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Hi, everyone! The time has now come to talk about my new job! I’m so excited to tell you about how I came to get this exciting new start in a job I have not much experience in!

So a bit of backlog, I’d been at WHSmith on the M62 for two years! I started back in 2014 and I was a timid girl that wanted to keep to herself. During my time there, I opened up so much and was more relaxed in having a job. I felt like I knew what I was doing when I got to work etc. But until recently I got a little tired of the same day in and day out kind of work, even though I was only doing two days a week. It bored me. But I still enjoyed working there.

I then decided to look for job vacancies around where I live, so I started looking on Indeed.co.uk / and was looking for places to work in these areas:

Brighouse, Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford.

And as always, there wasn’t really anywhere hiring where I was looking. It sucked.

I then took a punt and searched in Leeds, and low and behold I found a new shopping center opening up. I took a look to see what shops were hiring there and I came across one for Anthropologie. Now I’d heard of this store before but I knew that it wasn’t anywhere that I could get to frequently. I believe the closest really, is in London. I live like far away from London (obvs) / However, I decided to go for it, and I soon applied for a job with their company.

A day later, I got an email asking to go for an interview. I was really shocked. I literally had no idea what to say. I replied back saying YES! I was really over the moon with this but also really scared.

For the interview, I wore a mustard turtleneck jumper from Urban Outfitters, I then wore these black overalls from New Look, and I wore these quirky socks that I bought in Japan and for shoes, I wore my very pastel trainers. I also wore my Forest Green and Pink Kanken. I didn’t really feel like I dressed for their store, however, I dressed to show my style and that it was fun and really unique.

Pictures of my interview outfit:


20160615_084914 <– I basically wore this black ‘overall’ with the mustard jumper, these trainers, and my kanken 🙂


I then had like the most agonizing wait ever. I was filled with paranoia, to be honest. I felt so nervous if I hadn’t gotten the job. Then a few days later I received an email saying that I had got the job etc. I was so happy. Honestly, I cannot wait to start working there and I love their homeware section. I mean I love their clothes and shoes, but their homeware give me life!


To be honest, I don’t really know the entire purpose of this post, however, it is something new in my life, and I thought I would share that with you! Also, if you planning on going to an interview for Anthro, just be your charming self and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. That’s what’s more important!

Bye Guys!





As promised on my FaceBook, I am sharing my Ikea Haul with you guys!

Today I went to Ikea with my mum to really, just look for a dark wooden bedframe. Obviously, that wasn’t just going to happen. I think we spent maybe 3-4 hours in Ikea… Now I love Ikea, and I probably shouldn’t have gone. I knew I was gonna buy too much, and well, I did. NO SHAME!

So when you’re walking around and lovingly visualising how you’d picture your dream house with Ikea furnishings, I was too busy putting things into my yellow Ikea shopping bag.


One of the first products I picked up was this vase thing? Literally no idea why I put this into my shopping bag, but I knew I was going to use it for something, right? This cost me £4, and I still have no idea what to use it for.




Then going along the aisles, I saw these adorable picture frames… These were £3.50 each!



Now currently, in the house I live in with my parents, we own multiples of cups/mugs. Once I saw these two sets of cups I plainly needed them. Nothing was going to stop me from buying these. These clear glass ones were £1 each, and the white ones were 95p each!


The next beautiful thing that I had to buy was a lamp. This lamp cost me £24 and the bulb was £5. But look, guys, look at my cute frosty lamp!


The next piece was a cute succulent and the pot! The succulent cost me £2 and the pot cost me 80p



Just a really quick post as I think some of these products are bargains, especially the lamp!

Seeya soon guys!



Films I love

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As Joseph is on my PS4, I thought I would create a new blog post. Even though I uploaded one last night, I am rather bored and thought I would upload a short-ish post on the films that I adore with all my heart.

Now, I’m just wondering if I should just leave it as a simple bullet point or just a brief description as to why, I love these films. I will probably add a little description as I love talking about films. I could go on for a while, so be warned!

My all time favourite film would be The Labyrinth, hands down. I love this film with a passion it is a classic 80’s film. I first loved this because of a musician that goes by the name of Bowie. David Bowie. I love him in it, such a good film.

Second would be The Company of Wolves. Again, another 80’s classic however I watched this when I was very young, we had it on VHS and I saw one day and asked my mother if I could watch it. She said yes, probably not even noticing what the film was, but it has been another close favourite of mine.

HARRY POTTER FRANCHISE. This will always be one of my favourite franchises. Let’s be honest, Harry Potter has been a part of my life. I’ve been to every viewing at the Cinema since it came out! I’m a true HP Fan and always will be. Thanks to J.K Rowling for bringing Harry Potter into not just my life, but into every other child’s dreams.

Studio Ghibli (Kinda them all) I love Studio Ghibli films there so beautiful and creative. The stories that they tell are pure and full of wonderful battles, or of love. I think these films are all rounders to be honest. I believe that anyone could love Studio Ghibli wether they like Anime or not. It doesn’t matter that the film is of a drawing / animation. It’s the story that makes it. However, my all time Studio Ghibli film would be The Cat Returns. Purely because Joe bought me it for Valentine’s Day, therefore it holds a special place in my heart.

The Others, I love this suspense thriller film! Nicole Kidman plays such a brilliant role. She’s a goddess really and this film for me made me more in love with her as an actress. It probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however I truly loved this film when it came out. My brother bought me it on DVD for my birthday I believe…

Anastasia. This goddamn film is my weakness! Honestly let me tell you. I adore this film it breaks my heart that it was even based upon a true story! Now if that doesn’t make you want to watch then you need too. You really need too, it’s a beautiful film. Wonderfully created. Please if you haven’t already do watch the animated version of Anastasia, then even try the live adaptation which was in the 60’s? Maybe earlier but try!

TRON: Legacy. This is one of the most brill films. I love the soundtrack to this film, purely because I love DAFT PUNK! The music in the soundtrack is perfect. On point. I love it. However, we are talking about the film, and I love the effects used too.

INSIDE OUT! Even though this film is pretty recent it is a darn good film! So many ups and downs, but was so tremendous. The ending made me cry so much! Even Joe was crying! It mustn’t take a lot to make a 20 year old cry!

Dracula 2000. Me and my mother genuinely love this film, not just because of a young Gerald Butler but because it’s a different take on Dracula. Strange considering that the main character of Dracula has very little screen time….

Clueless, this film desperately has to grace my film list. This is another typical 90’s classic that most girls of my “generation” will watch and everyone would want to be like Cher. Cher was my ‘homegirl’ I always wanted to be like her. So classy and sassy.

The Matrix. This was on the night before last maybe? However, I bloody love it. Another classic 90’s film and is another one of my weaknesses. I cannot help but drool over Keanu Reeves in latex.

Thumbelina, I had to buy another DVD of this film as I kept re-playing it and therefore it broke. Take that, as I really love this animated classic film.

Dog Soldiers, is another great film. Truly great, probably not as amazing as it was when it first came out however, it is one of my favourites. Always. I love that it’s also about werewolves. YAY


CATS. I love Cats, this has always been one of my favourite musicals. I just loved how catchy the songs were and that the people dressed as cats looked marvellous! Not to mention that this was a brilliant Andrew Lloyd Webber musical! I’ve seen this played twice? I think? At the Alhambra in Bradford. I loved it. I would really love to see this performed in London though!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. For me, this musical is great. I know that it didn’t get many great reviews from when it came out however, for my personal taste I really found this musical very amazing. I loved how dark and sinister the movie was. I also loved Helena and Johnny in the film too. Just pure partnership between two brilliant co-stars. Also, didn’t Helena wear Corsets even though she was pregnant!? Therefore she has won my vote for pure badass.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is a true class act of a film / musical. I think that this is one of the musicals that most people actually like? I’m probably wrong but the majority of people will know the lyrics to “I’m A Sweet Transvestite” even if you didn’t want too. You will. It’s just a magnificent film. Truly iconic.

My Design Books;

I’m going to apologise in advance for this post as I believe that it will probably rather long. I will try and make it quite short but I do feel as though it will be over 1,000 words of the topic of today’s choice which is my list of all the Design Books that I own. (Seen as though I’m hopefully getting some delivered later, I’ll do another post on them**)

On Monday, I purchased 3 magazines from People of Print and these were:

Print isn’t dead element #003 & Nous Magazine, The Panic Issue (together these were on a deal, £15.00 instead of £18.00)

Print isn’t dead element #002 Limited Edition, (This was £20.00)

I’m really happy with these purchases and I cannot wait to receive them. That being said I got an email last night saying that they have been dispatched, I’m hoping they come today!**

My second selection is that of “It’s nice that 2014 annual“. This book is immaculate and perfect. It has many design elements, I love the book I love the way that it has been created. The cover is blue, which is rather different. Also so are the pages they are blue. IT’s a very blue book however I think it’s great. My brother got me this book for Christmas I believe, as he knew I was really into design. They have different editions of this book all having a postcard in the front by a designer / illustrator and photography I think.

Mine is from Gwendal Le Bec, and it’s an illustration of shoes / trainers. Some of the pages actually in the book are either blue or white which I think has a nice feel towards it. I would really recommend this book to other aspiring designers. It’s beautifully put and is a well bound book. The It’s Nice That Annual is really one of my favourites.

Wild Art by Phaidon

This book was another that I had received for Christmas, this actually was the first design book that my brother ever bought me. I remember being upset at Christmas thinking why on Earth did my brother waste his money buying me this. However, I truly love it. It’s a great design / art book. It’s a really thick book too and I remember just reading through and looking at all the pages in this book thinking wow. That it some amazing photography work, or that’s beautiful graffiti art etc. I would recommend this book no doubt about it, it’s a great starting off point. It shows all kinds of art within it, which I will post in picture sets below.

Cereal magazine is all for ‘Travel & Lifestyle’, this magazine gets published twice a year and is devised into city-specific chapters. With each chapter, it comprises different features on places, people and products, also this magazines is showcased with beautifully visually striking photography. An interlude section is also included in every volume, this features a selection of style, and culture articles.
Cereal magazine also offers a range of city guides, they provide the reader with a tightly edited selection of their favourite places in a variety of different cities around the world. Each of these guides is published online, and come with an introduction to the city, as-well as alongside essential information, and also features anywhere from 10-20 different locations. This city guide also comes with exclusive photography which is taken by their team, and has been laid out in an editorial style. They also produce printed guide books for select cities.
The select Cities for these guide books, are as follow:
  Austin, Charlestown, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Seoul, Bath, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Vancouver. 
I purchased this magazine on the 02 May, after waiting a week to buy it. I couldn’t find this magazine in other WHSmith shop, apart from the one I work in, on weekends. I first noticed this magazine however, on a shift as I was routing through design magazines to help with my work.
As I was looking I noticed the title ‘ C | E | R | E | A | L’, I quite liked the way that this was laid out and thought I would give it a quick scan through. On the front cover, it is very minimal and basic, something I think what you’d expect from a Travel and Lifestyle magazine. Underneath the title, is clearly states that this is from the travel and lifestyle genre of magazines. Also, is states that this is VOL 8, which clearly says that there is eight volumes within this type of series.
I would recommend Cereal, although it is a pricy magazine/ bookazine it is perfect.

YCN Student Annual 13/14
I got given this book as my brother was working on this book. He was on the editorial side of creating this wonderful design book. When I received it I was really intrigued as well as thinking what is it? I wasn’t knowing at the time I think of what it was that I wanted to do once I finished College. Either photography or graphic design. I was on the fence about that.
I really think that this book gave me a brilliant insight to what graphic design can do and how you can make beautiful art from it.
I do think this book is great. The colour of the book is orange and has orange pages within it, however it is on more white pages than that of the It’s Nice That Annual. I do believe that it is just the contents pages that are on the orange pages. Another reason why I really like this book is that it’s about graduate designers. It shows their work and where they studied, who they had for tutors etc. I really liked this aspect. I remember seeing some in here that went to Huddersfield University and I got excited and thought wow! They went to the place where I am going to study. It made me excited as a designer for what I could accomplish there.
Design Books

Design Books


It's Nice That

It’s Nice That

Wild Art

Wild Art




Today’s post is a little different.

I am in a new setting writing this right now.. I’m in Starbucks aka typical White gurrrrl. Anyway, yeah.. so Joe has a job trial at Wetherspoon’s and next door is a Starbucks yayayay. So I’m like sat in this corner typing away listening to Son Lux’s new album that came out in June I believe. Not too sure, but check it out yh, it’s so good and calming I love it. U go Son Lux.

Today’s post well, this mornings post is just about little things recently in my life and what is next to me while I’m here in Starbucks. So, the main thing is that Joe has a job trial which makes me so happy! He’s like next door and I’m so tempted to go in and be like ‘iya’ but I know I can’t… Don’t want to distract him.

UPDATE* Judgemental girls jus walk in yeyeye aka anxiety mode…*

So, I’m just sat in Starbucks, I’ve had a cuppa and a triple cheese toastie which are heaven. I thought it was far too early for a Frappe, however I will be getting one soon. The time currently is 09:29 am. Right now. I’m tired. So, yeah writing this, looking on Facebook, and Insta. Also listening to Son Lux. Great… Doing this until 11am. I need interaction!

I also brought my book with me to just read as you do, duh! Yeah, the book is Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which I haven’t read before… I’ve seen the Series up until season 7 then my Netflix ran out. I got them on DVD for Christmas however, I started watching it then I forgot about it for months. I’ve only just started re-watching it with Joe like Friday night ahaha. I could really do with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts right now though. OH MY GOD.

I also really need to like start a schedule for blog posts right? I’m just posting whatever whenever and just hope and pray that people read it. This post sounds drab but I thought that I’m here I thought I’d post as it’s a different setting to my bedroom or Joe’s.

Currently, I’m people watching it’s a terrible habit of mine. Probably other people too, however I’m really bad for it. I people watch at work and I shouldn’t. It’s rather annoying but I cannot help it. It’s just a thing I do. But, I thought I’d just talk about my day so far and at around 10? Maybe, I’m off next door to Wetherspoon’s and get a drink of Lemonade mmmm.

I also decided for change this week. I changed my background on my Macbook for the first time since getting it! I got this is October last year! But that’s going to be on a separate post is my Macbook! It deserves its own post. It’s so bloody good!

Also, what’s everyone’s fav drink at Starbucks, as it is specific for Coffee lovers I wondered what people’s fav drinks are! As I don’t really like coffee, I tend to go for the Caramel Cream which is divine. So yeah, comment on this saying yours and let’s just have a chat! It will be nice to just talk to other bloggers about anything! Come on, let’s get a conversation going!

Well, I’m off to read for a little bit I think. I need to sit down with this serial killer and fully understand his story. Bye guys!

Love Tara, xoxo