When I was in my early teens (lol ‘cos I’m 20) – I wasn’t that interested in makeup like I never wore any and if I did I’d just wear super heavy eyeliner and mascara <– BAD COMBO. Especially, if you are rather pale like moi.

Recently, though I really got into the art of makeup, I started watching YouTubers and looking at bloggers for makeup and I was just fascinated at what people can achieve! AKA Contouring gotta have them cheekbones that can cut a bitch up, you get me? ~~ But yeah I just got so attached and now it’s my love.I love buying new makeup it’s like my new hobby.


I love buying new makeup it’s like a hobby.

Now obvs this post states my ‘new’ makeup, and this new particular makeup is literally 3 products, however, I feel the need to discuss this with you (readers)

So I purchased all these products from ASOS yass, I love ASOS, you go ASOS.

Yeah, I bought these from there and they were kinda expensive, but hear me out, I needed these okay…

  • Illamasqua Lipstick in the colour Posture ~ £19.50
  • Illamasqua Pigmented Eyeshadow in Ara ~ £12.50


Then I purchased the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray from UrbanDecay.com and this was only £9.00 for 30ml, which to be honest I didn’t think it to be too bad!


First off, I loved all of these products. The setting spray was amazing, I normally use the MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ however, that isn’t a mist that’s like a full on spray of product. Whereas the Urban Decay is a fine dewy light mist which felt amazing.

The packaging of the Urban Decay Setting Spray is lush, as a design student I love it. It’s matte and just feels really nice.


The Illamasqua products were just superb, I’ve never owned anything from that brand before and I saw the makeup on ASOS and thought I might as well go for it. The lipstick is my fav honestly, the colour is like a very pale lilac, and it’s just heaven.

The packaging too is just amazing, I’m in love. The eyeshadow, I haven’t tried out really but the colour is amazing. It’s a very shimmery shade I’ll try and find a picture online, as I forgot to swatch it!


Glow On…



Below are my images, enjoy looking I guess!






  1. ~~ JULY FAVOURITES ~~ – The Wolf & The Fox

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