~~ Bath Essentials ~~

I normally have my baths around 8 o’clock or even later, but today I decided to have a really early bath. I thought of what products do I put in my bath tonight?

A lush bath bomb? Or some salts? I was completely confounded as to what to use. I settled on my favourite thing for now which was Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow bath and shower gel. I use this as a foamer for my bath and the smell is just heaven. I was shopping in Tesco and I saw it, decided to go for a cheeky smell of it and wow. I don’t even like marshmallows but this was something I needed. Sickly sweet and heaven.

I also have another Marshmallow foam wash which is from Imperial Leather. Again, it smells divine.

I put quite a few pumps of both the marshmallow foams into my bath and decided to add in some of my Comforter shower gel from Lush.

The Comforter is beautifully pink, as soon as it hits the water beautiful pink water until it disperses out 😦  sad times.



I left my bath running for a few moments and gathered my chosen pj’s which tonight was something different for me. I normally wear fluffy pj’s from Primark (amazin) – but tonight I settled on this beautiful white silk nightgown and dressing gown combo that my mum had given to me (was previously hers). I left it on the hanger behind the bathroom door.

I then thought, I’ll need some ambient music for me to just unwind in the bath, so I grabbed my phone, quickly got up the Spotify app. As I now have premium it’s great. I simply went onto my “Get Shit Done” playlist and pressed shuffle.

Got into the amazingly good bath and just zoned out of the world for maybe half an hour.

To wash my hair I use Lush’s ‘I love juicy’ shampoo, as it cuts through all the grease and oil that my hair produces and leaves it smelling juicy (win/win). I love the shampoo and I get in the largest setting and it lasts for maybe 5-6 months. I also use a small amount so I know I can deffo make it last.

I decided to also use the Treacle Moon shower gel in Marshmallow to just give my body the burst of sugary sweetness and used it as a body wash. Again, win, win.



Got out of said bath, dried off, put my hair in a towel turban and got into my silky pjs. The felt so refreshing! I don’t really wear nightgowns as to me there quite old? Idk? I just normally wear fluffy’s but today was something different/new for me. Also, my mum gave me this and I thought it was really cute >.<

I’ll show pics below but keep being sassy guys




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