Date Night!

Hello m’dears,

Last night me and Joe decided to go for a cute date night! This being a meal out and then going to the cinema. We didn’t really know what we were going to watch, as we just waited till we get there.

First as soon as we got into Halifax, we went straight to the cinema which is Vue, and look to see what interesting films were on offer for the night. There was quite a lot of options really, however we didn’t really want to see some of the choices. We had all ready seen Inside Out, however I wouldn’t have minded to see that film again.

Thus we decided on Pixels as it was at least one film we both wanted to watch. The film didn’t start till 8:00pm, and the time we get there was 6pm. We had to wait around for two hours!

I then thought instead of just being bored and waiting around for the film let’s go for a cute meal! Therefore we decided looking at the other restaurants around near the cinema. This complex is in a square with other restaurants, the cinema, wetherspoons, PureGym and a carpark along with a premiere inn.

They have a lot of restaurants to be honest, these being:

Frankie and Benny’s




T.G.I Friday’s


We had already eaten at Nando’s, Harvester and Wetherspoons before so we thought about eating at either TGI’s or Beefeater. I’m not one for Italian food so I scratched Frankie and Benny’s off my list. I’d been before and I didn’t really rate it (sorry), so we looked at both menus for TGI and Beefeater.

Let me just say wow! They are pricey! However, I thought it would be cute for a meal out and a film, cute date! We looked at Beefeater first and contemplated it, then went to TGI and again contemplated their menu.

After about 10 minutes of choosing where to eat, we decided for Beefeater! Just because for me, the steaks were cheaper than that of TGI.

We had both never been to Beefeater before so we really quite excited. We walked through and I was really impressed. We got shown to our table for two and mulled over the menu once more inside. We were left for 10 minutes to decide on drinks.

Joe had a chocolate milkshake and I opted for just a lemonade. I don’t like milkshakes but I asked if I could have a little sip, and I kid you not! It was a beautiful milkshake. I’d get a Vanilla one when I go back. It was so thick and creamy and tasteful. I even said to one of the waiters that I don’t like milkshakes but these are great! He gave me and Joe some banter about me taking a sip of Joe’s milkshake but he was funny about it. Like pretending to whip the air.

Joe then tried my lemonade and it was really refreshing and tangy. Yay for Lemonade! Then the waiter came over again and asked if we were ready to order. I ordered an 8oz Sirloin Steak and skinny chips which came to £14.99 and then I added a Classic Steak Jus, which was just 99p. I order my steak rare so I was hoping it would come like that!

Then Joe ordered a Triple Burger, this was “One 1/4lb minced steak burger stacked with slow-cooked pulled beef, beef rashers, fried onions and horseradish soft cheese“. This cost: £11.99. Joe also asked for no onions, no horseradish and no cheese! He also had chips but he had chunky chips!

The food took around 20 minutes or so? I wasn’t really clock watching because we we’re on a date and I wasn’t too bothered about when my food came out to me, as long as it was done really well I wasn’t bothered. When the food came out though, it was perfection. I didn’t know what to expect really.

I was in awe of how good the food looked! Truly, I was like wow okay, lemme eat now!

We took some pictures of the food which will be as always, posted at the bottom of the post. My steak was cooked beautifully! It was perfectly rare and oozing with blood (sorry to any vegetarians!) it was divine! Also, the skinny fries were to die for! Perfectly skinny and crisp! The Jus was by far my favourite thing on that plate! It was heavenly, I could taste the red wine and was loving it! I even asked the waiter if I could have a spoon for the Jus! He laughed and got me one which I thought was nice. He was probably thinking ‘weird girl’.

Joe’s burger came on like a chopping board sort of style, with the burger in the middle some coleslaw and the chips also on the board. It looked superb I was jealous of how good it looked! It also tasted really well too!

Joe obviously had the first bite and made some noises about how nice it tasted, I continued to eat my own food then he asked if I wanted a bite. How could I refuse? I took a bite out of the burger and I had to go for seconds, it was so damn good! The pulled beef was just amazing. I genuinely could not fault the food!

I had some more of my own and Joe then gave me another piece to dip into the Jus. It was the best combination. So sweet and tangy. Lovely!

We also contemplated about having a dessert after, but we were just too full! The waiter asked if we wanted a loyalty card and I didn’t know if I wanted one, but he brought the card ready to sign up to the table and I accepted. I filled it in and then he came back just asking if we wanted to sign up. I gave him back the form and put the points from our meal already on the card. Which was really lovely to do.

I then asked for the bill and it came to £28 something, which I really thought it wasn’t that bad. I even left our waiter a tip of £2 as I didn’t have anymore change on me, although I thought that it was nice enough anyway. I think he would have appreciated it. Good food and service deserves a tip!

After our meal, we went to get our free tickets from the cinema as my nan had these free vouchers yay! So we opted for Pixels and to sit on the row E.

We both didn’t really know what to expect with this film to we just sat back and waited for the movie to pan out.

Well let me tell you without spoilers, obviously. That film was pretty impressive. We found it to be really funny, with good effects and good actors!

My favourite actor in the film would have to be, hands down Peter Dinklage. He was so great in that film, the little one liners he’d come out with was pretty entertaining. Also the fact that even Sean Bean was in the movie was a complete surprise to me and Joe as we hadn’t seen him since being beheaded in Game of Thrones. Long Live Ned Stark.

I also was quite surprised when hearing and seeing Josh Gad, as to be honest all I could was why is Olaf in this movie! I found it really hard to get over hearing Olaf’s voice and it being Josh himself being a live person actor… I found it strange for me. Really good acting by him too he was totally funny.

I also found the sound track to the film really impressive, I liked the song at the end of the credits and that it was all animated 8 bit style. I thought that was impressive.

Another thing I forgot to mention was the previews of upcoming films! I always love waiting the previews because I hope that there are some amazing film coming out within the next year or so.

I was really impressed by 3 of these previews these being:

The Walk



For me, The Walk seems the best out of them as it’s a 3D film of the man who walked the tightrope along the World Trade Centre in America, New York. I found that really impressive. The main character is that of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he plays Philippe Petit the French high-wirest in 1974. / I thought that this would be a rollercoaster film full of ups and downs and great intense moments throughout! I genuinely cannot wait to see this film!


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