My Mum’s Birthday

On the 6th of May, it was my mother’s birthday and I made sure she had the best possible birthday ever.

I was manically thinking of what to buy my mother for her birthday and I’ll get onto what her big gift was at the end of the post. However, during the day of her birthday, I was in Huddersfield, me and Joe decided to go into Thornton’s and buy her some really nice chocolates.

He bought her a classic set and I bought my mum some individual truffle’s in a cute little box with a ribbon. Joe’s classic set was gift wrapped and adorned with a cute bow too.

We quickly went back to mine and I was frantically putting up a banner which I bought from Boots below is the image of the banner:

w7541_1.jpg – I wrote ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM’ in these little alphabet letters. I had to get Joe, my dad, and my mum’s friend Nickie to help me set these up because I was trying to get her gifts together!

My dad had told me that my mum had gone to work, so I was trying to hurry up and get everything sorted. Luckily, I had brought all her gifts downstairs and put them on the floor by her chair. As I did this, I saw the car pull into the drive and I was so excited!

She came in the house, I and Joe made everyone a cup of tea and waited for my mum to open her presents. I passed my mum the boxes of chocolates and she really liked mine and Joe’s ideas for chocolates. She really liked Thornton’s chocolate so I think we did really good.

I then passed her the giant box that I had bought for her, I was so impressed with this gift and I couldn’t wait to see her face! Here is the image of the box:


// She had no idea how to open the box so I had to help her, I didn’t want her to ruin the surprise.

Below are the rest of the images of my mum’s big present:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She was so overwhelmed at the fact that I bought her a COACH Handbag, she had been after one of these for years and I wanted to spoil my mum. She does so much and I wanted to treat her, like she treats me. I think she was shocked but, I think she was really grateful and enjoyed her big gift. Afterwards, my dad turned around and said, “She was determined to but you that big this year”. I was going to get her for her 50th but decided that she needed the bag now.

Anyway, that’s a little post to say about my mum’s birthday and hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading this cute little post!

Love Tara,



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