*ALSO LIKE MY NEW PICTURE?! Joe went onto Reddit and asked someone to create an Adventure Time Style Drawing of me, for our one year anniversary! The person who drew it is Florixia on Reddit. Look her up!*

I’m back!!

No, I didn’t really go away, I just kind of just wanted to take a sort of break from being on my blog. I wanted to keep posting however, I just didn’t really know what to blog about…

With that in mind, I still don’t know what it is that I am wanting to post.

Since Christmas, I have had a very interesting month. I got some amazing presents from my wonderful friends and family, and obviously including Joseph. I’ll probably make a short list of them at below. Currently, I think I’m just rambling so I apologize.

For Christmas, off my friend Eleanor, I received: Body Scrub from Body Shop, A Cat Hat from Topshop, A Colour Changing Hair Spray from FUDGE, she got me around 4 packs of Fluffy Socks. Joe got me a variety of things, the majority of it was, in fact, Make Up and yes he is a true keeper. He bought me the Velvetines Set from Lime Crime (Company I just adore), and the MAC Setting Spray. He also bought a book, called ‘Cabin Porn’, which if you have not seen that or heard of it I suggest you go out and look at it because that book gives me the feels.

I received a POP Vinyl figure of the beautiful Jon Snow (insert heart eyes) / I also got a beautiful pastel pink Firetrap bobble hat too. All my Christmas presents from all my friends and family are truly amazing! I’m really grateful.

Then most recently, on the 6th January myself and Joe went on our first holiday together! We went to Tenerife, for 10 nights all inclusive! However, I will promise I will do an upcoming blog post about all of that shortly. Probably Thursday? If I remember!

Again, today I bought some amazing little bits which I shall talk about right now!

The first thing today I bought was some amazing little 2lb weights from TKMAXX, yes I know it is only a 2lb weight, but there’s two okay? I’m a weakling I need these baby weights… I got a beautiful green pair and there so cute and great. I’m currently sat using one hand to type, and using the other to do some ‘reps’. Yeah, me working out… this is unusual. Also, these only cost me £4.99.

The other little bits I bought was another thing from TKMAXX, and this was a cute little glass set. It’s mini milk bottles and they say ‘DAIRY’ on the front of the glass, embossed. Within the set, you get 6 reusable straws I believe, and a cute little wooden tray! I got that for around £6/7.

Then I went into WHSmith, as they’re doing magazines for like a pound, and I’m cheap so it works out great for the both of us. I bought ‘Web Design for Beginners’, the most recent issue of ‘Oh Comely’ (this is usually a fiver okay, big deal), and the last was ‘The PlayStation Book’. Again, all of them were a pound. I spent £3 pounds on 3 magazines, whereas at normal price these would have cost me, £27.98. Wow, MASSIVE SAVINGS GUYS.

Anyway, I’ll leave on a positive note and say I promise I shall get into a better schedule of blogging again! I hope you all stay loyal and sweet!

Bye Guys,

Love Tara, xoxo


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