Finishing Uni and another holiday?!

So as of yesterday, I have finished my second year at University! I had to have two assignments/presentations yesterday and I was super nervous/anxious. I spent Tuesday night crying because of it, but let’s not dwell on that, the good news is that I have finished till hopefully September!

My little update* is this and also a new thing has happened…..

You’re probably sat thinking what could she be talking about? Well, my little readers, I am off on Holiday again with Joe in June!

I know, I know, I’ve already been on holiday this year, however, we decided we needed to on another one.

So with that, we didn’t spend long at all figuring out where it was that we were going to have our second adventure.

Now ladies and gents, boys and girls. I and Joe have decided to pluck up the courage and venture off to a far distant place, this place being…


We thought for maybe a week or so? On whether we would go to Tenerife again, or try out somewhere new in the World that neither of us has been too before. So we finally settled on going to Japan – Tokyo.

I am super excited for this trip! I believe that this adventure will change us both, in so many good and positive ways. I cannot wait to walk around the streets of Harajuku and lap in the luxurious places Japan has to offer us.

We are staying in Tokyo, and I will have more info on what we are planning on doing closer to the date of the 10th June!

Also, we are going on holiday just 5 days after I turn twenty! Which is really again, super-duper exciting! I will be more blog posts in the few days as I have finished University!

But watch out for my birthday post on the 5th and deffo come back to see what we get up to in Japan!

// ~ ~ I know I don’t go for a good few weeks but, keep coming back to get more details! ~ ~


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