As promised on my FaceBook, I am sharing my Ikea Haul with you guys!

Today I went to Ikea with my mum to really, just look for a dark wooden bedframe. Obviously, that wasn’t just going to happen. I think we spent maybe 3-4 hours in Ikea… Now I love Ikea, and I probably shouldn’t have gone. I knew I was gonna buy too much, and well, I did. NO SHAME!

So when you’re walking around and lovingly visualising how you’d picture your dream house with Ikea furnishings, I was too busy putting things into my yellow Ikea shopping bag.


One of the first products I picked up was this vase thing? Literally no idea why I put this into my shopping bag, but I knew I was going to use it for something, right? This cost me £4, and I still have no idea what to use it for.




Then going along the aisles, I saw these adorable picture frames… These were £3.50 each!



Now currently, in the house I live in with my parents, we own multiples of cups/mugs. Once I saw these two sets of cups I plainly needed them. Nothing was going to stop me from buying these. These clear glass ones were £1 each, and the white ones were 95p each!


The next beautiful thing that I had to buy was a lamp. This lamp cost me £24 and the bulb was £5. But look, guys, look at my cute frosty lamp!


The next piece was a cute succulent and the pot! The succulent cost me £2 and the pot cost me 80p



Just a really quick post as I think some of these products are bargains, especially the lamp!

Seeya soon guys!




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