♡♡ Exciting Parcel ♡♡

The other day if you are following me on my FaceBook page for my blog: @TheWolfnFox, then you will have seen that I had received quite a large parcel.

So all in all, I ordered myself* an iMac, it was entirely out of my back pocket, so before anyone starts “You parents bought it”, naa I bought it myself. The reason I built it myself really, was because it was so darn cheap. No lie, I bought a 21.5″ iMac for £668, thanks, Amazon.

The reason it was so cheap is because it was a refurb I believe, it was going to be around £800, but as Amazon was doing a deal for Prime members, I got 20% (ka-ching)

As being a lover of anything Apple, I really needed to buy it. My dad was like why? I said, “It will help with Uni work, and I’ll keep it downstairs for everyone to be able to use”. After I said this, he was thoroughly on board.

We’ve all wanted an iMac in the family and I think it’s a nice thing to have. It looks really elegant too, and stylish. I love that it is steel, looks so beautiful. I cannot wait to be able to have a proper desk area again and make it look really sleek and beautiful.

I’ve updated this to the newest Apple OS, OS Sierra. It did take some time to do this, however. I was busy backing up my laptop in the morning, then my computer arrived. Once my laptop finished backing up, I then had to deal with updated my MacBook to the OS. Then I had to transfer all my files to the iMac. It was a lot of effort.

I really didn’t get to play on my computer for a whole day as I was too busy trying to get all of that sorted.

But now that it’s fine and hunky-dory, I’m in love with it. It’s a great little addition to have and it’s going to help so much with Uni work. Also, it makes me feel like a proper business woman, and with my blog, I feel like I can do more. Like, I have a lot of emails to reply back to (when in fact I really don’t) – it just makes me feel pretty good.


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