Books, Unicorns and… Moleskine?


I’m back with another unusual blog post! – Well not really unusual, it’s quite normal that I blog about my most recent purchases however this one is quite unique and quirky and ME!

So, I shall start with today’s purchases and move my way back through.

Today is the 16th October and I went to TKMAXX and I purchased two salts. These were Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. The bottles are so adorable which is another reason why I got them! – TKMAXX is my all time favourite place! I honestly could spend so much money in there. These salts set me back around £8!! However, I’m not too fussed as they look so cute >.< – I must be an awful shopper as I probably spend a good while looking at different packages for salt…


Then I went to Topshop and purchased a beautiful Unicorn teddy! It’s a FLUFFY UNICORN! … “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!” – Sorry bit of Agnes from Despicable Me, going on… I apologise… / However, yeah it’s a heat – wheat bag teddy thing. Where you put the wheat bag that smells beautifully of lavender, into the microwave for a minute or so and then insert the bag back into the teddy. Then Au voila! A cute warming Unicorn Teddy! The teddy costs £9.00, however as I’m a student I got 10% discount.


Then I went into WHSmith and I wasn’t really expecting to come away with anything in particular. However, after browsing the store I went back to the magazine aisle, and saw quite an interesting magazine called Frankie.

12169062_10153615711278815_1663210006_o I’d never seen this magazine before and it looked very interesting.. I looked through the magazine and found some interesting things and I thought I just had to have it! This magazine cost me £6.99 in the UK, in Aus that’s $10.50 and NZ it’s $12.50.

I then bought the book Information is Beautiful. I’ve been wanting this book for a while now but never could really justify why I would use it. However, after being given our brief for University I thought that it could help immensely. I really like this book and all the detailed info graphics inside are wonderful. (See below for image) This cost £25!


I then bought two things for my dad, as I never really buy him anything. These were just a huge back of Toblerone, and a magazine about 3D printing. I only really bought the 3D print magazine as it was for £1!!


Also today Joey bought a New Nintendo 3D XL (LL in Japan).

His is blue and it’s really cute too! Not as cute as mine though (Sorry bub). I then bought him a game to go with it seen as though it’s his birthday on the 30th October! I bought him Zelda, Majora’s Mask and that cost my £29.99!

Then going back to other days I went and bought…

An Adventure Time Card Holder which was £2.99 and it’s adorable and perfect! It’s so great for keeping my cards, Uni pass and bus pass all in one nifty little holder!

In TKMAXX a yesterday I purchased more home ware type items! These were:

Popcorn Salt, 2 Paprika tins, and a mason jar mug!

Joey bought me a Clueless Mug! (Ugh, as if!)

I also went into Grainger Games and purchased 4 DVDS, which are four fab DVDS if you have not watched any. I highly recommend these listed!

12168592_10153615713008815_1209916390_o Solomon Kane, The Crazies, The Shining and Cabin Fever!

Then yesterday night me and Joe went out for tea however it wasn’t that nice, the only thing we liked was our drinks! I had two vodka lemonades and Joey had a Passionfruit Rekordalig (which was really really nice).

However, I managed to get this cool panorama shot…


Then maybe a week ago? I went into Waterstones and looked long and hard at the Moleskine section, this right here was a weakness for me. I love Moleskine notebooks as they’re beautiful. Honestly, I find them so pretty and well designed for a notebook. I wanted a clean, crisp white one! I bought this white moleskine for £13.99! Which is pretty steep and I really didn’t want to buy it for that price however it’s too pretty to pass up!


Now time to show you the massive amount of selfies I take and also including Joey!


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