Happy Holidays!

Today’s post is going to be really quick but quite detailed! I’m basically going to talk about Christmas Presents for my family, Joe and Eleanor, and also to myself! These little bits were from Lush which, if you’ve been on my blog before, you know how much I adore that company!

To start off with, however, it is the 24th December and the time is 19:45 ( the time I’m typing this so bare with me) – and that means that it is Christmas Eve! So exciting – however, since I’ve grown older I’m not much for Christmas anymore…

I started my Christmas shopping back in November when I was thinking of what I could possibly buy Joseph! I thought about many things and wrote down a few things also, and I finally came to the perfect conclusion for his gifts! For Joe, I bought him: A ‘Merry Christmas you filthy animal‘ Jumper from Topshop, I also bought him 3 pairs of Christmas socks from Topshop too! – I then purchased a Fox Mask Book from Urban Outfitters, at HMV I bought him the Hannibal Box Set. As an early present, I bought him the Bloodborne DLC for PS4. Then as another present, I bought him 2 products from Lush! These being the Cinders bath bomb, and The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar.

For my mum I got her a beautiful Pandora Necklace which she can put her Pearl Charm onto, and a cookbook from Waterstones, this was called Nopi. For my dad, I bought him Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka, and I also got him an iPhone pen, which can also be used in conjunction with an iPad, and other tablet devices.

For my brother, I bought him a PS4 game which was Until Dawn. My dad had already bought him two other PS4 games, so I’m sure that he will be thrilled with this game too!

Eleanor (my friend from Uni also got quite a few gifts) – she was given:  Real Technique Duo Sponges (£9.99 – £6.66*)  – Lush: The Magic of Christmas and Snow Fairy Show GelInflatable Crown False Nails: Elegant Touch / The Hamptons – Eleanor One

Treats for Myself!

Okay so every now and again we need to spoil ourselves for a change, and the other week or month I bought so much stuff from Lush it was unbelievable and then I ordered 2 more things from the Lush Kitchen on the 13th December!

These gifts to myself are as follows:

The Comforter Shower Gel, in the biggest size

Karma Bubble Bar, the most purple and glittery one of the bunch

Big Bang Bubble Bar, as it looked and smelled divine

And last but not least the Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, as I love all things to do with Space.

On the same day, Joe bought me the Fairy Dust Lustre, however, he said that I can get it on Christmas day! Dammit! But I cannot wait to be a perfect glittery fairy on Christmas!

(The above pictures are here…)

Also, the two that I had purchased from the Lush Kitchen was:

Sea Salted Caramel Soap! – Which smells so sickly sweet that it is so heavenly! And the other being The Pink Magic Wand! Again, this smells exactly like that of Snow Fairy and The Bubblegum Lip Scrub!

(pictures of the lush Kitchen are here…)





(also, there will be a huge blog post tomorrow about my Christmas and I hope to see some from you!)


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