My INSTAX Camera ๐Ÿ“ท๐ŸŒธ

I briefly talked about my INSTAX Camera in my last post in “Thailand Haul“, so today I thought I would share my views on my camera.

I purchased this in April, 2015 after much deliberation. I had wanted this for quite some time and was on the fence about it. I wanted it for Christmas and my mum, dad and brother were looking and they sold out everywhere, which was a major bummer for me. They said that they’d try and get me one in time but unfortunately they didn’t. Thus in April I decided now that I’m earning I’ll buy my own.

Me and Joseph decided that we were going to go on Holiday for a week away somewhere, we didn’t really know where at the time but I wanted an INSTAX for it. Thus, I went on the hunt to find the perfect deal.

I went onto major search sites. I spent a good few days looking at various deals, on eBay, Amazon, the INSTAX Company Website and many more that I could find. I saw a lot of deals. But not one that I thought was actually worth it…

I then went onto eBay and decided that the first deal I see, I’ll buy it. However, I kept searching for that good deal. Then I saw it.. I saw a beautiful INSTAX with 4 packs of film for around ยฃ120, maybe? Maybe a little more or less, I can’t quite exactly remember the details.. I’m a little hazy on it. But I’m positive that it was around ยฃ120. Anyway, I looked and thought I’m going to buy it.

After purchasing I was thoroughly excited. It came within 3 days of ordering it and I again, was thoroughly excited to finally take some photos with my new camera! I got it on the 15th April. I used one whole pack of film within the first day of getting it… ๐Ÿ˜‚ But it was worth it!

I love this camera! Genuinely I’ve been looking at polaroids before and I love that they are instant. Obviously, that’s its charm, I love that in that one moment a beautiful instant picture is worth so much more than that of a digital image, to me at least. I love this. I’ve taken roughly around 52/53 pictures with this camera and I still get giddy when I see them developing.

I also love that anxious wait to see if the image turned out great like you expected or if it turned out horribly wrong like a couple of mine did! When I first got it, I tried to take an image in the mirror of me and Joe, and yeah.. it was awful it was so dark! I forgot all about the bloody flash! / Anyway, apart from that little hiccup all the images are great.

I have a little tradition thing now, where if we’re going out for a meal I ask my mum take a polaroid of us before we go. Then we always have that image of us. I have around 4 pictures like that. The images like that are for birthdays of my mum, mine and then my dads. Then on our 6th Month Anniversary. So cute!

Yeah, overall I rate this camera a solid 10! I got my camera in white. I really did want the camera in black but it wasn’t in stock (sad face), so I chose the clean white one! I love that there’s so much versatility with the camera colour choices, like that of pink, blue, yellow, white, and black and more. I also like that there are different film packs! I prefer the plain white, borders on the film however I’ve seen that you can get pretty ones. Like flowers and patterns etc. I may purchase fancy ones next.

With the price of film, though. That’s a little pricey I think. They can range to a real lot on eBay around ยฃ20 for 20 shots / pictures. I got mine in a deal so I can’t say how much individually they were. You can obviously find cheaper ones if you searchย through them all. My mum and dad brought me one pack back from Thailand as they were quite cheap out there at least.

Below I will post a variety of our small personal collection of INSTAX Pictures:


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