Tenerife – January ’16

Now this is really bad of me! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t blog about when I went on holiday to Tenerife with Joe in January!

January guys! I feel terrible! – However, now I might as well talk about Tenerife as we had a really good holiday and seen as though it is coming up to Summer, and if you don’t really know where to go… well here is my suggestion!

I really recommend going to Tenerife, it is a beautiful place and has sun and sea and sand, what more could you possibly want?

I had already been to Tenerife before, however, Joe had not, he had never even been on a plane before Tenerife! We got up around half 5 on the 6th January and my dad drove us down to Manchester airport.

We waited around for a while as I believe that the plane wasn’t until 10? I’m a little fuzzy because of how long ago this was, so please bare with me.

So we went and checked in and it was really terrifying for me, I felt petrified. It was because I had never gone on holiday without my parents before so I was nervous as to if everything would go according to plan. Luckily it did, so we checked in fine and had our bags weighed. Now for out plane I think we had a 22kg bag allowance.

Again, luckily my bag just came on 21.5kg bag allowance, I was super happy I kept telling Joe how much of a good suitcase packer I was.

So after they took our bags etc, we had to board the flight and it was a 4-hour flight which was pretty much plain sailing. It was a really smooth flight and me and Joe literally just chilled out on the plane.

When we landed in sunny Tenerife, we got the coach which took us to our hotel. For this, we stayed at the Iberostar Las Dalias (VERY GOOD HOTEL) and we stayed all inclusive as well! So as we entered the hotel we had to check in and get out passkey for the room, and the person checking us in asked if we wanted a glass of bubbly and we happily obliged.

After this, we went straight up to our room and freshened up. I can’t really remember all the tiny details we did on our holiday, however, I really remember just going shopping and going to the beach, going to Siam Park.

Siam Park is a definite must when you go to Tenerife. It has amazing water rides and interesting little shops too, the food is quite expensive but I suppose that is to be expected at places like this, where they will get loads of tourists.

The only thing that was horrible when we went to Siam was the fact that the Wave Palace was under maintenance. The wave pool was really one of the reasons why we chose to go to Tenerife, and with it being under maintenance, really sucked. We did have a good time however, it just sucked not being able to experience the wave pool.

Below are some images we took from Tenerife (not in order btw)


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