Let’s talk Bullet Journals…

Today I made the purchase of my very first Bullet Journal, I bought this from Amazon and the link will be at the bottom this post along with other necessary links I found when looking on the Internet all about Bullet Journaling.

My journal cost me £17 from Amazon which, to be honest, isn’t that bad, especially as this one is the most common as it has everything you need inside to teach you all about the ways of the bullet journal, also the pages are already dotted which is great, as that it I think of the main things in bullet journaling. I’m really excited to get started on my journal, as this journal is something that can hold any kind of list: Films to watch, books to read, a daily account/weekly, monthly trackers etc, I believe that the possibilities of this journal are endless. Like I said I ordered it from Amazon, and as Joe has Amazon Prime I used that and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow on the 5th July.

Now to understand how I I came across Bullet Journaling was one night/day not entirely sure but anyway, I saw it coming up on my FaceBook most of the time under pages that I had liked previously. I didn’t really know what it was that they were talking about as they don’t really mention the name in their title for the post, so I was really intrigued and thus I clicked on the link. I was then brought to a web page that was talking about Bullet Journaling.

I was so keen to be on this trend that I researched and delved further, and further and now I was in a downward spiral of the bullet journal (and so it begins…) / I wanted to know more fully, however, I didn’t really know that there was a designated website for Bullet Journaling and I have like 4 tabs open all from this one website. I also created a board on my Pinterest to share all the fascinating this that I found on bullet journaling.  I believe there is someone out in the bullet journal community called

On Pinterest I created a board to share all the fascinating things that I find on bullet journaling.  I believe there is someone out in the bullet journal community called Boho Berry, I will leave more about her at the end too 🙂

Boho Berry:

She is a blogger woo! Her blog URL is, Boho Berry -> Her blog revolves around 3 themes and one of them is, of course, the Bullet Journal System! Now as I’ve just purchased my own I am keen to see what she states about it and what tips and tricks she shares.

I really love her section and I believe that it will help me very well.

Thanks Boho Berry 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 15.57.58.png

My Pinterest!

So as I mention above I now have created a board on my Pinterest to showcase others’ work and to basically inspire myself, to create a beautiful journal. I basically just went and created my new board and to fill it up, I just went to the search bar (obvs) and typed in Bullet Journals and up cropped loads of images related to this amazing new craze really. I was overwhelmed by the vast images that came and saved them to my board, now I’m really getting excited to creating my new journal. I believe that this can help me plan out for my final year at Uni too!

If you would like to follow my Pinterest please do here: Pinterest – Tara

And if you would like to follow  my Bullet Journals board you can do so here: Pinterest – Tara – Bullet Journals!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 16.02.31.png

Images with links to their correct websites 🙂



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