If you follow my FaceBook page for my blog, you might have noticed a little post I put up last night? Or the night before wondering whether I should create a post on things for a dream house?! ~~ Well after work tonight I decided why the heck not!

Without further ado here it is complete with slideshows (OOOoOoOooo)

You know when you just daydream of your dream home and just imagine all the wonderful, beautiful things you will fill said dream home with? – Well, I do this, almost every day. I say to myself, what would I put in my bathroom? Then I sigh and think of all the expensive and beautiful things I will put in it.

I say to myself, what would I put in my bathroom? Then I sigh and think of all the expensive and beautiful things I will put in it, from a free standing bath with claw feet, a powerful jet wash shower, or one of them waterfall ones? Ooo

A selection of rugs maybe? Not entirely sure, a beautiful cabinet section on the wall, filled with Lush products…

For interior and exteriors, with the help of Pinterest I created an ‘Interior and Exterior’ board, this is full of the good stuff that I just love. It’s a lot of architecture but bare with me…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I totally love all the bits in this board, I love to have a board dedicated to all the things to do with houses and interior bits and bobs in a place that I can look it for the future.

For more interior / re-decorating, I keep a folder on my desktop for everything that I just desperately need…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This little array of items are  from Urban Outfitters, and I absolutely adore their homeware section. Literally, I think everything that I would put into my dream house would mostly be from Urban Outfitters. I just love their mirrors, helloooo a Moon Mirror

(I think I need you in my life) ~~ I also need a lot of plants in my house! I’m a sucker for Cacti and pretty Bonsai trees and flowers etc.

I think anything to do with nature in houses is a plus. I would also like to have a beautiful sofa, the one in these images is one I love, but I think I’d want something grander? I’m not sure, all I know is these above are things I need so badly.

Like whenever I see something I want/need I just take screenshots on my laptop and decide is it homeware? Or is it something personal, like makeup or clothes?  Then place them in the designated folder.


I believe everyone dreams of their ‘dream home’, if you don’t you’re either lying or just strange..


Let me know if you’d have any of the things above in your dream home in the comments below






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