LUSH Product Haul?

Now, I’m not too sure if you’d class this as a haul post for Lush as I got them a while back… However, on the 26th of December I went out to a shopping centre in Leeds called: White Rose.

Here they have just recently gotten a lush shop which is so wonderful to have! As the only other closest shop would have been in the centre of Leeds. I went with my mother and I spent around £30 – £50? I bought some of the Christmas collection too which is amazing! I even kept the receipt, so I actually spent £39.04. I bought 8 items too, and the majority of them were from the Christmas collection, and they were half price!

The products I bought were: Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Northern Lights Bath Bomb, I Love Juicy Shampoo, The Comforter Bubble Bar, Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, Angels on Bare Skin, and the Cinders Bath Bomb. 

Now I still have quite a few of these products left and we’re in July. I’m really shocking actually when it comes to buying lush products because I just want to keep them and not entirely use them. I remember going into Harrogate earlier in the year, and the woman there said they’re best used fresh. I know that. But I want to keep them and think of a better time to use them… Like not use them every night. I want them to special as they cost quite a bit, but I do love Lush Products.

My love for lush started when I got into my teenage years, and my mum and dad bought me a box of special little goodies for either Christmas or my birthday (not entirely sure which..) and they were filled with bath bombs and bubble bars. My favourite that I remember from that specific box was the Comforter Bubble Bar. It smells so divine. Like a beautiful blackcurrant smell, I also love the colour that it leaves behind in the bath.

From the previous list, I have used around 5 of the products. I really like the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, again the smell was beautiful. I loved the pink colours and the colour in the bath was also rather nice.

With my Northern Lights Bath Bomb, well I was very sad when I used this actually. As it had been left for a while in the bags that they come in when I took it out when I got back from Harrogate the inevitable happened. It broke. My Northern Lights Bath Bomb, snapped in two. I was so devastated. Joe, just stood back and laughed whilst I was in the bathroom on the floor, scraping up the remains of my beloved bath bomb. The colour of the bath bomb however, was amazing. The purple stick with different colours of blue, yellow and green through the purple stick were beautiful. The colour was magnificent too. I really liked this bath bomb. I still have the other remains that fell and I will use this is tonights bath!

Now the shampoo is my all time favourite classics by lush, it’s so good for greasy hair and that is really what my hair is like. I normally wash my hair everyday but I know that it is not very healthy for the hair, so now it’s between 2-3 days. I like to use I Love Juicy shampoo, as I love the citrus smells. It’s my go to shampoo. Only I use this shampoo in my house. I always buy the 500g bottle as it lasts longer too.

Another that I bought in December was the Comforter bubble bar, even though I just stated above that it is divine. It truly is. I still have some of that left and I keep in a little duck holder type thing. I love the smell. When I walk into the bathroom I’m delighted by the scent of blackcurrant.

ANGELS on bare skin is another that I adore from Lush. It’s such a wonderful cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling baby soft. It’s so wonderful and a brilliant price. I mean, I know it’s quite expensive costing £6.75, but it lasts a really long time as you don’t need a lot. You only need a tiny amount, mix with water and put on the face. It’s such a great product that I love, and will continue to love.

The last one that I have used from this section that I bought in December, was Cinders bath bomb. This was amazing! I loved the scent that this bath bomb gave off. I was really ill in the beginning of February and I was ill for a month. I decided that I’d use a bath bomb to make me feel that little bit better and I opted for Cinders. I was happy I did. The scent was of cinnamon and it was such a beautiful smell. I really liked this bath bomb. It had popping candy in too which was such an amazing feeling. It also cost only £1.25 after the 50% off which is impressive.

When me and my boyfriend Joe went to Harrogate in April, we hunted for Lush! It was the shop I desperately wanted to go in whilst we were there. I loved the shop. The smell was divine and it hit you as soon as you were by the doors. I was looking around for ages as I wanted to buy more Juicy Shampoo but they didn’t have any in stock which I was pretty gutted about really.

However, in the end I bought another Comforter Bubble bar look okay, they’re my favourite! I also bought a tub of Ocean Salt, Self Preserving. This is such a good product! I remember having a small tub before in the box I think my parents got me. I loved it. The smell was amazing, like salt with lime and lemon, too great! I also love the colour! The colour is like a sea blue – green. It’s fab! Truly a good product!

Then Joe also wanted to buy himself something, so he bought the Ickle Robot Bath bomb. His words to describe were quite vague as being “It was quite nice, I liked it. The smell was nice too“. I didn’t even get to try that.. shocking. However, it did smell quite nice from what I remember.

He then bought me a treat which was too cute! He asked the woman who asked if we needed help what is a colourful bath bomb and that smells really nice, and the woman chose Fizzbanger. He chose that one as well as it has a ‘hidden message‘ inside it, which he thought was cute. I still haven’t tried this bath bomb to be fair. I have a bag filled to the brim with bath bombs and other goodies.

Overall, I love Lush products I have far too many to use as I keep going back for the ones that I love so much! I need to use up the rest of my products and do a separate review of each, however for now this will have to do!

I’ll post some pictures below of each too!


Love Tara, xoxo


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