The other day I was googling Washi Tapes, for my bullet journal, I came across many a website and I couldn’t decide which particular website to purchase from. Then I came across The Fox and Star (www.thefoxandstar.co.uk) they had many tapes that I was so desperate to buy. But I composed myself and I ordered two things from their website. These were some 2-way pastel pens and one washi tape.

These pastel pens are 2-ways are called Le Stylo Feutre – created by Iconic. This just means that they have 2 sides, one thick and thin nib. The washi tape is from the brand MT (Japanese) and the tape I purchased was called Label Watercolour. Altogether this order came to £14.15, which I think is pretty darn good, I’m a major sucker for stationery and I could’ve bought so much more.

Overall I’m really impressed with the website, I ordered these products on the 16th September and I just received them today so 4 days waiting I think is pretty good for an order. The brand is based in Edinburgh and I think that they 4-day wait is worth it.

Below are the images of the products 🙂


~~ Bullet Journal Flip Through ~~

A few weeks back I published a post all about receiving my new Bullet Journal and what I was going to be keeping it for etc. However, I have not posted my findings on with dealing with my purchase.

If you can cast your minds back, or go back and look at my post, I gave a warm, welcome reception to my Bujo. I went onto Reddit and became a subscriber for the Bullet Journal subreddit. I went to Boho Berry’s website religiously and became a member of her tribe on FaceBook. I still pin things to my board on Pinterest.

Overall, the Bujo community are a bloody lovely bunch. I have got so much inspiration for how others use their Bujo’s and how I can get the full use out of mine.

From July, it’s been a rocky start. I really had no idea what I was going to use this for, apart from just planning my every day to day spreads. I really like having the habit and mood trackers as I like to understand how I’ve done throughout the month. I’ve even adapted a TV tracker to my Bujo so I can obviously keep tabs on what series’ I’m watching and what episode I should be on!

Probably a pointless page for most is the Sims 4 Hotkey’s list that I put in, I used this because I really have no clue of the hotkeys for the Sims 4. I’m an avid Simmer but getting me to understand hotkeys is terrible.

I’m an avid Simmer but getting me to understand hotkeys is terrible. Therefore I needed to list these into my Bujo so whenever I need to know how to do something I can. Simple.

Then moving onto August, I kept it pretty simple. Even in July, I think I kept my Bujo pretty plain. I’m not one for drawing all over or colour, even though I love other people’s Bujo’s for the colouration and doodles etc, I just like mine to be really plain Jayne.

I incorporated a reading list too, to my Bujo. I love this because again, it helps me keep track of the books I’m reading/want to be reading this month. I also put in a “Things to buy” page which is roughly 4 pages long. But we need to keep lists of what we need to buy right?

I know I do, or else I’ll forget what I want to bloody buy!

The last thing I’ve done so far today was to create a new entry on a “Bedroom Layout” – as yesterday I went to IKEA and I’ve thoroughly planned how I would love to have my bedroom kitted out. It’s not full to scale (obvi) but I’m just thinking of which would look the best layout for now…

I’ve created a page on Word for all the useful pages I need to create in my Bujo which is helping me a lot.

If you’re on Reddit you can find me at W0lfQueen, so sub to me!

The World Needs More Love Letters 💕✉️

Recently I came across a brilliant campaign called “The World Needs More Love Letters“. At first I was a little skeptical about the idea, I wondered what it was about, obviously love letters, but not the typical sort of love letter…

These ‘love letters’, aren’t love letters at all. In fact these are letters that started in 2010 on a train with a girl who decided to experiment with her own loneliness. Thus creating love letters, to help her through it.

* “The things she found to be true:

A) No matter how tough we act, we all still need a love letter from time to time.

B) Even in a world crammed tight into 140 characters and constant status updates, there is a still a great craving for the handwritten note.

C) Everyone defines the term “love letters” in their own way. Better we take the word from its confines and let it run free.

D) The world needed far more than just her own love letters.”

* “It is that girl’s hope that The World Needs More Love Letters will be a nook within this worldwide web where individuals can pin their progress and pathways to spreading more love through the handwritten note. Not only to people they know by name, but to strangers they have never met who could use a reminder that they are doing “just fine” in the world today. 

Through, requesting, sending, leaving, and writing the love letters, this site won’t ever stop asking these questions to its visitors:

Could you script a letter of love to someone you will never meet?

Is there someone in your own life who could use a love letter?

Where could you leave a love letter today?

So come on in. Get involved. Follow us but also be a leader in your hometown, campus, church or city. But don’t come in without a pen…

After reading this I felt more drawn to the idea of sending love letters to people in need of that little bit more encouragement, or just needed more love in their lives. I feel that what the girl decided to bring up is a wonderful creation of hope and love. It’s strange to me as I haven’t seen anything really like this in the UK, this all started in New York, Manhattan.

I even went onto their website which is More Love Letters, I believe that the website is beautifully created and I love that! Anyway, going back to what it is it’s a truly beautiful story too. It’s something that I wish was around when I was a little younger and struggling with little effects in my life. How I was lonely and felt awful. Now I feel alive and happy. I’m glad that this is around now, I hope that it is giving young people and older people the reason to keep on going..

I clicked onto the “Letter Requests” page, and here this is people who are requesting letters from people. From anyway. I love that.

It basically describes their situation and how their feeling at the time and wanting people to send them letters based off of their situation. They have different field being,

Self Worth, Body Image, Encouragement, etc.

I think it’s a remarkable thing to do. To help someone like that. I find it bloody powerful. I’m going to take part in the campaign. Even though I’m from across the pond I think it’s a beautiful thing. I want others to know about the campaign I’ve just come across today.

I wanted to share it on my blog so that anyone, from anywhere in the World can join and help others. I think more people should.

I need to buy some great stationary and I’m set to write to these people wanting just some nice strangers to send them letters about how important and special they actually are! I think that’s the most rewarding part of this. I like that I would be helping someone and them appreciating it.

Anyway lovelies, I’m off. I hope I see some people going onto their website as linked above and taking the time out to understand the website and the owners themselves. I also hope that some people do take part and show strangers the love that we all have and should have for everyone. Whether we know them personally or not.

Love Tara, xoxo

*taken from their Facebook page

*Image source for featured image: Army Wife to Suburban Life