I’m going to make this post quite short. But yeah, me and Joe are planning on going to Prague in October for our 9 month anniversary! :))) We’re both so excited to go on holiday! Our first holiday together, and it’s going to be perfect.

We’ve looked at so many hotels though.. We were first going to stay at Merchant’s Yard, which is absolutely beautiful. We just thought it was a little expensive for us to stay in.

We then saw another beautiful hotel called The Nicholas Hotel, now this is our number one contender to be honest. It’s perfect. It’s in a brilliant location in the centre, and there’s a Starbucks below the hotel. Which is great! We’ll be loving it! Anyway, the room itself we’ve looked at was it has an upstairs and a kitchenette. It’s brill. We both have grown really attached to it!

The other hotel is one we found recently. It’s called FUSION Hotel, this place is my fave. It’s very modern but it has a beautiful design twist to it too. As I’m studying Graphic Design at University. It would be really nice to stay in this quirky modern, teenage place. I believe that this hotel would be perfect for us as it’s so amazingly modern. The Nicholas hotel, is quite traditional, as I’ve said the fusion is very modern and unique. The rooms have different themes, at the fusion ranging from:





Double / Twin

or to the largest bed in Europe.

I really am pushing to stay at FUSION! If anyone has been to Prague can you tell me below where you stayed? Where was the best place for couples to stay? What about food? What are the people like? Etc.

Any help would be great! I know we aren’t going till October, but it’s best to plan ahead! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

Love, Tara xoxo


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