Now obviously this post is titled ‘210 Questions to Ask Yourself’ – so go ahead and answers these questions in your own way. Or go ahead and create a post on these questions for your other readers. I found this little array of questions in my magazine called FLOW, I’m not sure what edition because I’ve had it for a while.

Whilst looking through my magazines I saw this and thought it was another creative way to get to know me. // What makes you happy? Is there anything you regret? What do you want to be doing in 10 years? Answering the questions here is a fun way of finding out what really matters to you – or to a friend. 

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So here’s 210 Questions to Ask Yourself, answered by me…

  1. Who do you get on best with? – I think I get on best with my family, Joe, Eleanor.
  2. What do you spend too much time on? – My computer always hands down my computer. I’m always on my blog, FaceBook or playing Sims4.
  3. What jokes make you laugh out loud? – All the puns from Joe, and mostly my dad’s jokes.
  4. When was the last time you did something for the first time? – I have literally no clue what this entails. Literally, I have no answer for this…
  5. Do you easily cry in front of others? – Yasss
  6. What do you usually have for breakfast? – Nothing, living life on the edge…
  7. Who did you kiss last? – Joeh
  8. When do you most feel like your mother? – I’m not really sure, like watching certain programmes I think. I feel like we give the same facial expressions towards things.
  9. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? – Just lay in bed, and think of the day ahead.
  10. Do you enjoy reading aloud to others? – I only like doing that to Joe, in front of other people no, no I do not.
  11. Which past friendship do you miss? – Lol, like all of them. I miss my old friends but then again, they lost a friend too so.
  12. What would you most like to buy? – A new camera
  13. What character trait would you like to have? – No clue on this one buddy
  14. What’s your favourite thing to watch on TV? – A Game of thrones, Walking Dead, Dexter, any film ahaha
  15. When did you last go to a theme park? – Last month in Japan, we went to Tokyo Disney! 13/06/16
  16. To what age would you like to live? – I’d like to live to over 90+
  17. Which holiday do you think back on most nostalgically? – Japan! 10/06/16
  18. How does heartbreak feel for you? – Death? No, it just felt like a kick in the teeth really.
  19. Would you rather have another name? – No, I quite like Tara.
  20. What has made you doubt yourself? – Loads of things…
  21. Does it really matter to you what others say? – Depends on if I know them or not, or if I appreciate what they are trying to say
  22. What’s the best part of the day? – Seeing / Spending time with Joeh, always the best part of my days xoxo
  23. Can you cook well? – Sort of
  24. Which season do you resemble the most? – Autumn / Winter, I have a lot of wintery clothes.
  25. When was the last time you spent a whole day doing nothing? – Everyday…
  26. Were you a happy child? – Yeah
  27. Do you buy flowers often? – Kind of, mostly for my mum 🙂
  28. What’s your biggest dream? – Living in Japan(TOKYO) or America
  29. How many homes have you lived in? – 1.
  30. What’s your guilty pleasure? – Not really a guilty pleasure, but I love old school r&b
  31. What was the last book you read? – A Game of Thrones (Still need to carry on with the series)
  32. Why do you have your current hairstyle? – It’s easily manageable.
  33. Are you addicted to your phone? – Yes, what teenager/young adult isn’t?
  34. Are you a saver or a spender? – Both, I really like to save and then splurge on one thing or multiple things later/
  35. What’s your favourite store? – In England it’s Topshop, HMV, Waterstones. In Japan it was LOFT god, that shop was like my home.

  36. What do you most frequently order to drink in a cafe? – Well, I’m not a coffee lover or tea lover really, so I just order either lemonade or an iced tea.

  37. Do you know when it is time to leave? – Yes, I think it’s a very good thing to know is when to leave a place/home/party
  38. If you could start you own business, what would it be? – I think like photography, web design? Something like that or to do with magazines. Joe thinks ‘something ETSY wise like creating stuff’.
  39. Do you always want to win? – I think it depends what I’d be winning.
  40. What are you sorry that you missed? – My brother’s girlfriends birthday.
  41. How would you rate your face? – 7.5?
  42. Were you good at school? – Not in the academic classes. / I was okay at art, and German. I was good at ICT.
  43. How long you stay in the shower bath on average? – I’d say 30 mins
  44. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? – Yeah.
  45. What time do you usually get up? – Normally, 1? Sometimes around 11am.
  46. Do you always celebrate your birthday? – Obviously.
  47. How many times a day do you check FaceBook? – 8 times or more?
  48. What’s your favourite room in your house? – Bathroom or bedroom
  49. When was the last time you petted a dog (other animal)? – Today, just now.
  50. When are you at your best? – When I feel good.
  51. With whom did you have your first kiss? – Joe.
  52. What book made a great impression on you? – No clue buddy
  53. What does music mean to you? – Not really sure, it’s just something to soothe me?
  54. Are you afraid of the dark? – Nope.
  55. What jewelery do you wear everyday? – None, I used to wear a ring Joe bought me for my 19th but I lost it. Then in Japan I bought a bracelet and I’ve lost that..
  56. Why did you choose the work you do now? – It pays.
  57. What movies would you rather see at home than in the cinema? – Horror films.
  58. How gentle are you judgements? – Not very?
  59. Do you sleep well? – Sort of
  60. What was your latest discovery? – That the character who plays Travis Marshall in Dexter is Tom Hanks’ son.
  61. Do you believe in life after death? – I would like you believe so.
  62. Who are you angry with? – No one.
  63. Do you use public transport often? – Yup.
  64. What has given you the most grief? – Nothing.
  65. Have you become what you wanted to be as a kid? – Not yet.
  66. What song makes you want to dance the night away? – Not sure really…
  67. What trait do you really appreciate in a loved one? – Humour.
  68. What has been your biggest purchase? – For myself it would been my MacBook, for someone else my mum. When I bought her, her coach bag.
  69. Do you give people a second chance? – Yeah.
  70. Do you have many friends? – Kind of? Yeah?

  71. What word gives you the jitters? – Nothing?

  72. Have you been in love unintentionally? – Yeah.
  73. When was the last time you felt nervous? – Dunno.
  74. What makes your home feel like home to you? – Having my dog Scamp there.
  75. Where do you get your news? – TV
  76. What’s your favourite hobby? – Blogging, Photography, Bullet Journalling.
  77. What do you find funny? – Joe’s puns or my dad’s jokes.
  78. How often do you excercise? – Ahahahaa, next questions please…
  79. Do you think you are memorable? – Maybe
  80. What are two things you cannot do without? – Not having Joe around, or my laptop
  81. When was the last time you put aside your fears? – Not sure?
  82. What used to make you happy when you were younger? – Being a kid, having no responsibilites
  83. Which of your outfits make you feel the most beautiful? – Anything with lace.
  84. What’s on your nightstand? – I don’t have one. But I mostly keep things on my windowsill, and I keep my phone and candle on there.
  85. How patient are you? – Quite.
  86. Who is your fallen hero? – Not a clue
  87. How good are you at setting boundaries? – Quite good.
  88. Which one of your friends have you known the longest? – Abigail, Shannon and Savannh (Since primary school)
  89. Do you like to meditate? – Yes I do 🙂
  90. How do you pep yourself up after a bad day? – Shop
  91. What’s your favourite book? – Harry Potter (all)
  92. Who do you WhatsApp the most? – I don’t have whatsapp….
  93. Do you say yes or no often? – I’d say, yes?
  94. Do you like being alone? – Nope.
  95. What would you do if you didn’t have to work? – Blog and take photographs and create websites 🙂
  96. Can you drive well? – Yes.
  97. Do you want people to like you? – Yeah.
  98. What should you have done differently in your love life? – Find the right one first.
  99. What do you like doing on a night out? – Getting ready and doing my makeup. But mostly I just prefer to hang out go to the cinema.
  100. Have you ever broken the law? – No.
  101. Does your horoscope sign match your traits? – Yeah.
  102. What colour dominates your wardrobe? – Black or mustard.
  103. Do you make the most out of each day? – Not at all.
  104. Do you find it easy to admit your mistakes? – Sometimes
  105. In what ways do you always want to stay a child? – Being naive, and curious.

  106. Could you go a wekk without the Internet? – Not at all.

  107. Who knows you best? – My parents and Joe.
  108. What’s the least annoying household chore? – The dishwasher
  109. Have you ever been disappointed in a person? – HELL YEAH.
  110. What does your ideal day look like? – Waking up at lik 10am, going for a jog. Then around lunch going for a cute romantic walk. Getting home and cosy up on the couch watching movies all night till the early hours.
  111. Are you proud of yourself? – Sort of
  112. What useless talent do you possess? – Random knowledge / film facts
  113. Do you have loose ends in your life? – Yes?
  114. Why do you drink / not drink alcohol? – I rarely drink so. But I think it’s just quite nice?
  115. What kind of stuff makes you happy? – Design, Films, Dogs, Blog, Makeup etc
  116. Have you looked at the clouds today? – Yes, indeed I have.
  117. What word do you use too often? – ‘Right?’
  118. Do you like being in the spotlight? – Not really.
  119. What should you take more time to do? – Work / Uni work.
  120. Do you think people are inherently good? – Not sure.
  121. Do you ever choose work over love? – No.
  122. For what are you grateful to your parents? – Life.
  123. Do you always say what you think? – Nope.
  124. Are you a good loser? – Yeah.
  125. What old grudges do you still carry? – Boys being idiots and thinking with one particular thing in mind. Not mentioning names here because well, USELESS.
  126. Is the grass always greener on the other side? – Yeah.
  127. Do you fall in love easily? – Yep
  128. What do you think about before you fall asleep? – About the day ahead
  129. What’s your favourite day of the week? – Monday.
  130. What’s your greatest victory? – Getting into University.
  131. Which celebrity would you like to spend a day with? – Daniel Radcliffe or Kit Harrington.
  132. Have you ever been in love with (an unattainable) celebrity? – See above.
  133. What’s your dream job? – Someone in photography, blogging, design / web design. Or someone in magazines.
  134. Do you find it easy to ask for help? – Nope.
  135. What can you not throw away? – Receipts.
  136. What website do you visit daily? – WordPress, FaceBook, GMAIL.
  137. Are the best things in life free? – Yes.
  138. Have you ever stolen anything? – Yes, as a child!
  139. What dish do you serve your guests? – N/A
  140. In which store would you want to have one minute of free shopping? – Now when you say store can it be like a shopping centre store? IE: Meadowhall? 😉

  141. Which countries do you want to visit? – All of them

  142. What superpower would you like to have? – Telekanesis.
  143. When did you last want the ground to swallow you up? – Results day
  144. What song always make you feel happy? – Anything by Daft Punk or Marina.
  145. How flexible are you? – Not very
  146. Do you have a crazy dining set that you’re mad about? – No, but my mum does.
  147. What do you do when you have to stand in line? – Think
  148. Are you better looking in the mirror or in a photo? – A photo!
  149. Do you ever decide to eat less or excercise more? – I try
  150. Do you often have conversations in your head? – YES
  151. What would you like to be famous for? – Blogging, Photographing?
  152. What does being rejected feel like? – Shit
  153. Who do you want to know better? – Myself.
  154. What is your favourite mode of transport? – Car
  155. How many books do you read a year? – 2/3?
  156. Do you ever Google yourself? – Yeah
  157. What historical event would you have liked to see with your own eyes? – Salem Witch Trials.
  158. Could you live with your friends? – Yeah
  159. Do you talk to things? – Yeah
  160. What’s your greatest weakness? – Joe.
  161. Are you a dog or a cat person? – Doggo
  162. When do you realize that you like somebody? – When I get giddy and can’t sleep because I have a creepy smile on ma face.
  163. Why do you eat? – Because I have to.
  164. Do you dance in front of the mirror? – Sometimes
  165. What makes you different from other people? – The things I say and do.
  166. Which children’s film would you recommend for young children? – Labyrinth
  167. Do you stay until the very end of parties? – Nope.
  168. What track have you played to death lately? – Grimes / Kill V Maim.
  169. Do you practice before making a phone call? – Yeah
  170. When was the last time you cried in front of others? – Yesterday
  171. Who would you like to spend a free day with? – Dan Radcliffe or Kit 🙂
  172. What was the best advice that anyone ever gave you? – Love yourself.
  173. What does summer make you think of? – Slush Puppies.
  174. What does your favourite perfume smell like? – Alien / Thierry Mugler.
  175. What criticism hurt you the most? – BEing told I’ve put on loads of weight.

  176. What do you crave? – Salty crisps or Snyder’s of Hanover – Honey and mustard pretzel peices

  177. Are you kind to yourself? – Yeah
  178. How old you do you feel? – 18
  179. What movie have you seen at least 5 times? – Labyrinth
  180. Do you like taking tests? – Not at all mate.
  181. Would you like to go back to the past? – Yes.
  182. How selfish are you? – Very
  183. How do you like to relax? – Blog, play games
  184. Do you sometimes feel left out? – Yep
  185. What do you worry about often? – Not being good enough.
  186. How do you see the future? – Being surrounded by culture
  187. What made you fall in love with your partner? – He’s hot n cute, n stuff.
  188. What family member do you resemble the most? – My mum
  189. How do you prefer spending the evening? – Gaming, Blogging or watching Dexter.
  190. How independant are you in your life? – Not very.
  191. Do you often take the initiative? – Yep.
  192. Which pet do you remember fondly? – Scamp (my current dog)
  193. What accent do you find charming? – British, French
  194. Do you usually follow you heart or your head? – Both
  195. Are you sensitive to criticism? – Yeah.
  196. Are you afraid of someone you know? – Nope.
  197. Do you often make time for yourself? – Yeah
  198. What made you giggle lately? – Joe
  199. Do you believe everything you think? – Not at all.
  200. Have you been to a legendary party? – No.
  201. How well do you know your neighbours? – Very well, they rock.
  202. Do you often feel happy? – Suppose so.
  203. Which of your friends do you have the least in common with? – Not entirely sure
  204. What do you do differently than your parents? – No idea
  205. What gives you energy? – Energy drinks
  206. What is favourite sound? – Rain on windows / or a good thunderstorm
  207. When was the last time you stayed up all night? – Everynight
  208. What do you like daydreaming about? – My future, my blog doing well, Japan
  209. Do you look over your shoulder a lot? – Yeah
  210. What do you most people not know about you? – I’m insecure, I might be loud but that’s just a front. People think I’m confident but I’m a quite lil’ mouse.


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