As July, suddenly draws to a close, I thought I would conclude this month’s final dwellings with a look back at my favourite buys from this past month.

July, I think for me has had its ups and its downs. This I will not go into too much detail (by failing my driving test < SAD TIMES) but to how I’ve come from that by simply buying things to cheer myself up.

With that, I purchased some pretty superb buys this month, which is something I can say quite proudly. I think the buy that I love the most so far this month was perhaps my SLUSHY CUPS – from FireBox. They were £9.99 for 2 one Thursday night and I had been after this particular thing for years. I had never gotten it and decided well, it’s on offer until midnight. I’m getting this goddamn thing.

So obviously I grabbed my debit card and I, without hesitation purchased the dream SLUSHY CUP. I was so overjoyed. When it came through the post and I read the little bit of instructions on the box, I quickly shoved mine and Joe’s mug cores (The cup is in two sections. 1. CUP. 2. CUP CORE ie FREEZER PART) into the freezer for around 6 hours? Or so? That wasn’t mentioned on the box or I just plainly couldn’t see it. Thanks, FireBox.

I think I took them out and they were even frozen. So I put them back in for another 3 hours? I brought out those cup cores and put them back into the actual cup mould and I poured in my drink of choice. By that it was just simply lemonade because I was too lazy to conjure up a Purple Rain.

I left my drink sitting in the core to hopefully freeze and after maybe 20 minutes, or so. It did. I was really shocked as I thought it would be a gag gift and that it was just going to be a waste of money, however, this cup has been a fab purchase. Honestly, I would deffo recommend to a friend.

10/10 would recommend. 



~~ Another purchase I made this month that made me happy was the makeup I bought from ILLAMASQUA if you haven’t seen that post please click here –> ILLAMASQUA & URBAN DECAY SETTING SPRAY

Anyway, I think what stood out for me the most was well, all three obviously, but the lipstick that I bought it just stunning. Seriously, I normally use my Lime Crime Velvetines Cashmere like religiously, however now that, the ILLAMASQUA Posture Lipstick is in my life there’s some serious competition.

Also, the pigment eyeshadow as well is also pretty darn hot. Although, I haven’t found any time to really test out this eyeshadow and literally apply it, as currently, I’m ill. However, I know that when I get better and I’m going to shake ma tail feathers, I will deffo apply that bad boy.

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I don’t really wear ankle boots, I just wear my docs because well, Doc Martens shoes are literally my life. They are the only shoes I wear on a regular basis, for recreational and also for work. However, after purchasing some pretty beautiful grey suede boots from Public Desire I am in love. Seriously, I think they cost me about £31? Not particularly sure, however, get yourself some. The pictures are fab.


The final thing that I will say about what’s made me happy this month is my Bullet Journal. I love this thing and I’m so happy I wrote a post on it when I did. My life has changed for the better with this journal. In pictures, you’ll understand, also go take a look at my bullet journal post! You will not regret it!

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Well, this pretty much sums up for personal favourites from July so far, I doubt I will be getting anything tomorrow (31st July), so this will be a farewell to July.

I cannot wait to see what August has in store for me, my blog and my family and friends.

I hope everyone is having a good morning, afternoon or night wherever you are in the world.





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