Caramel Freakshakes?

So I guess most of you will have heard about the Freakshakes happening over in Austrailia and there’s been a new cafe / bakery opened up in London, called Molly Bakes (Seen alllll over Instagram at the moment, with beautiful delicacies). Well, I was so tempted to wanting one after seeing so many people posting pictures of theirs all over Instagram, I wanted to make my own!

And surprisingly enough myself and Joey wanted a caramel Freakshake. To make this, and ours was super simple because we didn’t have many ingredients in, to be honest (we always make things at the last minute and never decide to shop for stuff).

I don’t really stick to recipes when making caramel or butterscotch sauce, I really just eyeball it and guess. I probably shouldn’t but, in the end, I made a pretty decent caramel sauce.

I put around 4 tablespoons of caster sugar in a saucepan, with 2 tablespoons of brown muscovado sugar. I added in a good squeeze of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and added 2 good block fulls of butter. I then melted all of this together and made it get thick. Just enough so that it covered the back of a spoon. I added in some milk to thin it down just a tad. I left it simmering on the stove on a very low heat, so that it didn’t burn and that it was warm after our milkshakes were down.

I then drizzled the caramel sauce into two glasses, I used a Mason Jar mug and Joe used a classy Coke bottle glass (which you could’ve got from McDonald’s a long time ago)

I made sure that there was caramel all at the bottom of the glass, on the sides, around the top and rim of the glasses too.

After this is was time to create our milkshakes and for ours, we used Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Sutra Core Ice Cream (This was absolutely heaven on its own but in a milkshake/freakshake it’s divine.

I don’t really like chocolate ice cream so, I made sure that I got the rest of the vanilla ice cream, with the caramel core for good measure. Then I added in some milk and blended this all together. It was really thick and just so good! I added this to my jar of caramel and once all my milkshake was in, I added in more caramel.

Joe, used the rest of the chocolate ice cream, and added in some milk and blended. Once combined he added his to the glass, and I topped it with more delicious caramel.

I would’ve added whipped cream on top like they do with classic freakshakes and even that of regular milkshakes, however, I didn’t have any in at the time.

All in all is was a really nice, sickly sweet drink. I would really like to go to London again and go to MollyBakes’ for a proper FreakShake.


Love Tara,




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