~~ Apps I love, and use ~~

Tonight’s gonna be a really chilled out blog post. I’m sat on my bed staring out at the beautiful moon, whilst Joe is playing on his PC (Miscreated if you were wondering) – and I thought let’s create a blog post, a short blog post, then I thought what could I possibly blog about so late at night? Then it hit me, I’ll create a simple post on the Apps that I use on my smartphone day to day.

My current phone is the Samsung S6 Edge, so it’s an android powered device. When I unlock my phone I see the ‘desktop’ of my phone and I don’t really use these apps, I just keep forgetting to get rid of them from the desktop off of my phone.



Typically I really enjoy going onto FaceBook, it’s terrible how often I can just scroll through FaceBook and not be bored. I also go onto Instagram and Snapchat quite regularly. I also like to have the WordPress app, as I like to keep tabs on how my blog is doing day-to-day and keep an eye on my stats.

Not entirely social, but I have to have Spotify on my phone, I need them workout playlists for whever I need a boost. Especially at Uni!



The main app that I use from this section, however, is Viridi. It’s basically a little succulent that grows in real time on your phone. I like this as I think it’s a rather cute app. I also have a succulent in real life so I suppose it’s a what’s the point app? But I think it’s rather sweet.

The app Stack is a really good engaging game! It’s so good. Seriously if after reading and looking at the images Stack should really be your go too game.



I really like to use the S Health app, I like to know how many steps I’m doing a day and recording down how much sleep I get. It sounds really laborious, however, I really like it and I like to know I’m doing.

For my health-related apps, I use quite a few for when it comes to that time of the month. I use roughly two-three as they each offer very different things. These are: Once, and EVE.

For relaxtion, I use two apps. Headspace, and Calm they are both similar but I like to switch it up between the two.

Even though this app isn’t really ‘Health’ related, it’s very good for staying focused. I use this mostly for Uni work, but it’s very relaxing and a really good app. You basically set a time for how much work you want to get done, and it’ll get a little shrub or a tree depending on how long you set it for. This app is called Forest.



For camera based apps I love VSCO it’s so beautiful and I love the effects that you can put onto your pictures. I was so happy when this came out onto Android!



Shopping apps are by far my favourite type of app to have on your phone! I’m a total shop-aholic and I love using these apps, Wanelo, DEPOP, and ASOS. I also gotta have my Subcard app on my phone too!


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