Marina and the Diamonds gig

On  Monday the 23rd of November, myself and Joe went to see Marina and the Diamonds! I obviously initiated this by basically telling Joe in June/July that Marina is my life, and that I have loved her music since 2010 and we WILL be going to see her. And then, that was the end of that conversation…

The gig took place in Manchester’s O2, The Ritz and the doors didn’t open till half 7. I had University, basically a day of two lectures and then I left Uni to go home, to basically get myself ready for an exciting day/night. I went home, did my makeup and got changed. I even put on false nails, which is a huge big statement for me, as I never wear these anyway. I just decided that the ones I bought were so beautiful I had to buy them and wear them, just for this one gig…

Joe came to mine around 1-ish? He also, just got changed and freshend up. We didn’t actually leave my house till around 2 and we were really hungry so we went to McDonald’s as it’s literally down the road from my house. We went and had basic meals and waited for the bus to Huddersfield. Then once in Huddersfield, we would get the train to Manchester.

Upon getting there the train was due and we didn’t pay much at all for the train tickets. Our journey also took around 30 minutes which I was quite impressed by.

When we arrived in Manchester, we basically looked at each other and just walked in a direction, having no idea where it would take us. Neither of us have really been at the centre of Manchester before, so it was a little daunting.

We walked unknowingly right near the Arndale, but before heading inside we went to Urban Outfitters which was just on a street by the shopping complex. I saw so much beautiful stuff at UO but I thought I’d better not buy anything, purely because I was going to a gig and couldn’t really buy anything. – I did however see a beautiful notebook in Mint Green and also in Black which I thought about purchasing however I decided to wait till I was in Leeds just because it would be closer to my house and wouldn’t have to lug it to a gig too.

Then we went into The Arndale, and looked at a few variety of shops. We went into Lush and I noticed these two ladies looking at me, and talking and then one came over to us. I thought OH GOD! However, no the lady was really nice and she was having a laugh with me and Joe too. I asked about ‘The Magic of Christmas’ bubble bar and she gave a demonstration of the bubble bar, I was really impressed by how it looked and smelled! I decided that, that would be one of Joe’s Christmas Presents, I didn’t buy it there either. She did however, jokingly ask if I wanted a job there purely because I know about certain bath bombs and showders etc. It nearly made me cry ok.

After being in there I noticed that there was a Disney Store and I basically dragged Joe in. I was so amazed at how cute there disney store was. As soon as I entered I saw a large selection of teddy’s being sold at £20!! I thought that is such a good bargain considering that they were originally £40.95! They had different ones: Dumbo, Bullseye, Marie from Artistacats, Winnie the Pooh, Olaf, and a few others I believe.

I however, purchased Sven! I absolutely love Sven! He reminds me so much of my dog… Like his mannerisms are like that of a dogs and it literally makes my heart melt!


Once it got to around 5-6 I decided we really need to go for some actual food. We walked around for a while and decided on going to Handmade Burger Co. Here was so delicious! I really enjoyed my burger, I got a plain cheese burger, and Joe’s was just a plain burger. Even though they were so simple, they were really enjoyable. Joe also got a beautiful Peanut Butter Milkshake, which I kinda had a lot of, but it was too good!

Finally around half 6 – 7:15 we decided to walk to the Venue and queue for Marina (when I say queue, I mean kinda push but hey! This is what most people do right?!)

Once going into Marina, we went to the cloakroom to but down all our gear basically and that cost me £4. We then had to wait to see the Queen that is Marina!

Her supporting act was called RIVRS, and I didn’t really find them too interesting to be honest.. I just didn’t really like they music or maybe because I just wanted to see Marina so badly I don’t know. I just really didn’t like it..

At 8-9 Marina made her beautiful and eccentric performance on stage and I loved it! She did her three acts for her three albums: The Family Jewels, Electra Heart and her new FROOT album! I was completely overjoyed. Honestly, within a few minutes into her SECOND song I was in tears. I literally was just in complete awe of her. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing her. For the first time, since I’ve loved her music since 2010 I was in shock and awe. She was superb. Honestly, I was so happy and pleased and completly loved every minute of seeing her live.

She was awesome! Truly, she wore such beautiful and eccentric clothing and looked HAWWWT. I also really liked that they made little banner like things behind her whilst she was performing or going off and getting changed. Marina was so sassy too! It was all too much and I literally want to relive every moment!

I have some pictures of the night which will be posted below!



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