Autumn Spell…

Okay so today I just received my Glossybox and my postman tried to post the parcel however obviously, I wasn’t in and he left a note for me saying where he left it! Sorry but I find it really cute! (Pictures are all below)

I’ve literally just opened my box and I am really impressed! I can see myself using all these products like, in one go! It’s amazing! As usual, inside you see the leaflet containing with products are inside and I didn’t even read this! I just delved straight in, however let’s look over the leaflet…

This box is called Autumn Spell, which is perfect well done Glossybox for making it catchy and cute. They’ve included 5 full size products in this box which is great for every Glossybox Subscriber. Wow, okay so if you share your experience about the unboxing you can become a Glambassador and even win prizes each month. WOW okay. Glossybox!

// In November box we can have our own say in what to choose for the box! Which spoiler, is a lipstick! It’s a Revlon lip colour that we can choose, and it’s between these 4 shades:

Black Cherry, Fire and Ice, Pink in the Afternoon, and Nude Attitude.

I opted for Black Cherry as for fall and winter I love deep hues!

So let’s get onto the treats!!!

/ So Susan – Haute Light Highlighting Pencil; £15

I’m so excited by this product. I’ve been waiting another highlighting tool for a while now however most of the ones I’ve looked at are rather expensive. So I’m glad this was in the box. This is a crayon that has peach – cream tone and can be used in many ways! You can use it on the inner corners of your eyes, blend over the brow bone, and also the number one fav cheek bones!

Talika – Photo Hydra Day; £24.85

This is a moisturiser obviously to give hydration hence to the ‘Hydra’ part. This is from the luxury French Brand of Talika and for Autumn it’ll be great to help battle the bitter cold in England.

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara; £17.95

I’ve heard of Jelly Pong Pong before at Clothes Show Live in Manchester, in the bags that they give before you leave I think they put together little goodie bags and I had some of their things in that. I think I had a lipgloss? Not sure as it was a couple of years ago however, I really liked their work and the name as it’s super cute! However, this item is something every girl needs and it’s mascara! I use a lot of mascara to make them super long and bold. I believe that this mascara will work wonders!

Nicka K – Airbrush Blending Sponge; £6.50

Typical! I bought the real technique sponges not that long ago! Should have waited for my Glossybox!! Anyway I’m still super happy that I have another make up sponge! I love the real technique ones so I’m sure that I’ll like this one too. Also, it’s pink! MAJOR CUTENESS!!

The last is Lanolips – 101 Ointment; £7.99

This is going to keep your skin nourished all season long, so this better be really good! All you do is simply warm up the product between your fingers then dab directly onto any dry patches of skin. I’ll probably give this to Joe as I don’t really get any dry patches.. maybe on my elbows but that’s it. So lucky him!

Overall I’m really impressed with this box as I believe that I can use this literally all in one sitting. Use the sponge for foundation and cream based contour, use the mascara and the highlighting crayon. But before all that use the moisturiser. This box in my opinion is a win win! It has everything really for a full face of makeup. I can’t explain how impressed with the products I am.


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