~~ New Job ~~

Hi, everyone! The time has now come to talk about my new job! I’m so excited to tell you about how I came to get this exciting new start in a job I have not much experience in!

So a bit of backlog, I’d been at WHSmith on the M62 for two years! I started back in 2014 and I was a timid girl that wanted to keep to herself. During my time there, I opened up so much and was more relaxed in having a job. I felt like I knew what I was doing when I got to work etc. But until recently I got a little tired of the same day in and day out kind of work, even though I was only doing two days a week. It bored me. But I still enjoyed working there.

I then decided to look for job vacancies around where I live, so I started looking on Indeed.co.uk / and was looking for places to work in these areas:

Brighouse, Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford.

And as always, there wasn’t really anywhere hiring where I was looking. It sucked.

I then took a punt and searched in Leeds, and low and behold I found a new shopping center opening up. I took a look to see what shops were hiring there and I came across one for Anthropologie. Now I’d heard of this store before but I knew that it wasn’t anywhere that I could get to frequently. I believe the closest really, is in London. I live like far away from London (obvs) / However, I decided to go for it, and I soon applied for a job with their company.

A day later, I got an email asking to go for an interview. I was really shocked. I literally had no idea what to say. I replied back saying YES! I was really over the moon with this but also really scared.

For the interview, I wore a mustard turtleneck jumper from Urban Outfitters, I then wore these black overalls from New Look, and I wore these quirky socks that I bought in Japan and for shoes, I wore my very pastel trainers. I also wore my Forest Green and Pink Kanken. I didn’t really feel like I dressed for their store, however, I dressed to show my style and that it was fun and really unique.

Pictures of my interview outfit:


20160615_084914 <– I basically wore this black ‘overall’ with the mustard jumper, these trainers, and my kanken 🙂


I then had like the most agonizing wait ever. I was filled with paranoia, to be honest. I felt so nervous if I hadn’t gotten the job. Then a few days later I received an email saying that I had got the job etc. I was so happy. Honestly, I cannot wait to start working there and I love their homeware section. I mean I love their clothes and shoes, but their homeware give me life!


To be honest, I don’t really know the entire purpose of this post, however, it is something new in my life, and I thought I would share that with you! Also, if you planning on going to an interview for Anthro, just be your charming self and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. That’s what’s more important!

Bye Guys!





Now obviously this post is titled ‘210 Questions to Ask Yourself’ – so go ahead and answers these questions in your own way. Or go ahead and create a post on these questions for your other readers. I found this little array of questions in my magazine called FLOW, I’m not sure what edition because I’ve had it for a while.

Whilst looking through my magazines I saw this and thought it was another creative way to get to know me. // What makes you happy? Is there anything you regret? What do you want to be doing in 10 years? Answering the questions here is a fun way of finding out what really matters to you – or to a friend. 

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So here’s 210 Questions to Ask Yourself, answered by me…

  1. Who do you get on best with? – I think I get on best with my family, Joe, Eleanor.
  2. What do you spend too much time on? – My computer always hands down my computer. I’m always on my blog, FaceBook or playing Sims4.
  3. What jokes make you laugh out loud? – All the puns from Joe, and mostly my dad’s jokes.
  4. When was the last time you did something for the first time? – I have literally no clue what this entails. Literally, I have no answer for this…
  5. Do you easily cry in front of others? – Yasss
  6. What do you usually have for breakfast? – Nothing, living life on the edge…
  7. Who did you kiss last? – Joeh
  8. When do you most feel like your mother? – I’m not really sure, like watching certain programmes I think. I feel like we give the same facial expressions towards things.
  9. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? – Just lay in bed, and think of the day ahead.
  10. Do you enjoy reading aloud to others? – I only like doing that to Joe, in front of other people no, no I do not.
  11. Which past friendship do you miss? – Lol, like all of them. I miss my old friends but then again, they lost a friend too so.
  12. What would you most like to buy? – A new camera
  13. What character trait would you like to have? – No clue on this one buddy
  14. What’s your favourite thing to watch on TV? – A Game of thrones, Walking Dead, Dexter, any film ahaha
  15. When did you last go to a theme park? – Last month in Japan, we went to Tokyo Disney! 13/06/16
  16. To what age would you like to live? – I’d like to live to over 90+
  17. Which holiday do you think back on most nostalgically? – Japan! 10/06/16
  18. How does heartbreak feel for you? – Death? No, it just felt like a kick in the teeth really.
  19. Would you rather have another name? – No, I quite like Tara.
  20. What has made you doubt yourself? – Loads of things…
  21. Does it really matter to you what others say? – Depends on if I know them or not, or if I appreciate what they are trying to say
  22. What’s the best part of the day? – Seeing / Spending time with Joeh, always the best part of my days xoxo
  23. Can you cook well? – Sort of
  24. Which season do you resemble the most? – Autumn / Winter, I have a lot of wintery clothes.
  25. When was the last time you spent a whole day doing nothing? – Everyday…
  26. Were you a happy child? – Yeah
  27. Do you buy flowers often? – Kind of, mostly for my mum 🙂
  28. What’s your biggest dream? – Living in Japan(TOKYO) or America
  29. How many homes have you lived in? – 1.
  30. What’s your guilty pleasure? – Not really a guilty pleasure, but I love old school r&b
  31. What was the last book you read? – A Game of Thrones (Still need to carry on with the series)
  32. Why do you have your current hairstyle? – It’s easily manageable.
  33. Are you addicted to your phone? – Yes, what teenager/young adult isn’t?
  34. Are you a saver or a spender? – Both, I really like to save and then splurge on one thing or multiple things later/
  35. What’s your favourite store? – In England it’s Topshop, HMV, Waterstones. In Japan it was LOFT god, that shop was like my home.

  36. What do you most frequently order to drink in a cafe? – Well, I’m not a coffee lover or tea lover really, so I just order either lemonade or an iced tea.

  37. Do you know when it is time to leave? – Yes, I think it’s a very good thing to know is when to leave a place/home/party
  38. If you could start you own business, what would it be? – I think like photography, web design? Something like that or to do with magazines. Joe thinks ‘something ETSY wise like creating stuff’.
  39. Do you always want to win? – I think it depends what I’d be winning.
  40. What are you sorry that you missed? – My brother’s girlfriends birthday.
  41. How would you rate your face? – 7.5?
  42. Were you good at school? – Not in the academic classes. / I was okay at art, and German. I was good at ICT.
  43. How long you stay in the shower bath on average? – I’d say 30 mins
  44. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? – Yeah.
  45. What time do you usually get up? – Normally, 1? Sometimes around 11am.
  46. Do you always celebrate your birthday? – Obviously.
  47. How many times a day do you check FaceBook? – 8 times or more?
  48. What’s your favourite room in your house? – Bathroom or bedroom
  49. When was the last time you petted a dog (other animal)? – Today, just now.
  50. When are you at your best? – When I feel good.
  51. With whom did you have your first kiss? – Joe.
  52. What book made a great impression on you? – No clue buddy
  53. What does music mean to you? – Not really sure, it’s just something to soothe me?
  54. Are you afraid of the dark? – Nope.
  55. What jewelery do you wear everyday? – None, I used to wear a ring Joe bought me for my 19th but I lost it. Then in Japan I bought a bracelet and I’ve lost that..
  56. Why did you choose the work you do now? – It pays.
  57. What movies would you rather see at home than in the cinema? – Horror films.
  58. How gentle are you judgements? – Not very?
  59. Do you sleep well? – Sort of
  60. What was your latest discovery? – That the character who plays Travis Marshall in Dexter is Tom Hanks’ son.
  61. Do you believe in life after death? – I would like you believe so.
  62. Who are you angry with? – No one.
  63. Do you use public transport often? – Yup.
  64. What has given you the most grief? – Nothing.
  65. Have you become what you wanted to be as a kid? – Not yet.
  66. What song makes you want to dance the night away? – Not sure really…
  67. What trait do you really appreciate in a loved one? – Humour.
  68. What has been your biggest purchase? – For myself it would been my MacBook, for someone else my mum. When I bought her, her coach bag.
  69. Do you give people a second chance? – Yeah.
  70. Do you have many friends? – Kind of? Yeah?

  71. What word gives you the jitters? – Nothing?

  72. Have you been in love unintentionally? – Yeah.
  73. When was the last time you felt nervous? – Dunno.
  74. What makes your home feel like home to you? – Having my dog Scamp there.
  75. Where do you get your news? – TV
  76. What’s your favourite hobby? – Blogging, Photography, Bullet Journalling.
  77. What do you find funny? – Joe’s puns or my dad’s jokes.
  78. How often do you excercise? – Ahahahaa, next questions please…
  79. Do you think you are memorable? – Maybe
  80. What are two things you cannot do without? – Not having Joe around, or my laptop
  81. When was the last time you put aside your fears? – Not sure?
  82. What used to make you happy when you were younger? – Being a kid, having no responsibilites
  83. Which of your outfits make you feel the most beautiful? – Anything with lace.
  84. What’s on your nightstand? – I don’t have one. But I mostly keep things on my windowsill, and I keep my phone and candle on there.
  85. How patient are you? – Quite.
  86. Who is your fallen hero? – Not a clue
  87. How good are you at setting boundaries? – Quite good.
  88. Which one of your friends have you known the longest? – Abigail, Shannon and Savannh (Since primary school)
  89. Do you like to meditate? – Yes I do 🙂
  90. How do you pep yourself up after a bad day? – Shop
  91. What’s your favourite book? – Harry Potter (all)
  92. Who do you WhatsApp the most? – I don’t have whatsapp….
  93. Do you say yes or no often? – I’d say, yes?
  94. Do you like being alone? – Nope.
  95. What would you do if you didn’t have to work? – Blog and take photographs and create websites 🙂
  96. Can you drive well? – Yes.
  97. Do you want people to like you? – Yeah.
  98. What should you have done differently in your love life? – Find the right one first.
  99. What do you like doing on a night out? – Getting ready and doing my makeup. But mostly I just prefer to hang out go to the cinema.
  100. Have you ever broken the law? – No.
  101. Does your horoscope sign match your traits? – Yeah.
  102. What colour dominates your wardrobe? – Black or mustard.
  103. Do you make the most out of each day? – Not at all.
  104. Do you find it easy to admit your mistakes? – Sometimes
  105. In what ways do you always want to stay a child? – Being naive, and curious.

  106. Could you go a wekk without the Internet? – Not at all.

  107. Who knows you best? – My parents and Joe.
  108. What’s the least annoying household chore? – The dishwasher
  109. Have you ever been disappointed in a person? – HELL YEAH.
  110. What does your ideal day look like? – Waking up at lik 10am, going for a jog. Then around lunch going for a cute romantic walk. Getting home and cosy up on the couch watching movies all night till the early hours.
  111. Are you proud of yourself? – Sort of
  112. What useless talent do you possess? – Random knowledge / film facts
  113. Do you have loose ends in your life? – Yes?
  114. Why do you drink / not drink alcohol? – I rarely drink so. But I think it’s just quite nice?
  115. What kind of stuff makes you happy? – Design, Films, Dogs, Blog, Makeup etc
  116. Have you looked at the clouds today? – Yes, indeed I have.
  117. What word do you use too often? – ‘Right?’
  118. Do you like being in the spotlight? – Not really.
  119. What should you take more time to do? – Work / Uni work.
  120. Do you think people are inherently good? – Not sure.
  121. Do you ever choose work over love? – No.
  122. For what are you grateful to your parents? – Life.
  123. Do you always say what you think? – Nope.
  124. Are you a good loser? – Yeah.
  125. What old grudges do you still carry? – Boys being idiots and thinking with one particular thing in mind. Not mentioning names here because well, USELESS.
  126. Is the grass always greener on the other side? – Yeah.
  127. Do you fall in love easily? – Yep
  128. What do you think about before you fall asleep? – About the day ahead
  129. What’s your favourite day of the week? – Monday.
  130. What’s your greatest victory? – Getting into University.
  131. Which celebrity would you like to spend a day with? – Daniel Radcliffe or Kit Harrington.
  132. Have you ever been in love with (an unattainable) celebrity? – See above.
  133. What’s your dream job? – Someone in photography, blogging, design / web design. Or someone in magazines.
  134. Do you find it easy to ask for help? – Nope.
  135. What can you not throw away? – Receipts.
  136. What website do you visit daily? – WordPress, FaceBook, GMAIL.
  137. Are the best things in life free? – Yes.
  138. Have you ever stolen anything? – Yes, as a child!
  139. What dish do you serve your guests? – N/A
  140. In which store would you want to have one minute of free shopping? – Now when you say store can it be like a shopping centre store? IE: Meadowhall? 😉

  141. Which countries do you want to visit? – All of them

  142. What superpower would you like to have? – Telekanesis.
  143. When did you last want the ground to swallow you up? – Results day
  144. What song always make you feel happy? – Anything by Daft Punk or Marina.
  145. How flexible are you? – Not very
  146. Do you have a crazy dining set that you’re mad about? – No, but my mum does.
  147. What do you do when you have to stand in line? – Think
  148. Are you better looking in the mirror or in a photo? – A photo!
  149. Do you ever decide to eat less or excercise more? – I try
  150. Do you often have conversations in your head? – YES
  151. What would you like to be famous for? – Blogging, Photographing?
  152. What does being rejected feel like? – Shit
  153. Who do you want to know better? – Myself.
  154. What is your favourite mode of transport? – Car
  155. How many books do you read a year? – 2/3?
  156. Do you ever Google yourself? – Yeah
  157. What historical event would you have liked to see with your own eyes? – Salem Witch Trials.
  158. Could you live with your friends? – Yeah
  159. Do you talk to things? – Yeah
  160. What’s your greatest weakness? – Joe.
  161. Are you a dog or a cat person? – Doggo
  162. When do you realize that you like somebody? – When I get giddy and can’t sleep because I have a creepy smile on ma face.
  163. Why do you eat? – Because I have to.
  164. Do you dance in front of the mirror? – Sometimes
  165. What makes you different from other people? – The things I say and do.
  166. Which children’s film would you recommend for young children? – Labyrinth
  167. Do you stay until the very end of parties? – Nope.
  168. What track have you played to death lately? – Grimes / Kill V Maim.
  169. Do you practice before making a phone call? – Yeah
  170. When was the last time you cried in front of others? – Yesterday
  171. Who would you like to spend a free day with? – Dan Radcliffe or Kit 🙂
  172. What was the best advice that anyone ever gave you? – Love yourself.
  173. What does summer make you think of? – Slush Puppies.
  174. What does your favourite perfume smell like? – Alien / Thierry Mugler.
  175. What criticism hurt you the most? – BEing told I’ve put on loads of weight.

  176. What do you crave? – Salty crisps or Snyder’s of Hanover – Honey and mustard pretzel peices

  177. Are you kind to yourself? – Yeah
  178. How old you do you feel? – 18
  179. What movie have you seen at least 5 times? – Labyrinth
  180. Do you like taking tests? – Not at all mate.
  181. Would you like to go back to the past? – Yes.
  182. How selfish are you? – Very
  183. How do you like to relax? – Blog, play games
  184. Do you sometimes feel left out? – Yep
  185. What do you worry about often? – Not being good enough.
  186. How do you see the future? – Being surrounded by culture
  187. What made you fall in love with your partner? – He’s hot n cute, n stuff.
  188. What family member do you resemble the most? – My mum
  189. How do you prefer spending the evening? – Gaming, Blogging or watching Dexter.
  190. How independant are you in your life? – Not very.
  191. Do you often take the initiative? – Yep.
  192. Which pet do you remember fondly? – Scamp (my current dog)
  193. What accent do you find charming? – British, French
  194. Do you usually follow you heart or your head? – Both
  195. Are you sensitive to criticism? – Yeah.
  196. Are you afraid of someone you know? – Nope.
  197. Do you often make time for yourself? – Yeah
  198. What made you giggle lately? – Joe
  199. Do you believe everything you think? – Not at all.
  200. Have you been to a legendary party? – No.
  201. How well do you know your neighbours? – Very well, they rock.
  202. Do you often feel happy? – Suppose so.
  203. Which of your friends do you have the least in common with? – Not entirely sure
  204. What do you do differently than your parents? – No idea
  205. What gives you energy? – Energy drinks
  206. What is favourite sound? – Rain on windows / or a good thunderstorm
  207. When was the last time you stayed up all night? – Everynight
  208. What do you like daydreaming about? – My future, my blog doing well, Japan
  209. Do you look over your shoulder a lot? – Yeah
  210. What do you most people not know about you? – I’m insecure, I might be loud but that’s just a front. People think I’m confident but I’m a quite lil’ mouse.

~~ Q&A FUN ~~ *100 questions

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog the other night, and that blog was: www.stormyweather.com.

She was trawling through many other’s blogs on Bloglovin’ and found a “get to know me” tag. / She states that you are apparently meant to do a minimum of 15 but, come on these questions are pretty good.

I have already created a minuscule section of this on my ‘About Me’, page, however, I think this goes more in depth, to as to who I am. Thus, I thought well this might be quite a nice, interesting thing to do. So, without delay, I shall get on with this huuuge questionnaire for those interested. Plus, I think it’s quite nice to know who the person behind the blog is.

So I have my Yankee Candle burning (Creamy Caramel FYI) ~~ Let’s do this!

Let the 20 minutes of writing answers to these questions commence!

  1. What is your middle name?


  1. How old are you?


  1. What is your birthday?

June 5th, 1996.

  1. What is your zodiac sign?

Gemini. Me and my dad are Gemini’s which is rather nice, my mum and brother are Taurus’.

  1. What is your favourite colour?

Lime Green or Black.

  1. What is your lucky number?


  1. Do you have any pets?

A dog called Scamp.

  1. Where are you from?

West Yorkshire!

  1. How tall are you?

5ft 5?

  1. What shoe size are you?

Depends on what brand, normally 5/6

  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?


  1. What was your last dream about?

Not entirely sure, I didn’t get a good nights’ sleep….

  1. What talents do you have?

Photography? Ahaha, not really sure I have a talent

  1. Are you psychic in any way?

I wish I were!

  1. Favourite song?

At the moment it’s Kill V Maim, by GRIMES.

  1. Favourite movie?

The Labyrinth or The Company of Wolves / From this century maybe Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  1. Who would be your ideal partner?


  1. Do you want children?

YES! Preferably 2 but not yet.

  1. Do you want a church wedding?


  1. Are you religious?

Sort of, I haven’t been to Church for a while, I only go for Weddings/Funerals.

  1. Have you ever been to the hospital?

I’ve been to a hospital sure 😉 / I’ve never been admitted.

  1. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?

Nope, I’m a good Yorkshire lass.

  1. Have you ever met any celebrities?

Danielle Hope, who was on Finding Dorothy from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show.

  1. Baths or showers?

Baths all the way, love them lush bath bombs.

  1. What colour socks are you wearing?

Red and black fluffy socks from Primark.

  1. Have you ever been famous?


  1. Would you like to be a celebrity?

Yeah, I mean who wouldn’t mostly though I’d just like the lifestyle and have no-one sucking up to me.

  1. What type of music do you like?

Pop, Electronic, I don’t know…

  1. Have you ever been skinny dipping?


  1. How many pillows do you sleep with?


  1. What position do you usually sleep in?

Back or on my right side

  1. How big is your house?

I live with my parents currently and it’s homely

  1. What do you typically have for breakfast?

Nothing. I tend to skip breakfast.

  1. Have you ever fired a gun?


  1. Have you ever tried archery?

I think I tried it in Spain once with my mum, I don’t remember if I was good or not.

  1. Favourite clean word?


  1. Favourite swear word?


  1. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

A whole day maybe?

  1. Do you have any scars?

Not that I’m aware of.

  1. Have you ever had a secret admirer?


  1. Are you a good liar?

I like to think I am

  1. Are you a good judge of character?

Not entirely sure on that one.

  1. Can you do any accents other than your own?

I’m really bad at accents like, I can’t. I can only do a farmer

  1. Do you have a strong accent?

Not really, people say it’s quite posh but I don’t get it ~ But yeah I’m pretty northern so I have a strong northern – Yorkshire accent?

  1. What is your favourite accent?

Irish, or American. Now that I’ve been to Japan, the Japanese accent is a close second.

  1. What is your personality type?

Strict? Loving?

  1. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?

A lace dress I bought from Topshop, I had to tell my mum it was like £40 / in reality, it was like £80

  1. Can you curl your tongue?


  1. Are you an innie or an outie?


  1. Left or right handed?

I used to be ambidextrous but swapped to being a leftie in primary J

  1. Are you scared of spiders?

Heck yeah

  1. Favourite food?


  1. Favourite foreign food?

I really loved my Cheeseburger curry in Japan! Miss it every day

  1. Are you a clean or a messy person?

Kinda both, I can clean when I want.

  1. Most used phrase?

“For real?”

  1. Most used word?


  1. How long does it take for you to get ready?

5 minutes -1 hour

  1. Do you have much of an ego?

Maybe? Not really sure / I suck sorry

  1. Do you suck or bite lollipops?

Like Ice lollies? Suck it!

  1. Do you talk to yourself?

If you don’t admit that, then you are lying to yourself.

  1. Do you sing to yourself?


  1. Are you a good singer?

Probably not.

  1. Biggest fear?

Being on my own tbh.

  1. Are you a gossip?


  1. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?

Sandra Bullock film, in Space… what’s it called: GRAVITY!

  1. Do you like long or short hair?

In the middle, I like both styles, but on me LONG all the way baby!

  1. Can you name all 50 states of America?

No, we didn’t really study American states in high school…

  1. Favourite school subject?

Art or ICT

  1. Extrovert or introvert?

I’d say I’m mostly introverted.

  1. Have you ever been scuba-diving?

No, only snorkelling in Egypt.

  1. What makes you nervous?

Public Speaking / Talking to people of authority.

  1. Are you scared of the dark?


  1. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?


  1. Are you ticklish?

Not like I used to be

  1. Have you ever started a rumour?

Again, if you deny it, you’re lying.

  1. Have you ever been in a position of authority?


  1. Have you ever drank underage?

Yeah lmao, my friend Charlotte to me out to Liquid in December of ’13? ’14? I was petrified. / I was 17 tbh, so only a year out not like I was 15 or something.

  1. Have you ever done drugs?


  1. Who was your first real crush?

Like real, real, Joe to be honest. I’ve never liked anyone like I like him

  1. How many piercings do you have?


  1. Can you roll your Rs?


  1. How fast can you type?

Pretty darn fast.

  1. How fast can you run?

I don’t know? I’m not Bolt, wish I could run like that, dam.

  1. What colour is your hair?


  1. What colour are your eyes?

Hazel / They change to green when I cry

  1. What are you allergic to?


  1. Do you keep a journal?

YES! I keep like 2? My UNI one and my Bullet Journal!

  1. Do you like your age?

Yeah, I’m 20 what’s not to like?

  1. What makes you angry?

When people just pick at you for things.

  1. Do you like your own name?

I like to story to do with my name, so yeah.

  1. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so, what are are they?

I’ve thought of names yeah. I used to have ones I liked when I was in high school which are sort of lame but I still treasure them. Elijah, Luna, Taylor/Tyler, Sophia and some others that I literally cannot think of right now

  1. Do you want a boy or a girl for a child?

Love one of each

  1. What are your strengths?

The love and emotion I put into things that I enjoy

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Lol gurl, I sucked at math

  1. How did you get your name?

My mum and dad were having a really tough time with baby names for girls, they couldn’t think of one that they both liked. My dad liked Shannon (for the River Shannon in Ireland), my mum liked Roisin. They couldn’t decide, the midwife was called Tara and they both liked that name. BAM, Tara was given.

  1. Were your ancestor’s royalty?

We had slaves? If that’s acceptable?

  1. Do you have any scars? (Double the question for double the fun?)


  1. Colour of your bedspread?

A weird, circle ensemble of cream and really light brown.

  1. Colour of your room?

Green/really pale and a grey accent wall – In my brother’s room

My room is just horrendous it’s pink, yellow, green and blue. I’ll leave it at that…


So yeah, enjoy and do with that what you will.

Go ahead and answer the questions in the comments below!

Let me get to know you!

~~ Love ya



Q+A With a Blogger,

Blog Name?

The Wolf and The Fox

Why that particular name?

I chose this as my favourite animal is a Wolf, and my boyfriend’s is a Fox. I thought that it would be a nice idea to combine both of them into a URL for my blog,

What is your full name?

Tara Jayne Alyssa McGeady



Who are you named after?

My mother’s midwife, also a hill in Ireland and a house in Gone with the Wind (mother’s favourite film)


TJ, TJ the DJ, Taz, Weasel, Lamb


Just a dog, he’s called Scamp (picture below)



Date of Birth?

5th June 1996

Favourite colour(s)?

Green, black, white and yellow

Favourite film(s)?

Panic Room, 10th Kingdom, The Labyrinth, Harry Potter, The Company of Wolves, Anastasia just to name a few…

Favourite music style?

Indie, Classical (occasionally), Rock

Favourite artist(s)?

Marina and the Diamonds, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Lana Del Rey, David Bowie, Haim, Prodigy, Banks, FKA Twigs, Black Keys, Charli XCX, DAFT PUNK, GHOST, CHVRCHES, Son Lux, Darius, Clark, Storm Corrosion, Rage Against the Machine, Origamibiro, Glitterbug, Darkside, The Icarus Line, The Dead Weather, SOHN…

Spotify Playlists.

Spotify Playlists.

Favourite book(s)?

Game of Thrones, The 10th Kingdom, Girl, Interrupted, Ghost World, Blackhole, Carrie, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, One Day, Type Matters, Great Gatsby, The Wolf Children, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, The Bell Jar…

Favourite animal(s)?

Tiger, Lion, Dog, Dolphin, Monkey, and obviously Wolves and Foxes

Favourite Holiday?

I think this would have to be when I went to America / Canada for 3 weeks in the 6 week holidays one year. It was great, we went all over. We stayed in Niagara Falls, went to Memphis, New York & New Jersey. It was the best holiday for me personally. However, I really cannot wait for Prague with Joe, spending our 9 month anniversary there, will be perfect!

Lucky number?

7 or 11

What one thing do you do everyday?

Mess with my hair


Yes, to my amazing boyfriend Joe ❤

What phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy, S6 Edge

What do you do for a living?

University Student, studying Graphic Design. I also work part time at WHSmith’s on the motorway

Favourite Makeup brand?

Benefit, BareMinerals, Max Factor, MAC and Chanel

Favourite Designer?

Henry Holland, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Prada

Favourite Food?


Dream job?

For now as a student it would be working with books, like that of Waterstones.

But when I’m older, book / website designer

Favourite Drink?

Kopperberg, Strawberry and lime, or just plain Lemonade

How did you first get into blogging?

I was really undecided at first really, I thought about doing one years ago about books, or film. Now it’s just a compilation of all the things that I’m interested about

How would you describe your blogging style?

I think it’s different as I like to be fresh, but still shine through with my individuality. I like to bring my boyfriend also into the mix as I do mostly blog with him (about him)

What would be your ideal working environment?

I think this is easy for me, clean and spacious. At the moment, when I blog my room is hectic I would prefer it to be uncluttered and minimal.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

I blog when I can, like after working a 8 hour shift on a Saturday and Sunday I won’t usually blog as I’m quite tired from working. However, I do like to blog during the week, maybe twice to three times

Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

I think this would have to be Joe, he’s been really understanding about how I feel the need to blog about our outings etc, I think he knows that it’s important and I like to remember what we’ve done on a specific day. Sort of like a diary. He also knows that I tell him all about the traffic on my blog he likes that I get really excited from where in other countries people have been on my blog. I find that really sweet.

How do you think I rate your blog as an interviewer?

Maybe a 8? Maybe I’m being too bias but I think that it’s diverse. It’s got makeup from a subscription box that being Glossybox, just going about my day to day life really. I don’t think that it’s an award winning blog, however I think it’s nice to have things to remember by when I’m older.

What do you do in your spare time?

Apart from working on the weekends, it’s mostly spent with Joe. We game a lot on the PS4 or on World of Warcraft, or even Sims. I think that’s mostly what our relationship is, just gaming and baking / cooking.

We also walk my dog together which is cute

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

I think it’s trying to get noticed like I connected my blog with twitter however, it doesn’t get much. I appreciate any kind of activity on my blog. The majority of the time I get people from Canada or America on my blog and I’m very grateful for that! Thanks to you Canadian and American folk!

Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

I would definitely encourage people to create a blog, it doesn’t even matter really what your blog is about. It could even be just diary entries or letters to future self, it seriously could be anything. It lets you open up about your life, hobbies etc it’s fun. You can even see where abouts in the World you get traffic and for me, I find that the exciting part. I love seeing where people go on my blog, either that being the UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Poland. It’s fantastic!

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

I do believe that for now it is just a hobby however, if it turns into something more than that I wouldn’t say no.

Who was your first style icon?

Strangely, I think this was myself, from a really young age my mother let me choose whatever I wanted to wear, no matter how hideous it looked for photographs. She always encouraged me to be comfortable in clothes that I liked! Not what anyone else liked on me.


Who takes the majority of your photos?

This is easy, it’s me. I did a photography course in College and got Distinction, Distinction, Merit. This being A, A, B.