My 20th Birthday and Holiday Update!!

On the 5th June, in 1996 my mother went into labour with me, 20 years later and here I am as a twenty-year-old woman. It’s actually really scary how I am no longer a teenager, I can no longer blame things on the fact that I was a teenager. I know have to do adult things, like actually cleaning my room more than what I do now, cook for myself a lot more, etc.

So for my birthday, it wasn’t really much, by that I mean I spent the Saturday night in Huddersfield as a pre-warm up to my birthday. I only stayed in one place which is Revolution and this my friends, is a brilliant Vodka bar. Now, I think we went out

Now, I think we (me and Joe) went out at like 7? As I had drinks in Calder where I live, and then a few in Wetherspoons aka purple rain! Gotta has that, then we went for the bus to Huddersfield.

Then we went straight to Revs and stayed there till like 2? ‘Cos everything was quite expensive and I didn’t warm to the idea of spending money, so at 2am we went to McDonalds and I had 20 chicken nuggets, as a twenty-year-old.

Then we walked back to Joe’s and stayed and slept and woke up feeling fresh around 11am. I went back to Brighouse at 1pm as I had to pick up glasses, and then came home and opened my cards and presents.

In my cards was mostly money which obviously makes you happy, and I had received 3 presents.

Joe bought my Alien by Theirry Mugler


My brother bought me a book and a magazine which was:

Patience by Daniel Clowes

Sabat: The Maiden Issue

I was totally happy with these gifts as they mean a lot and I really love what I got given.

My birthday did fall on the Sunday, so on Monday me and Joe took a journey and ventured to Meadowhall shopping centre. I didn’t buy anything really I bought 3 things…

I bought 2 beautiful bath bombs from lush which was:

Big Blue


Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp image

Then I went to Zara and bought a cute little crop for my holiday!

( However, now I cannot find a picture online of it, and it is now tightly packed away in my suitcase for tomorrow)

So prepare for an Outfit of the Day post of me wearing it on one of the days.



Joe and I are off on holiday in the morning!!!

I am so totally excited as we are off to Japan, if you read my previous post you will have been notified before!

We fly at 11am to Amsterdam, stay there for an hour then make the journey to Japan!

I am so excited for this cultural trip! We are trying to stay awake all night if possible, and by doing this we are going to be playing on the PlayStation, and watching Anime!

I’m mostly going to be watching Studio Ghibli as it is what I prefer however I’m interested in watching Attack on Titan, Pyscho Pass, etc. I know a few of the things we will be going but you will have to stay tuned on my blog as I will be posting a load of posts each day we are they!

Also, I have a FaceBook page for my blog now which is really cool! If you would like to go ahead and like my page that would be really nice too!

I’m also going to post more exclusive things onto my FaceBook page as well, so if you’re interested in that then go right ahead and like the page 🙂

The Wolf and The Fox FaceBook Page


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