Give Blood…


Now, you probably won’t know but I am someone who literally detests needles and blood, and that sort of talk. It makes me all squeamish and I feel the need to do a T-Rex impression… by bringing my arms up like that of the dinosaur and making my neck move into my back… (you get me???)

Anyway, Joe decided that he was going to give blood and I was like Oh… I’m not coming with you. I love you and all but no. That’s where I draw the line my friend! I think I was at his that day, it was a couple of months ago to be honest… I thought I’d do this post as I thought it would be quite interesting to share my experience with having my boyfriend give blood for the first time.

Now, like I said previously I was already at his house and I was so nervous. I felt so sick. His dad drove us to where they have it held, and this was at a library. I saw the GIVE BLOOD van outside and from that moment I felt absolutely dreadful. Even writing this and trying to remember is hard work!

So, we went in and he had to go talk to this lady about not haven perviously given blood before, so she told him to read through these leaflets and laminated cards so that he knew the whole procedure. I sat down and waited for him to come and sit back with me. I look around the room and I saw the waiting beds and little areas for the people to go and get checked over by nurses.

I went into panic room to be honest, I kept thinking that the woman would call my name to go see a nurse! Obviously, I knew that it wouldn’t happen but I was terrified. When Joe was called to go see a nurse I was left on my own again. I was so scared to look around the room. I felt nauseated. It was like I would be giving blood.

Then after 10 or so minutes Joe came back and he just had to wait for his name to be called. Before that, we just talked and he tried to calm me down… I was horrified. Then his name was called and again, left on my own.

I was slowly turning my neck to see him sat waiting for a special chair / bed thing to get his blood taken. Then I quickly spun round I again felt so goddamn awful! I had to lean forward to stop myself from fainting. Honestly, it was that bad.. Not being a total drama queen. Then I saw him going to one of the bed sits and I was like nope. I cannot look anymore. I decided to text my dad and look on my phone for a while as I waited for him to be finally over and done with.

I kept hearing this awful sound too. It was like that of a Nintendo DS being played, I kept thinking who the heck is playing a DS while they’re getting there blood taken?! I was wondering what is going on! I kept getting freaked out really. I didn’t like it at all. It was a really awful moment for me. Ever since I fainted at the hospital I get really freaked out by needles and such.

I was so relieved when I saw that he was finished. I looked like a little puppy in a store being picked for adoption! I had tears in my eyes because I just wanted to get out of there. Joe had to wait for five minutes to make sure he was okay and the lovely nurse asked if he was okay, just as he wanted to talk to me and make sure I felt okay. Which was sweet. Then after we were done he went to bathroom to sort out the bandage on his blood taken arm.

I noticed there was a woman sat down and there was a dog with her. I said if I had known she was there, I wouldn’t have gone and put myself through that in there. She laughed and said why did you just give blood? I said no and that I was terrified too, I’d love too. I really would just I would probably faint. I felt so woozy. I wasn’t even the way getting my blood taken. We decided to walk back as I thought that the fresh air might do us both some good! It didn’t take long to walk back really, 15 minutes at most. On the way, though he kept showing me his arm with the bandage and that he took some pictures for me of the needle in his arm.

Right now, I feel so sick! Honestly, trying to write this is awful. Why did I decide to write this!! Anyway, it was a very strange day. I felt so awful when we got back to his house. I literally cried and ate. Then cried some more. Joe just laughed.

He’s going back to give blood in November. Safe to say that this time I won’t be going!

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