As stated above this is about a ‘fresh start‘. However, this isn’t your typical fresh start post, this is just about something new in my technology life! This is going to be quite brief as I’m typing this at 00:08 (British time), and I need to watch Dexter with Joe! / But he’s understanding with my blog posts so he just sits watching TV while I type…

This is like I said, is about the technology side of my life and you’re probably wondering why it’s a fresh start right?

Well, I’ve now decided that I’m going to change the desktop on my MacBook everyday hopefully! I’ve got a few beautiful potential desktop backgrounds. Some are for motivation others are just because they look pretty. The backgrounds are very diverse that being either simple minimalist or wild and wacky?!

I’m currently being bombarded by Joe as he’s seen an advert about a crochet / knitting magazine. Now he’s saying “Watch me knit, now watch me crochet“. HELP ME BLOG FRIENDS?!… 

Anyway, going back to the matter at hand about backgrounds on my laptop I’ve found a beautiful blog where you can download these desktops, this is Design Love Fest / I’ve only recently found this blog, however I’m super duper happy that I did! I’ve got so many backgrounds from this blog.

Designlovefest was created in 2009 out of Bri’s own obsession with type and images. DLF rapidly became a daily read for over forty thousand people, thanks to Bri’s exquisitely curated layouts featuring bright colors and style, mixed with witty typography and a flair for the unexpected” / taken from her blog! However, I thought I’d input it just incase people are on the fence about going to her blog, I would. You will not be disappointed by the range of desktops she collates.

Bye Guys,

Love Taraxoxo (time for DEXTER!)

The pictures of what desktop backgrounds I got earlier are:


count1 designlovefest-5rlevit desktop_luna-2 desktop_luna1 dress-your-tech_gabriella-sanchez-4 dress-your-tech_gabriella-sanchez-5 dress-your-tech_gabriella-sanchez-6 dress-your-tech_gabriella-sanchez-7 dress-your-tech_gabriella-sanchez-8 echo+earl-dress-your-tech-DLF-2 G-E-O-4 G-E-O-5 JenBPeters_Cats julie-lee-wallpaper-2560x1440 MLR13 TheGoodTwin_Shapes WatercolorFlora2_by_JulieSongInk1 WatercolorFloralBorder_by_JulieSongInk1 YC-0032 YC-0034


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