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For 20 years, Dazed & Confused Magazine has been at the forefront of youth culture. Defining the times, each issue showcases agenda-setting editorial and pioneering fashion photography. Based in London but created by an international collective of writers, image-makers and stylists, Dazed and its website dazeddigital.com is read in print and online by over 1.7m style leaders. It is quite simply the most influential and successful independent magazine title on the planet.

A couple of weeks ago I purchase VOL IV Spring / Summer 2015; of Dazed Magazine, I purchased this simply because of the design of this beautiful magazine. I also love how fashion magazines are laid out, I think that because of just how simple, yet clean each page looks to me. On the cover of my magazine, is that of Maisie Williams (Arya Stark – Game of Thrones), with the tagline ‘Absolutely Flawless’. I really love this cover I think that the main photograph is beautifully shot and how the font and tagline go really well together within this main image.
Inside the cover pages is a few images of that of designer clothing and watches, with beautiful models to show off the clothes and accessories. After a couple of pages in we see a contents page, this is quite a simple yet clean and crisp page. The top reads ‘Contents’, then to the left you see ‘The Cover’ with a simple photograph of Maisie Williams on front same as the main cover photo. Underneath that photograph however, it states what clothing she is wearing in the said picture, and also it states the photographers name and who the styling was done by.
To the right of all that, it states ‘The Front’, followed by a long list of page numbers followed by what is being showcased on the pages. After this, on the next page is page dedicated to the hard staff who I believe would’ve worked of this particular volume. It states: Editorial, Fashion, Design, Advertising and Creative Solutions, Publishing, Contributing Editors, Photography, Digital Design and Production, Production, Video, Text, Marketing Events and PR, International Editors, and also Finance.
Although this magazine is a fashion magazine, I really love the way that this has been produced and how the pages feels glossy. I remember my brother telling me that if the magazine is glossy that it is a lot cheaper to print. Even though that this is true, I still think that this is a beautifully created magazine.
I asked my boyfriend to give me his opinions on the magazine and this is what he told me:
/ He said that he liked that the numbers on the pages as they were not to the very edge of the page itself, but because it was in the middle of the page underneath text / imagery.
/ He also stated that he likes that one particular image was quite small, and that it wasn’t centred within the page that was sort of, off centre and it was on a double spread.
/ On Page 40 there is an image to do with ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ here this particular image is set within a circle, i.e. the whole image is spherical. He also stated that this image was aesthetically pleasing.
/ On Page 113, he described what he saw when he saw this page, here there was an image bang-smack in the centre with text all around but not going all the way across. The text was in small chunks / sections,  around this chosen image. He said that he liked the way that the main focal point of this particular page, was that of the photograph.
/ He also found whilst looking through the magazine that the text varies within certain pages i.e: where it is a full two page spread of text, and also that it is often off centred, and that it isn’t fully filling the pages. It’s inline, but it’s not spread fully. He likes that there’s quite a lot of white space as it is clean and easier to read.
/ For the cover he said that he likes that the barcode is to the top and on its side instead of being in the typical position for magazines, being in the bottom left / right. He likes that the cover is clean and that there isn’t much writing on it, he said that the fonts stand out cleaner and crisper. He has also found that even though glossy magazines are easier to produce he still likes it, as it fits the magazine better than what a standard paper stock magazine would. Even though the magazine scratches easily, it still feels well produced.

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