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As Joseph is on my PS4, I thought I would create a new blog post. Even though I uploaded one last night, I am rather bored and thought I would upload a short-ish post on the films that I adore with all my heart.

Now, I’m just wondering if I should just leave it as a simple bullet point or just a brief description as to why, I love these films. I will probably add a little description as I love talking about films. I could go on for a while, so be warned!

My all time favourite film would be The Labyrinth, hands down. I love this film with a passion it is a classic 80’s film. I first loved this because of a musician that goes by the name of Bowie. David Bowie. I love him in it, such a good film.

Second would be The Company of Wolves. Again, another 80’s classic however I watched this when I was very young, we had it on VHS and I saw one day and asked my mother if I could watch it. She said yes, probably not even noticing what the film was, but it has been another close favourite of mine.

HARRY POTTER FRANCHISE. This will always be one of my favourite franchises. Let’s be honest, Harry Potter has been a part of my life. I’ve been to every viewing at the Cinema since it came out! I’m a true HP Fan and always will be. Thanks to J.K Rowling for bringing Harry Potter into not just my life, but into every other child’s dreams.

Studio Ghibli (Kinda them all) I love Studio Ghibli films there so beautiful and creative. The stories that they tell are pure and full of wonderful battles, or of love. I think these films are all rounders to be honest. I believe that anyone could love Studio Ghibli wether they like Anime or not. It doesn’t matter that the film is of a drawing / animation. It’s the story that makes it. However, my all time Studio Ghibli film would be The Cat Returns. Purely because Joe bought me it for Valentine’s Day, therefore it holds a special place in my heart.

The Others, I love this suspense thriller film! Nicole Kidman plays such a brilliant role. She’s a goddess really and this film for me made me more in love with her as an actress. It probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however I truly loved this film when it came out. My brother bought me it on DVD for my birthday I believe…

Anastasia. This goddamn film is my weakness! Honestly let me tell you. I adore this film it breaks my heart that it was even based upon a true story! Now if that doesn’t make you want to watch then you need too. You really need too, it’s a beautiful film. Wonderfully created. Please if you haven’t already do watch the animated version of Anastasia, then even try the live adaptation which was in the 60’s? Maybe earlier but try!

TRON: Legacy. This is one of the most brill films. I love the soundtrack to this film, purely because I love DAFT PUNK! The music in the soundtrack is perfect. On point. I love it. However, we are talking about the film, and I love the effects used too.

INSIDE OUT! Even though this film is pretty recent it is a darn good film! So many ups and downs, but was so tremendous. The ending made me cry so much! Even Joe was crying! It mustn’t take a lot to make a 20 year old cry!

Dracula 2000. Me and my mother genuinely love this film, not just because of a young Gerald Butler but because it’s a different take on Dracula. Strange considering that the main character of Dracula has very little screen time….

Clueless, this film desperately has to grace my film list. This is another typical 90’s classic that most girls of my “generation” will watch and everyone would want to be like Cher. Cher was my ‘homegirl’ I always wanted to be like her. So classy and sassy.

The Matrix. This was on the night before last maybe? However, I bloody love it. Another classic 90’s film and is another one of my weaknesses. I cannot help but drool over Keanu Reeves in latex.

Thumbelina, I had to buy another DVD of this film as I kept re-playing it and therefore it broke. Take that, as I really love this animated classic film.

Dog Soldiers, is another great film. Truly great, probably not as amazing as it was when it first came out however, it is one of my favourites. Always. I love that it’s also about werewolves. YAY


CATS. I love Cats, this has always been one of my favourite musicals. I just loved how catchy the songs were and that the people dressed as cats looked marvellous! Not to mention that this was a brilliant Andrew Lloyd Webber musical! I’ve seen this played twice? I think? At the Alhambra in Bradford. I loved it. I would really love to see this performed in London though!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. For me, this musical is great. I know that it didn’t get many great reviews from when it came out however, for my personal taste I really found this musical very amazing. I loved how dark and sinister the movie was. I also loved Helena and Johnny in the film too. Just pure partnership between two brilliant co-stars. Also, didn’t Helena wear Corsets even though she was pregnant!? Therefore she has won my vote for pure badass.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is a true class act of a film / musical. I think that this is one of the musicals that most people actually like? I’m probably wrong but the majority of people will know the lyrics to “I’m A Sweet Transvestite” even if you didn’t want too. You will. It’s just a magnificent film. Truly iconic.


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