~~ Blush and LUSH ~~

Sorry this one’s rather late, I kinda forgot to blog about these things when I got them.

The other day when I was with Eleanor we went into town and I purchased a new vinyl. It was Moose Blood’s new album* called BLUSH. It’s a totally rad album and so cute and peppy. I lurve it. But most of all I love that it’s pastel pink! My vinyl cost me £14.99 and that’s pretty darn good so I was pleased. Also, the vinyl is coloured, obvs again, it’s pastel pink and totally gorgeous.

Then as a treat Joe bought me two lush products for one of our monthly anniversaries, lol we’re lame. But yeah, he got me the Candy Floss Showder, and The Guardians of the Forest bath bomb. Totally excuse the pun, lush! I totally love Lush. I think one day I should do a lush haul post for you guys as I own soooo much. It’s crazy.

If you would like to see a lush haul post of all the lush things I own that like this post and I’ll see what I can do!

I used the showder a few days ago and it’s beaut. Honestly, like I smelt so sickly sweet it was so good! I just couldn’t stop smelling my shoulders and hands.

I’m sorry this was like a tiny blog post but I am saving a good post for tomorrow guys, so keep your eyes peeled on my blog!

It may have to do with a certain celebrity sisters birthday at the beginning of the month, if that gives you a hint 😉 Also, it’s very Kute…

Here are my pictures below

(Also, if the quality is bad it’s my phone camera my DSLR died and I forgot)




Cya guys,




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