Such a good post day!!

Hi guys!!!

I’ve been recently thinking that I haven’t posted in a while, and I was realising that I had recently purchased some items, however they hadn’t got to me in the mail!

I’ve been going crazy as I’ve been having blog withdrawal symptoms! Anyhoo, today I at least got one of the items that I had recently bought and that is:

Tokyo Ghoul: 1 /

I’m so happy! There was a knock at the door and I was in the bath using my the Refresher Jelly from my previous post whilst Joe was playing Elder Scrolls, Online. I was like “omg, I need to go! JOE! Get to the door!” / Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t get the post! Joe went and had to sign for something which I found strange if it was just my book. But I thought nothing of it.

When I got out of the bath, on my bed I noticed that I had received a parcel in a book formation and was intrigued! Was it my Photography one? Or Tokyo Ghoul?

It was a game. Toying with me. Eventually without hesitation I just opened the packet and there it was Tokyo Ghoul, the first book. I’m really excited to start reading it later! After this post actually I’m going to read it. As it’s a manga, I doubt it’ll take me long to read!

It is quite a thick book however, but it’s definitely manageable. After I opened it and browsed through the book and looked at the most beautiful artwork.

I also noticed another package on my bed!

Recently from the blogger: DesignLoveFest which I talked about in another blog post. She was holding a competition, if you will and the prize was a poster from the Swedish designer Olle Eksell. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s very interesting too! The prize though, was of “One Eye50 x 70. I loved this poster and I thought why not!

All you had to do was just say what piece of artwork you liked from Olle’s collection. I chose 3 which I found to be beautiful and as a Graphic Designer, in training I believe that having this would bring inspiration to me! I wrote that along with my post.

Then it was a waiting game really. I thought nothing of it for a few days to be honest. I thought as I’ve never won a competition before I thought “Oh well, such as life! I knew I wouldn’t win!” However, that changed my perception of competitions all-together!

I was in complete and utter shock when I got an email saying I was a potential winner! I was over the moon! I was awe-struck really. I didn’t know what to do. I responded to the email as quickly as I could.

Then recently I received another email saying that the delivery was sent and should be with me soon, etc.

Overall I’m completely happy with these two things that came in the mail today!

I still have more to come this being:

Glossybox September Edition,

Stack Magazine,

Photography Book (with my own edition in!)

In Progress – Jessica Hische

I’m really excited for these to come soon! I really hope they come by tomorrow or Friday! I’m getting anxious!

Do any of you feel really paranoid when it comes to getting deliveries in the post?

Love Tara, xoxo


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