Blog Name???

Okay, so maybe if anyone is reading these posts, is probably wondering about the name I chose for my blog? Okay so maybe not? But I’m going to tell you anyway…

I’ve been going out with my boyfriend, Joe since January and he is amazing okay. Like I didn’t think I’d end up being with him. He’s too good for me. I love him. But yeah, his favourite animal is a fox and to be fair I find them to be rather adorable. I wanted to incorporate this somehow with my own personal favourite animal which is a wolf.

I loves wolves, like they’re such amazing creatures. I find them so fascinating, I cannot explain nor describe my love for these beautiful beings. I remember watching “The Company of Wolves” when I was little, now this was an 18 rated movie and it came out in the 80’s. I had this on VHS and one day I found it and was like “I’m gonna watch this…” / I did and I was so incredibly amazed by this movie. It was so good! The effects, the stellar cast (Angela Lansbury, guys) and the dialogue. Not to mention the numerous wolves (dogs) within the film.

So, I tried to think of a blog name with these two concepts, wolves and foxes. It was kind of time consuming as I’m not very imaginative for this sort of thing. Then I thought about ‘The Fox and the Wolf’ however my boyfriend wasn’t keen because it sounded more to do with him (Fox being first) and I agreed. Then I tried ‘The Wolf and the Fox’ and then this blog was born.

As stated with wolves I adore them! I bought a beautiful Wolf dreamcatcher which sits by my bed and I bought a wonderful wolf top with some heavy red-neck bikers saying ‘Survivor’ or ‘Survivors’ or something along them lines. However, this top glows in the dark! When I bought it in Tenerife I had it hanging off of the mirror and I woke up in the early hours and saw this luminous green colour and started freaking out! Then I remembered that my top must’ve glowed in the dark. Pretty nifty I think.

Also because this is to do with animals, I think we should be trying to save these wonderful and beautifully endangered animals. I have been connected with The Wolf Conservation Centre newsletter which gets emailed to me every so often which I love to receive. I love reading about their help and trying to save wolves! It makes me so happy! One day I would love to be able to at least even volunteer at a Wolf Conversation Centre as it would make me the happiest person alive.

I also go onto a site very religiously about wolves which is: I love this website! It literally brings me to much joy to see these beautiful animals being able to roam free whilst being looked after / supervised. I see many pros for these people, I know most other people may see the cons but I only see the good that these good people do! Please feel free to take a look at their website and even take a peek at their wonderful Wolf Webcams! I love ATKA, he is beautifully white. I was so thrilled to hear him howling.

As with Joe, he loves foxes he always tries to show me cute little things to do with foxes on the internet. I love that. I love that we show each other our favourite animals and that we want each other to know how much we care for these animals. Even if we can’t do anything ourselves we know that we would. He shows me things on Reddit, and YouTube about foxes. I love seeing videos of Foxes on Youtube though. It brings me so much joy and to see how cute these little things are!

Truly I love both of these animals, and I hope one day that we can all save each and everyone’s favourite animals.


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