Recently I made a purchase of some Stellasport gym wear, these items were just a sports bra and obviously the tight lycra pants. I spent a while searching for the right type of gym clothing. I went onto Fabletics, Adidas, Nike etc. Then I went onto normal everyday shops to see what I could find there, and I turned up with nothing.

I went onto Topshop as I remembered that they did these beautiful blue, green and white lycra pants and I was so in love. I needed them. I needed them colourful beauties in my life! However, when I got to Topshop and searched on there website, it said that they were “unavailable”, well at that moment my heart sank. Honestly. I really badly wanted them blue green pants. You can see what they look like at the bottom of this post!

I then searched for them pants but on the google’s SHOP feature, and nowhere and I mean nowhere could I find these pants. They were like over £30 and typically they didn’t have them in my size! Shocker!

I then saw a black pair that looked surprisingly really nice! They were black Stellasport pants, with the name in pink and then they had pink zips at the bottom near the ankles at the front.. I really loved these! Also, they were in my size hoorah! The only trouble was price, I bought them from Zalando and they cost me £32, it really made me upset but these were the only ones in my size and they were the cheapest. After shopping around looking for the same size that is…

I then thought well, now I have the pants I need the sports bra.. Now I have never bought a sports bra in my life. I have no idea what I was looking for. Then I saw it. I saw the same Stellasport bra, in multiple colours for a good price too. I was overjoyed. I went onto Topshop again however, as this was the only place that had my size! I went for a medium in the grey/green and it looked so perfect. I thought wait, will that bra match my pants well?

The answer was yes it would. The model on Topshop was wearing that exact ensemble. I was even more happy. The bra cost didn’t make me happy however, I paid £28.30 I think for it, even with my 10% discount. They came within 4 days of purchasing, I think. I’m never good at remembering dates however yeah, they both came at the same time and I was fully excited for when they arrived in the mail. I tried them on and thought, I look pretty dang good!

The only trouble was I forgot the main thing. I needed trainers!

I’ve decided that I want some black nikes, I think that they look so perfect. Anyway, I’ll post below the pictures!

12V01IGNT_2_large 12V01IGNT_large 11802191_10153453594503815_1106984972_n 11815803_10153453594383815_595390823_n 11823681_10153453594373815_452157651_n


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