in heaven!

After shopping I went and bought Joe some birthday doughnuts from Tesco just up the road from our hotel. I got him the Krispy Kreme ones and I obviously had to buy a dozen, too good to not get a dozen!

Also, one of the other shops we went into on the Friday was FOPP and Forbidden Planet! These two shops were specifically told to me by my brother as he said that we would both really like these stores. We have heard of Forbidden Planet before, as there’s a store in Leeds and in the London store we bought Adventure Time Top Trumps! However, FOPP was a whole new store us. Upon entertaining and browsing, we both came up with that it was like a HMV. It was really similar to it and had the same deals etc. I bought American Horror Story Freakshow from here and the book, Little White Lies.


/ Now going back to the whole Shard dealio. Joe’s mother kindly got Joe a £49 off meal voucher / deal at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse for his birthday! Which is so sweet! We had to go back to the hotel around 4-5 and get ready for our meal! Joe looked so adorable and wore a shirt and bow tie! And I just wore my mustard turtle neck and skirt. It was so amazing the meal!

We were meant to have a 3 course meal and we both were really ready for this divine meal! I couldn’t wait to devour some steak!

Upon entertaining the restaurant I felt a little out of place to say the least! However, it was simply amazing. We both felt really welcomed by the staff and they were really nice and had a laugh with you too.

For starter well, we didn’t even have one! There wasn’t much on the menu really that we didn’t like. There was stuff like Liver Paté amongst others. For main, however Joe ordered Beef Bourginon, with a side order of chips. I opted for a 8oz Steak with a bernaise sauce and also a side order of chips.

It was so good! I do wish that I got the same as Joseph as his bourginon was absolutely divine. Honestly, it was like a massive piece of meat with potatoes and sauce. It was so damn good. I’m really jealous now to be honest…. – My steak was also very good, cooked to perfection with a beautifully creamy sauce.

For pudding we decided to share as I didn’t think I would be able to stomach a whole one to myself. Joe wanted a Sticky Toffee Pudding and we decided to share, the waiter came back with 2 spoons and our food was out in impeccable timing (even the main – which I forgot to mention).

LAST DAY :((((

This day was by far the most sad. I really didn’t want to leave London! I didn’t want to leave all the pretty stores and cute little boutique shops. We were meant to get up at 8! But we had a little lie in and didn’t arise till around 11! Once we both were up and ready we walked to Penhaligon’s which is where my brothers girlfriend works – she wasn’t there and I thought I’ll come back later and say goodbye to her.

I noticed that we had already been down every other street except for the one of the left, so I stopped and asked Joe to go down this street. At which I said “I wonder if we’ll see where Primrose Bakery is, as I have one of their recipe books at home!” – To my surprise on the corner of the street, there was Primrose Bakery! I was so shocked and happy! I shouted we have to go in with such glee!

I went had a Salted Caramel cupcake andor Joe’s I ordered him a Cinnamon Cupcake. Both were heavenly, I couldn’t believe I was eating from their bakery. I felt really special? Which is strange, yet I loved it. The feel was really welcoming and warm. The ladies working, were really nice and seemed to like that I have one of their books.

I had to take a few cheeky pictures too!

After this we went straight for the bus to get to Shoreditch (another place which my brother and mother recommended however, I was already going to go there). I was amazed at how cheap the bus system is down in London! £1.50 on a bus to anywhere! In Yorkshire it’s £4.70 for a day rider!

We walked around Shoreditch and it was amazing! We went to the BoxPark which is a really nice place to go, it has various shops and food places all in shipping containers. It was truly incredible. We got to the end of the shops and Joe noticed that the end shop was selling Kanken’s! I love Kanken’s, I got my first one for Uni and I have used it ever since, even Joe adopted it and started using it for Uni too!

Joe was really badly wanting to buy one and hesitated as he didn’t know which particular colour he preferred. He finally setlled on an orange once which is truly amazing! I was on the fence too about wether I wanted to buy a Kanken and what size / colour etc.

I finally decided that I wanted to have a Kanken Mini! I also settled for the colour of Frost Green and Peach Pink. I love this colour combination, it was either that or the black one which I would have preferred. I settled on the duo colour as it was the most fun for me. It also looked wacky with my yellow coat!

After this we went to Brick Lane – in search of the Cereal Killer Cafe!

We searched through other various shops like Rokt and a vintage fair however I still didn’t want to buy anything! – We finally searched and found Cereal Killer Cafe! I was so excited! I couldn’t believe that at 2 in the afternoon I would be paying for cereal.

I ordered Reese’s Puff, with Reece’s chips and that would be washed down with Salted Caramel Milk. Joe’s order was: Cap’n Krunch Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream cereal, on top of that was Reese’s pieces and he also had salted caramel milk! As this was on Halloween the shop looked amazing! They had a cereal ‘poster’ of Hannibal and Dexter, which really made me smile!

Also downstairs, where we sat was so spooky! They had mini TV’s which were set on no signal so it had the scary white noise screen going on. It was so much fun in the there. Also, there was a scary figure animatronic thing. I got a picture, it’s quite hard to describe.

After being here, I was really amazed with Shoreditch and Brick Lane, we did some more walking around and looking at shops and we decided to walk back to the hotel as our coach leaved at 7! By 4 we had arrived back at the hotel and we went for a McDonald’s for our tea. We ate this outside of our hotel and after this we went and made sure everything was ready for us.

Also, side note* We had to check out of the hotel by 2pm so I checked out in the morning and asked if they could hold our bags for us until we came and collected them.

/ After eating we got our suitcase and made our way at 6 to the coach station. As we did not know that there was things going on in Trafalgar Square, we got a little delayed as there wasn’t any cabs or busses going past. It was a really scary moment, I was panicking and nearly crying as I thought that we wouldn’t be able to get home.

After arriving at the coach station at 7:05pm we had missed our coach I was literally about to cry however Joe went to the desk clerk and told them of our predicament. I think the man took pity on us and he let us onto the later coach at 8pm. I was so relived but still annoyed that we had missed our way of getting home at the hour we were supposed to have gone.

Our coach left on time and was really good! They had the radio on and it was a much better coach than the one we went on. Also, we stopped at a services too which was even better

We didn’t get home till around 1:20am and I wasn’t that bothered. We literally just got in, talked to my mum and went to bed. I was so tired. It was a really long journey but with the radio on and good company I wasn’t at all bothered. It was such an amazing journey, and little trip with Joe for his 21st.

I know that this post it really long but I just thought I’d get every little moment down as later on I don’t want to forget what had happened on our first little getaway to London.

I would highly recommend the Steakhouse it was superb.


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