I managed to get the Kylie Jenner Birthday Edition Creme Shadows! I was so happy! I was waiting for ages on the website, even got my boyfriend to help me out! I missed it the first time she put out the collection and I wasn’t happy!

The second time around, however, I managed to get my hands on them!

I’m not gonna lie though the wait for them to arrive to me was insane. I think it was like 3 weeks?? I remember purchasing them on the 5th of August. I believe they came to me like last week or so. CRAZYYYY

However, I’m happy that they are now in my possession.

I got both creme shadows, in Rose Gold and Copper and I LOVE THEM!

I haven’t worn them yet as like I said I’ve been super busy and I haven’t been wearing makeup lately. However, I’ll basically describe how I think the shadows are with swatches and just give a little bit as to what I think that the shadows are like 🙂


If you haven’t been lucky enough to purchase anything from Kylie Cosmetics due to everything being sold out in seconds I feel you, the packaging for the box is plain on the outside as I think she had some problems with people stealing what’s inside the boxes due to having her signature Kylie and with the drips on the box. So she changed it around so that the logo with the drips are now on the inside of the box.

Upon opening and seeing obviously the Kylie name in silver and the drips in white, I noticed a thick piece of foam which was to protect the contents of the package which I really liked. I liked knowing that my products were safe in the little foam bed.

I also received an invoice with my details, etc of the package where it was shipped from etc. All that stuff you don’t really wanna see.

Upon peeling back the foam, there it was. The two beautiful babies. In GORGEOUS packaging (I’m a sucker for good packaging).

I really liked having a card that obviously Kylie had written then printed out loads of the same thing. I just wished it was maybe a little more personal. That she writes on the cards or writes the name who’s receiving the package it so it’s a little more personal.

However, that’s gonna take a lot of time and effort and I don’t think she’d really be down for doing all that.  I’m not dissing the card or anything I like that touch of her even doing a card, I think it would be nice to have like something written from her on these cards.


Now for the pièce de résistance, the beautiful creme shadows. 

These bad boys are HEAVY. Like seriously, for a little pot of eyeshadow, I didn’t expect it to be that heavy. Like gurl what is in there? Maybe it is all the gold that’s apparently in these things.

So if you don’t know what colours she brought out for her birthday collection, they are Rose Gold and Copper. I knew, I knew I had to at least get Rose Gold. It looks so goddamn perfect. Like yasss honey!

Like I haven’t even taken these pots out of their packaging yet, help me. WHY?! They too daarn pretty that’s why. But for today’s post. I need too.

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I am in awe. Honestly, this pot of eyeshadow makes me want to cry. It is beautiful. The gold packaging is everything! The gold lid to the gold Kylie font it’s perfect. You cannot fault that. The style of this gold does remind me of Kylie and I love that. The angles from the pot itself make the eyeshadow look beautiful and bronze and lush.

I am won over by this eyeshadow. It’s sublime.

I think my only negative so far is the smell of them. They reek. I’m trying to think of what they smell like however, I cannot put a name to the smell. I think it’s like plastic? It’s weird but it’s eyeshadow, it’s gonna be going on my eyelids so I really don’t care what it smells like.

All I’m bothered about is if it looks good and I’m thoroughly impressed by Copper. I think that Rose Gold is just gonna my cry.

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Rose Gold:


Okay, so straight off again the glass pot makes the eyeshadow POP. Literally all of the above also applies for Rose Gold.

The gold top of the pot is perfect. The colour of the eyeshadow (Rose Gold) is perfect. To me, it’s the perfect shade of a rose gold. I cannot wait to use this with my Venus Palette from Lime Crime. I think that these two products will mesh so well together and create a lovely eye I’m stunned.

The same again goes for the smell, smells like plastic but again, it’s going to be on my eyes and I doubt I will smell that…

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So yeah that was my little post about the Kylie Creme shadows. I love them. I think you can create many versatile looks with eyes and I’m really excited to use them.

I love Rose Gold, I think that will probably run out before Copper. But they both unique and beautiful.

Thanks King Kylie





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