Glossybox, August Edition.

Hello lovelies,

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/ I wasn’t really going to create a post today. However after I received my Glossybox in the post this afternoon, I thought I had to do a post. How could I not? The products in this months is on point. Not going to lie they really thought well and I’m really pleased with the outcome.

As always you get the box with its pristine outer packaging this being the bigger box either black / red etc, with the polka dots of their logo and just explaining that it’s the Glossybox. Now unfortunately my box got really wet as it was raining really badly this afternoon poor Mr. Postman bringing my box in the rain. However, I was overjoyed when I got to hold this months box.

Obviously I took obligatory pictures of my box in its state and when I pulled back the tab unveiling the perfect pink box inside. I then opened the box and found at the top the basic information from the Editorial Director, Evie Leatham.

Basically describing that the company is celebrating it’s fourth birthday this month they wanted to thank us (customers) for the success that it is today. No, no no Evie thank you, for bringing Glossybox into my life! / Now, also she states that Glossybox is now in 10 different countries. Also that the boxes are filled with little beauty products from around the world. They have also put in four full size products into this box.

She has also written that us the customer, had a chance to vote for a product in the box?! Where was this?! Where do I vote for it? Will this be happening next month? WHAT?! I missed out on this great opportunity, however I believe that the decision was correct. Voting for a unique blush / bronzer combo from Sweden’s leading professional brand Emite to be in the box!

Now after describing the content the imagery on this little first part is beautiful. I love that the theme is holidays. I get that simply from the photo / images on the card. They show a passport, a map with various locations.

Stamps from other various countries also, there will be photos down below at the bottom of this post – so stay tuned!

Turning over the card there you see what goodies await. The top basically describes that it is indeed the August Box, 2015.

It starts with the MeMeMeLipglide in Playful Peach. It states underneath that this is a coral hue in the form of a matte- velvet chubby stick lip crayon. It apparently suits everyone and that it is the ideal travel companion. I cannot agree more, this is perfect and compact. I like the versatility of the product. That it’s small enough to fit in your purse / handbag and perfect to fit into your make-up bag. Win win!

The product is also really hydrating and the fact that it doesn’t loose its colour is a really good thing for us as we don’t want to keep applying the product later on in the day. They also state that lining the lips from the cupid’s bow and to work outwards – then fill in your luscious lips!

The full size product for the MeMeMe Chubby stick in Playful Peach is £6.95 in the UK and you can buy this direct from their website on MeMeMeCostmetics.

The next product on the list is Manna KadarLash Primer.

This product is really small but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in style! This product sounds and is divine. It helps to nourish your lashes as it has a Vitamin b12 inclusion into the formula making it leave your lashes conditioned and full of fantastic volume! As it’s a lash primer I would put this on first then let it dry and the apply my other mascaras to obviously help give the effect of longer, fuller lashes.

The full size product for the Manna KadarLash Primer is £14.55 in the UK. This product seems to be quite expensive, I knew that if I saw this in a store that I would probably not purchase it, based on its price. However, if I do like the product and I find that it works then I would spend the money..

You can buy this product on their website Manna Kadar Cosmetics.

The third and voted for product is EmiteArtist Colour Powder Blush.

Now under the little paragraph that it gives you for under each product it states that in May, they asked blush or brush? Now obviously this hints that it was a sort of vote / poll where they simply asked that question and now we know what the latter was! The winner was that of blush! Now they added this cute little number into the box – this is a blush/bronzer hybrid which has been lovingly created by Swedish brand Emite.

the smooth formula along with added pigmentation lifts your cheekbones and also gives your face a natural look. It simply adds a beautiful warmth / glow to your face and also the product lightly contours your face.

Full size product for the EmiteArtist Colour Powdered Blush costs £20.59 in the UK – again, I find this product rather extortiante however I said before that I do not tend to over spend on beauty products. Although, I do believe that this product is rather well created, beautiful pigment and soft formula.

You can purchase this on their website by going here –> Emite Makeup.

Fourth Product is Neobay’s Calming Face Toner.

This particular brand is Spanish and is at the top of the list for natural products that also pack a punch! Also, it looks beautiful on your bathroom shelf! Inside, the contents smells of citrus and is very refreshing. Also the product provides a four in one treatment.

Simply apply the liquid toner onto a cotton pad / ball it effectively removes the traces of makeup, and sebum. While it also cleanses, tones and soothes the skin itself. Thanks to a useful blend of Chamomile and Gotu Kola Extracts.

The full size bottle of the Calming Face Toner is £10.65 – which is about right for something that does this kind of work and leaves a refreshing citrus like smell. I would gladly buy this online, and you can via: Naobay

Now the last product in this months box is SASSPurifying Cleanser.

The SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser has been created to help you feel fresh throughout the day. It works as a probiotic to help balance the skin’s natural PH Levels, all whilst cleansing and energising the skin.

The product promise:

Helps to – Ensure Everyday Freshness, Maintain Intimate Harmony, Gently Purify

The SASS Promise:

“We believe that all women should be able to be, who they want to be. That’s why we promise all our products:

Maintain your intimate harmony and help to prevent unwanted smells

Are dermatologically tested

Are gynaecologist approved

Have been tested on our SASS sisters, not our pets.”

The full size for the SASS Purifying Cleanser is £7 which is a perfect price and I would happily buy this again for a price like that! You can order online from SASS Cleanser


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