7th July, 2015

Okay, look I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while…

I’ve been kinda busy..

Well, not really I’ve got a PlayStation 4 and it’s really overwhelming you know. It demands all my full attention. So, for that I apologise. I’ve been playing Dark Souls II and Destiny recently and I love Destiny. Now, this blog post is nothing to do with my PlayStation, or gaming or anything of that sort. It’s actually to do with just my life in general, like what I’m doing currently apart from gaming..

Well, as I said before my parents went to Thailand and they love it, they’re both enjoying it so much. My dad was having a bucket of vodka and coke.. literally..


However, I’ve been having a really good time too in England a couple of days ago  we had a mini heat wave. The temperature got to around 33 degrees, apparently but I can’t quite remember exactly. Me and Joe decided to get my pool out, now please bear in mind this is not a ‘paddling pool‘ this was a 12 foot pool, in my backyard. It was brilliant. The water was so cold and soothing.

I burnt on the first day of getting it up! I got burnt, in England… That’s crazy. It was really odd actually. To be burnt in West Yorkshire, I couldn’t believe it. The sunburn hurt so much. I thought I was going to peel… Then with the pool and heatwave weather, we also had to darker side of the weather. We had some right good storms! Now, I love a storm. Storms are perfect as they clear the air. So, yeah one night at like, 11 – 12? Me and Joe watched it and went outside in the cold to brave the storm. I said “Let’s chase it?” and then I remembered I don’t drive.

Currently it’s 18:52 – 6:52 and I’m eating my tea which Joe has ‘lovingly‘ made for me. It’s only pizza and chips but, it’s pizza and chips. He always makes home made chips and they are to die for. Honestly, homemade chips though, are the bees knees. Also, we’re watching ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, which I have no say in the matter of what we watch. We are now playing ‘Couch Commando‘.

I made Joe watch ‘The Hunger Games‘ last night which was great, he’s never seen it so I made him watch it :3 / I think he enjoyed it.. I finally bought Mockingjay part 1 today too, which was from CEX for £6. Bargain.

Also today, we went into Halifax which is a little town, then we w11013119_10153397957898815_4876453013398709366_nent shopping where I bought a beautiful yellow raincoat from TopShop. It was BEAUTIFUL. It was quite expensive though. £55. However, with my NUS card it was £49.50. It a little bit off, but it was amazing. I’ve needed a hooded coat for a while now, and I couldn’t seem to find one that I liked. Then today I found that gem! Also, when we got to Halifax it was belting it down with rain. Once I bought that coat the rain stopped and the sun came out. Not a happy Tara.

After we were finished in Halifax we walked home. It was a really long walk though, but it was enjoyable as the weather was nice. On my phone it said the distance we did all day was around 6.43 mile.

Anyway that’s just a little insight into my day on the 7th July haha, not like you’re bothered about my day but it was a nice and I wanted to remember what had happened, like a sort of diary. I’ll do a post soon about the LUSH products which I have. I have so many, so I need to make a blog about it!

Right, well I’m off to finish my tea!

Love Tara, xoxo


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