The other day I was googling Washi Tapes, for my bullet journal, I came across many a website and I couldn’t decide which particular website to purchase from. Then I came across The Fox and Star (www.thefoxandstar.co.uk) they had many tapes that I was so desperate to buy. But I composed myself and I ordered two things from their website. These were some 2-way pastel pens and one washi tape.

These pastel pens are 2-ways are called Le Stylo Feutre – created by Iconic. This just means that they have 2 sides, one thick and thin nib. The washi tape is from the brand MT (Japanese) and the tape I purchased was called Label Watercolour. Altogether this order came to £14.15, which I think is pretty darn good, I’m a major sucker for stationery and I could’ve bought so much more.

Overall I’m really impressed with the website, I ordered these products on the 16th September and I just received them today so 4 days waiting I think is pretty good for an order. The brand is based in Edinburgh and I think that they 4-day wait is worth it.

Below are the images of the products 🙂


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