~~ White Out ~~

Hi, guys! I’m back with another post! Yesterday my mum, me and Joe went shopping to White Rose. I wasn’t really planning on buying much just maybe a few things from a few certain shops.

We first went into Zara and I saw two things that I really liked. One was a yellow slinky dress, the other was a blue and cream strapless jumpsuit. This particular outfit just didn’t really fit right and wasn’t too keen in the end. The yellow dress, however, was beautiful! I think it was £27.99 / not sure but I really liked it, however, I just couldn’t see me wearing it.

Then we moved onto other shops, like Lush and even there I couldn’t find anything to buy! Joe asked the ladies if they had the Guardians of the Forest, bath bomb. However, they did not. They said you can only buy that in Oxford Street or online. As that bath bomb is £4.25.

I moved onto Topshop and Joe went to look in Topman. I was more so just looking at the sale items, as they have a bigger store than in Huddersfield. I saw some beautiful outfits. There was a beautiful pink dress, again I couldn’t really see myself wearing it but it was A*.

I went through all the racks and saw these beautiful white denim embroidery mom jeans. I was in love! They were so cheap too! The size of the jeans was W30 and L30. I just really hoped that the jeans would fit me! I then noticed they had these silk shorts by Band of Gypsies on sale too! I was so shocked by this as they had practically just come out?

The shorts were originally £29, however, on sale they were £15! I got the shorts in white, they came in another colour which was a really light pastel pink.

Overall yesterday I just bought them two pieces of clothing. Joe bought a Kinect for his XBox, he didn’t want to come away empty handed.

My mum bought a new bag from Debenhams and some foundation for BareMinerals in Debenhams too.

For the way home, I bought me and Joe some doughnuts. I bought us two of the hazelnut Nutella rings, and a chocolate dreamcake doughnut too!




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