Successful Shopping Trip – 25th May

Yesterday, I and Joe and my friend Eleanor went to Leeds to do a light spot of shopping. This turned from light to heavy quite quickly, I met my friend in H&M and after really just looking around I found two dresses that I thought were super beautiful, I bought the same dress twice, ‘cos it was just super cute in both colours. I chose a light baby pink and black, as I have two moods obviously…

Also, the dress was £12.99


13288955_10154137142183815_2110376473_n.jpg (Taken from Snapchat woo)

Full Picture:

Photo on 26-05-2016 at 19.25.jpg



Photo on 26-05-2016 at 19.28.jpg

13296185_10207953439688374_1632588962_n.jpg(so my boyfriend’s iPhone camera is actually pretty shoddy..)


I also forgot that I bought some shoes from H&M, these were branded I think under DIVIDED? Not too sure, however, Joe spotted them and I thought that I had to have them. They are white, and sorta like brogues / doc martens. Kinda like a cheap dupe. I’m all for that. My mother even said they were like “Nurse’s Shoes”, which I dig.

Next stop we went into Urban Outfitters and I love going in there and shopping around, but to be honest I saw nothing that I wanted (boo) however, Eleanor bought a few things in there which is always good.

After there we went to Topshop and we went through Trinity by the way, and we ended up in Topman, which was very good for Joe. However, Joe wasn’t the one looking in Topman, I was. I found a beautiful hoodie/jumper! In two colours like before, one in a light baby pink, the other in a sand/pale orange, which I loved. I couldn’t decide which I liked the best so I got Joe and Eleanor help me pick.






Now I choose the pink one as it looked too darn good!

This hoodie cost me £25.00


After I picked up the pink/salmon hoodie, Joe then decided to show me some socks… Now I love socks so after he showed me these three pairs I just needed them… Don’t judge me.

Now these socks were in the 3 for £7.00 so I had to have them… No Shame!


Then after going here I desperately needed to go to Harvey Nichols and purchase some more concealer from NARS. I love the NARS Creamy Concealer, the one I have currently is practically out, so I needed to replenish it.

The shade I get is Chantilly, which is I think one of the palest shades that NARS do.

But yeah, I went to them in Leeds Harvey Nichols, before and just asked the lady at the counter what shade she thought I was, as I wasn’t too sure myself. I think that the shade Chantilly is just perfect for me as it’s light and has a really creamy texture too.


After here we went for lunch at mine and Joe’s fav place which is Five Guys, again no shame! I love a good burger and fries! I think my order came to like £17.00 and I only bought 1 cheeseburger, 1 regular fries, and 2 drinks (killed my bank account) however, yeah it was great. It was Ele’s first time eating there and she really enjoyed it. Win, win!



After eating, Eleanor got the train home and we decided to get the bus back to mine, so as we walked back to our stop we went to LUSH, obviously // (I live in LUSH)

I went in expecting to not buy anything but I saw the MMMelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil and I thought for £2, you can’t beat it.

Melting_Marshmallow_Bat_Oil_Web.jpg< £2 bath oil so damn good, and the smell is sooo sweet. If you like Candy Mountain / Snow Fairy, Bubblegum lip scrub or anything else that’s sweet from LUSH then you will deffo need this in your collection. Again, it’s TWO POUNDS! I am shocked to be honest, for it to be so cheap.

I left it in the little paper wrap in my bag last night, I left it in there over night and when I took it out of my bag, it still smells like this super sweet sickly smell. It’s heaven. I seriously recommend this product as it’s super cheap and smells divine.


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