I ordered my first Glossybox on the 21st July, and I then received it in the mail yesterday (24th July)

The main reason I bought the Glossybox was because of two reasons.. the first being that I had been on the fence about purchasing one for a few months. The second being that it was two boxes for £15, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

With the deal, you get obviously 2 boxes and the one that you actually know is the Summer / July edition. The second box that I had received was one that I presume the company chooses for you. I think that they pick one of a previous month and give you that. With that in mind I’m happy. I believe that any box within any previous month is great. No matter what.

With that in mind, I’m going to review the second box that I had gotten. The ‘Unknown‘ box. The box that the company simply chose for me. I peeled back the well designed box and inside was another box. Like opening up a gift, given by a friend. Inside I saw a beautiful box. It is well built and with that I’m impressed. It is a glossy box, to the touch I love it. On the box the words ‘LOVE‘ were written on the front in a beautiful font in pink. (Picture below)


I really love this box cover, it is simple and clean. I like how the font hangs off the edge. That it doesn’t break up on the box. I also like that they have their house logo in the centre of the box to give it there added touch of flourish. Also, they have the words GLOSSYBOX on the front and back of the box.

Inside the box, is a vision of pink. I’m not one for pink however I adored this. It was so girly and pretty. Everything a true fan of pink should want, and need. They have the products neatly and beautifully wrapped in GLOSSYBOX paper. This paper was like that of parchment however, it had the 11798430_10153437339403815_129477148_nglossy box name written on it with pink hearts. I love this touch. I love that it’s so at one with the company. Then it is all topped off with a pink bow.

When you peel back the bow, and the paper you are greeted by a few courtesy notes. Here, these notes are what this particular box is. Here this was the LOVE Edition. I obviously could tell by that of the words on the front, however I would have associated this box with the month of February with the theme of love, being like Valentine’s Day. I was right. Yay! It basically states that this is the theme of love, and that the box came with a ‘full size product, including an eye shadow inspired by that of the sexiest film of the year which would have to be 50 Shades of Grey. / On another piece of card it states what is in box.

Within my box I received these products and next are the prices:

A Wilkinson Sword – Hydro Silk / £9.99

MARSK – Mineral Eyeshadow – Fifty Shades / £14.49

Royal Apothem – Tinties / $14 (in today’s climate £9.05)

B. Cosmetics – Mascara / £9.99

All together, seperately these products came to a whopping £43.52. I purchased this box like I said previously in a deal of two boxes for £15. I think that, that is a very good deal! I’m so impressed and I haven’t even talked about the products themselves yet! I babble I might add..


So these products I think are really impressive. I thought that they would be cheap? Well not exactly cheap but I really didn’t think of such good quality. I really wasn’t expecting a razor in my box. I think that’s really great as I always get I’D’d for razors! I’m 19 people!!

Apart from the razor, you receive other make-up gifts like I said previously. I think that these are great beauty products that every girl will require in life. No doubt about it. You can never go wrong with a beautiful grey eyeshadow, and they cost a lot of money these days. Between a tenner or £12, here in the UK. Maybe even more if you prefer the pricier brands like that of MAC for instance. I’m one for the underdog and my bank card11805805_10153437531653815_2071798545_n

Now, I’m being honest I’ve not heard of these companies before. I have only heard of that of Wilkinson Sword. So I did some research into them. The mascara is by B. Cosmetics and this is £9.99. You can buy this at Superdrug which is convenient as if I like it, just pop down to my local shop and there we go. Job’s a good’un.

Now after looking at Superdrug, it is now on sale. Yes. Sale. Goddamit. It’s on sale for £4.99 at the moment so hurry! If you don’t want to miss out on a bargain.  Some mixed reviews however, I don’t mind it. It does the job.

The next product I’m looking at is the Tinties Lip Butter. Now, this is some wonderful packaging. Let me just say. I love the colour, of the box I believe that this is to co inside with that of the colour of the lip butter, which is coral. It’s such a beautiful box. But with an even more beautiful product inside. The main product is a cute little number. I will post a picture of this as I really cannot quite describe it! It’s a beautiful little pot which has a screw off top (DON’T WITH THE EUPHEMISM!) / With a gorgeous little lip butter inside in a wonderful shade of coral. It’s perfect.

11802085_10153437460413815_1738655843_n 11798446_10153437460653815_772635977_n

The next is the eyeshadow! This is from a company called MARSK. Never heard of these either however, it is in a cute dainty little box. I loved the colour of this eyeshadow. A beautiful, dark greyish colour in the tub it’s wonderful and glittery. Brilliant. I really like this company actually. I went onto there website and found that they are organic and do mineral eyeshadow, and organic eyeliner. “The MARSK cosmetics line consists of all natural and certified organic ingredients–and yes, our products are MARSK Quality Assured Cruelty-Free.” Taken from the companies website, just incase if anyone is wondering if it is cruelty free. It is! Even more horray! Gotta love cruelty free products!

11787228_10153437531608815_1915957823_n 11798325_10153437531633815_2127338051_n

Anyway, for now this concludes my post of the first box which I received from GLOSSYBOX. I’m really excited to do my next post of the Summer / July edition! If you don’t have you hands on it yet! Overall, I’d say go for the offer that is on at the moment, see if you like what you get in them, then continue with the boxes. I am after what I’ve gotten in this box!


Tara, xoxo


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